1 September 2007


I was reading the lovely Mousie's blog earlier & her latest post is a "What book are you?" quiz. Hers was very good, you can read it & see what I mean.

Mine on the other hand, wasn't exactly what I'd hoped......

You're Animal Farm!

by George Orwell

You are living proof that power corrupts and whoever leads you will
become just as bad as the past leaders. You're quite conflicted about this emotionally
and waver from hopelessly idealistic to tragically jaded. Ultimately, you know you can't
trust pigs. Your best moments are when you're down on all fours.

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And you lot at the back, stop sniggering at the last sentence!
I don't know why I put myself through this kind of stuff...! Lol


Mousie said...


That's genius!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I'm Watership Down!! I'm sure thats only as I answered I liked rabbits better than armidilos (sp)

Girl*Next*Door said...

I can tell you Mousie, it isn't my best moment! What a cheek! Lol
It did make me laugh though, lots

Don't know what they say for that Girl but I bet you got a better one than me! Lol

thoughts running through my head.... said...

what aload of sh*t-I'm UlLssys By jAMES jOYCE!

AAArgghh xcant type