6 September 2007

Fashion Victim

Oh God, I have possibly never been so embarrassed in all my life as I was earlier today. I'm cringing thinking about it.
I wasn't working yesterday afternoon so decided to go into town for the afternoon, do a bit of shopping & meet a few friends.
So after a bit of shopping I was walking up the high street but was running a bit late & after checking the time decided I'd just run the last little bit, like you do when you're in a bit of a hurry.
The only problem is I was wearing a belt like this;

& it's the kind where it's supposed to be worn loosely around your hips or just above them & I'd put it on as tight as I could without it being worn as a proper belt because no matter what I did it kept slipping slightly .
Just as I was running up the high street it decided to slip off, down around my ankles & in effect acted like a hobble, which meant my ankles got tangled in it & I nearly went diving head first into the pavement, I'm not sure how I managed to but I somehow righted myself. Not only did I feel a complete pillock nearly hitting the pavement head first but I also had to bend down, untangle it & take it off to a few bemused looks & sniggers, at least I did get an offer of help & asked if I was ok but honestly, why me?! Lol
I felt like such a twat!


dickiebo said...

If anyone asks whether you enjoyed the trip, just ignore 'em. We don't think it's funny.

Twining said...

I think it's funny! Hey, I can add comments.

Twining said...

I think it's funny! Hey, I can add comments.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Oh darling! Coming from a fellow faller, I know the embarrasment it causes. I fall ALL the time! xx

Twining said...

Yes, I think we all trip, not in a drugs way of course... I saw someone do that, er trip, the other day, and I smiled. They didn't find it funny though...And it has happened to the best of us!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Dickiebo, I knew you wouldn't find it funny, not in the slightest. In fact, you're the first person who I thought wouldn't find it amusing in the slightest! (Stop giggling, I can hear it from here!)

Hey Twining! Glad to see you got the comments sorted *thumbs up* :)

Girl it was mortifying! I didn't know whether to laugh or just get off quick but decided laughing it off was the best option. I'm so bad with falling & tripping, I do it all the time. I trip up stairs, kerbs, loose paving stones & have had near misses with flights of stairs. I'm a nightmare! xxx

Twining, if it had been somebody else & not me I have to confess I'd have laughed too. Life's too short to be moody & defensive about stuff when you embarrass yourself, far better to laugh along :)
& you're right, it happens to the best of us!