2 September 2007

Electric Avenue

Well from Saturday taser is going to be issued to a select few forces & issued to non-firearms officers in a year long trial.
Personally I think it's a really good thing & not before time but of course there are always a few that will bleat on about the unfairness of it all & how the force is getting too much.
Like "a Spokesman" from Amnesty International who made the comment that
"We are concerned that any wider deployment of these beyond specially-trained firearms officers who go through intensive and robust ongoing training in real life scenarios about when and how to deploy these weapons is maybe a step too far."

Oh right, because of course the public being at risk & police officers being stabbed/injured/shot/murdered etc is not a step too far in any way whatsoever & should be looked upon as an occupational hazard, an occupational hazard of the law abiding & the law enforcers & we should just accept that.
Poor Mr/Mrs knife weilding maniac has human rights & they should be respected at all times come what may. That also goes for their pain threshold & street cred, poor little loves.

I'm so glad we have people like "a spokesman" looking out for us all & our safety.....
He's just fantastic, as he then went on to say
"A Taser is less lethal than a gun, but not non-lethal. I mean, they are potentially lethal."

Bravo that man, very well put.... Muppet.

To be quite frank if you're pratting about to the point that you need arresting then tough & if you then start being an even bigger knob, big enough to warrant being tasered then I have absolutely zero sympathy for you, you can get tasered & if it hurts then I couldn't really give a toss.
Don't behave like a twat = don't get arrested/tasered.
Behave like a complete knob = get tasered & feel your arse kiss the ground.
The choice is entirely your own & if you have a heart problem/weakness/poor excuse for behaving the way you do but still go on to take the taser option & then die because of it, well, that's kind of tough. Try thinking about the consequences before you start behaving like a champion dickhead.

I'm not afraid of it & I don't think it's a bad thing because to be honest I have no fear of being arrested or having 50,000 volts pumped into me (if I was arrested by the police they would be the very least of my worries, it's the reaction from my mum that I would be seriously concerned about...) because I know I'm not the sort of person to willfully murder/injure people or go around behaving like a rabied lunatic/complete idiot.
Well, maybe not entirely sure, deprive me of caffeine & I wouldn't really like to say what level of abuse I may stoop to....!
This guy thinks it's such a good thing he's been tasered over 200 times, & he's still breathing. How does he do it.....?!

If taser stops people being murdered & seriously injured (which it will) then I'm all for it. Liberty & the like can swivel, because they'd be the first to complain if a member of their family was a victim of serious crime.

Any of you reading this that haven't already signed this petition, please do so & get your friends & family to do the same. Because as Mr. Brown rightly points out at the Police Federation Bravery Awards;

"Today we are celebrating the bravery of so many police officers - people on who we depend, people who risk their lives in the service of the community, people who have done extraordinary actions in support of their fellow citizens...

"They give us not just their time and effort but their service and sometimes their lives. We are so grateful."

So you see guys, he does love you & appreciate what you do. And is incredibly grateful. Just not enough to give you a pay rise.


cookie monster said...

theyre issuing Tazers? i find that 'shocking'!


ill get me coat......

dickiebo said...

Although I'm in favour of police receiving the latest weapons, I have real fears about some of them having this weapon!

PC South West said...

In our force they are issuing to support group officers first.
The thing is they are rarely first at the scene of an incident. It is the frontline response teams that need it most.
I totally agree with you, if they don't want to be taserd then don't play up.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

what!!!I'm getting a Taser?Me?I can't carry anymore stuff-its killing me as it is!!!