28 September 2007

Cold Snap

It is so cold here these past few days. I even had to dig out my scarf, hat & gloves this morning *shocked face* I very nearly couldn't find them but after madly pulling stuff out of draws the hunt was a success, even if part of my room now looks like a whirlwind has been through it...
I stepped out the front door & it's the kind of weather that makes your skin tingle & prickle, the bright crisp sharp kind of weather. Very pretty though. It has made me want to get a pair of Ugg boots or similar, so cosy.

It also seems I've been infected with a cold because my throat started aching this afternoon, I was also sneezing like mad & my eyes were watery. On the plus side I now have a "sexy" husky voice lol.
I did come home intent on a honey & lemon because that always helps but was greeted by an artefact formerly known as a lemon (sounds like Prince's reinvention!). It was so old & shriveled I almost called the British museum.
Obviously I got the next best thing which was a huge mug of hot chocolate with a massive amount of cream on top, & I'm not quite sure how but a bar of Galaxy also ended up in my hand.
& before anyone says anything, chocolate is medicinal, it helps with depression apparently (I think they were talking about dark chocolate but chocolate is chocolate in my book) Milk is one of it's ingredients so obviously that's another plus, all the calcium & everything. As it's so good for me I suppose it would be rude not to dose up on it...... Lol.

I saw the cutest thing today. On my way home I popped into the newsagents & there was the cutest baby girl in there I have ever seen, she was absolutely gorgeous & she gave me the biggest, brightest smile so I crouched down to her pushchair to talk to her & she started gurgling! I almost grabbed her & bought her home with me, she was gorgeous!
I told her mum how lovely she was & she said she was always smiling & giggling, happy baby obviously.
Babies & children always seem to take to me but I need to stop being so broody with babies, especially when Mr S is around, he might start getting worried otherwise! Especially as he knows I want a big family, big as in at least four but preferably six or seven.

It's really not fair to scare the guy! Lol

Babies, chocolate & shoes, is there ever a girlier post?!!!


Mark said...

Seven Children! I thought that only still happened in Africa, where they expect five of them to die. A vagina is not a tour bus, there should only be so many passengers. Geez, I'm Catholic and even I don't want seven children.

RandomPinkness said...

As an only child I cannot ever imagine having that many kids, I'm having one, unless it's twins obviosly which in my family there is a fair chance of. But yes girlyest post *ever* maybe if kittens had somehow been incorporated it could be more so, but I don't know how you'd do it ;) The weather's like that up here atm I love that clean crisp bite in the air.

Little Wing said...

Ahhhhhh babies, aren't they just too precious! Hope you are feeling better soon, nothing like chocolate to soothe our aches!

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

Maybe this will put you off. There's no easy way to put this, but it'd take more than pelvic floor exercises to put the spring back in your step after one like that, never mind a dozen...

PC Common Sense said...

Chocolate. The staple diet of many a weiry Copper on nights!!!
Enjoy your blog alot.

PC Common Sense

dickiebo said...

Children! Chocolate! Shoes!
But - have a nice day.

cogidubnus said...

I'm with dickiebo on this one (despite having five children - which I hasten to add includes two sets of twins)...so...bah!

ComedyPC said...

Girly*next*door......you're getting broody! And why does chocolate play such a massive part in a woman's life? lol

ControlRoomOp said...

Chocolate is one of the major food groups and can result in severe mood swings if you don't have enough - at least it does with my wife!!

There is one big advantage to having lots of kids - they can afford to put you in a decent home when you are old and mad.