26 September 2007

Did You Know?

That it is exactly twelve weeks & six days until Christmas day? Nope, nor me.
Although I have to say that I love Christmas time.

We always get snow & with countryside like we have it would be criminal not to love it.

One of my great pleasures is to go riding in the snow with my friend, when the sun is bright, the air is sharp & your's & the horses breath mists in front of you. It's silent apart from the odd cow or sheep & the horses hooves crunching in the snow & sometimes, our chatter although not very often because the only part of us visible is our eyes due to the fleece wrap we have around our necks & faces! It gets bitter sometimes so we tend to bundle up. It's stunning, to be able to ride round the Cotswold villages & to be able to appreciate how beautiful it is. The only slight pain is putting studs in my horse's shoes & using half a block of lard to stop the snow balling up in her hooves, it's worth it though because I don't fancy being on my horse while she attempts figure skating....!

Broadway Tower which is 1024ft above sea level. On a clear day you can see upto thirteen counties on over the Severn Valley right on into the Welsh Mountains. Beautiful.

I'm also guilty of being a bit of a big kid at Christmas.... I love the cosiness of it & I also love the young child's excitement at it, I love that look that young children get at the sight of the lights & Christmas Tree. Maybe I'm naive but I still value it as a family time, where we can all just relax & shut the world out for a few days. The other thing I love is that my hair stays the chestnut/auburn it's supposed to, rather than being bleached strawberry blonde by the sun but I suppose that's winter & not specifically Christmas!

Actually, scratch the naive bit, after reading that back maybe I'm softer than I thought.


RandomPinkness said...

I'm not mad keen on Christmas it's just Winter I love, Christmas is probably my least favorite part of the holiday but this is more to do with my family than me being scrooge-esque. Snow is the best of all weathers, I should put up some of the pics of the Deen, the older parts of the campus look stunning. I love the crunching sound as you compact the snow beneath your feet, and trying to find the right kind for snowballs. And back in the day when I used to ride and work in a stables, it was amazing the hive of activity you got surrounded by this surreal calm, as it was way out in the sticks and way back from the road, giant beasts clopping everywhere, whole bodies sometimes steaming it's all so primitive and primordial, amazing.

dickiebo said...

Now you're talking gal. I love winter and Xmas. Add the horses and you have the best of everything - well, almost!

PCFrankyFact said...

Great pics.

cookie monster said...

theres 'Snow' chance of sunshine in winter eh?


Annette said...

Beautiful pictures.
I'm not really a lover of christmas I must admit.
But yes, i do love the snow.

cogidubnus said...

Yes great pictures...accompanied by some rather special text too... Without apparently trying, you seem to have that fortunate ability to evoke feelings/reflect experience with your writing...really good post!

Little Wing said...

I also love the holiday season!
It is so magical!
I learned something from you about horses hooves and snow, interesting!
Great pictures, great post!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness, love the snow & I'm so glad we get it most years.
Completely agree re the horses too & it's true, you do get a strange surreal calm & stillness. Strange but so lovely.

Dickie you know exactly what I mean! Definitely the best!

Thanks Franky, they're all the local area.

Yes Cookie monster I got it *groan*. terrible gag! Lol

Annette, it's just really pretty round here & the snow just enhances it :)

Cogidubnus, you think so?! Thanks! I've never really thought about how I write, just put it down in the best way I can but thanks for that. Glad you liked the post :o)

LW it is really magic, I love it!
You can show off your new found knowledge now too! Lol