20 September 2007

If I Was a Millionaire

I would need a walk in wardrobe at the very least. One half would be filled with clothes & shoes & the other half would be filled with expensive underwear.
I was surfing the 'net earlier & came across these divine sights, it's not what you'd call fair, taunting me with pictures of such beautiful things then looking at the prices & realising I'd never be able to afford them unless A - I win the lottery or B - Marry a rich man.

If I did have a huge supply of the paper stuff then top of my list would be this;

It's absolutely stunning. I'd almost sell my soul to be in possession of it....! (at £545.00 I would need to!)

Next would be this;

The same as above but in red & slightly cheaper at £450.00. Bargain really!


Really liking these & at £50.00 (because of the sale, otherwise they'd be £127.00!!!) they are very affordable, God the temptation.... Might have to resist though *sob*


Gorgeous but also £100.00. Cheap in comparison to the corsets.

& these;

Love these but at £100.00 they aren't gonna happen either.

God it's so tough being a girl, if I was a bloke it would be fine because my choice would be strictly limited to boxers or Y- Fronts (God forbid!) & although it wouldn't be half so much fun it would definitely save me money. Then again, being a bloke I'd probably spend it all on beer (sorry guys, but you know it's true..!)

Mr S. has now learnt from experience that it's safe to walk past the shoe shops of town but not the underwear ones because shoes, although lovely & pretty I can resist. Mainly because they aren't in my size though, if they are then I generally buy them if I like them.
Underwear is universal though & my size is freely available which is a very dangerous thing. Sometimes, the temptation is just tooooooo much!


Little Wing said...

Oooooh I like the silver, black and white set!!!!!!!

RandomPinkness said...

Are you just trying to get me to spend money I don't have instead??? I have the 'advantage' of being an unusual size so it's tricky for me to buy these things I suppose it's good, but... I want the shinies! I *heart* the red set and the knickers at the bottom they totally rock... It's a good job I just leant my brother a fair bit of money because otherwise I may just have had to go on a lingerie spree right now.

Another Constable said...

Those corsets just look too damn painful!

Loving that deep burgundy/purply set though.

As for boxers/y-fronts... neither I'm afraid (not banana-hammocks either!) I'm more a jersey keyhole trunk kind of guy.

As as for beer... bleh... give me a nice spicy Australian Shiraz any time!

Roses said...

Is this a good time to mention that I will soon be in charge of selling amongst other things, Agent Provocateur perfume at work?

cogidubnus said...

Would it be a sexist presumption for me to say that most boyfriends would quite gladly BUY you the goods if they thought there was a chance of seeing you wear it!

Annette said...

They are lovely.
Love the red one.

Girl*Next*Door said...

LW, me too. They are very cute aren't they?! :)

Pinkness. I feel your pain, it's so hard sometimes to resist (& resist I must because I have two drawerfulls of the stuff *cough*)

I love the red set too, prefer the peach one though. It's the burlesque styling I love :)

Hi AC :) they're not painful! They just hold you in & push you out in all the right places! Lol
"banana hammocks" hahahaha, love that expression!
Well you're obviously a sophisticated bloke if you go for Shiraz

Roses, I've got the perfume, well, a little bit of it as I've used most of it. Replacements are on my Christmas list :)

Cogidubnus, he's already bought me stuff & is now asking how on earth I manage to wear it all but like I say to him, where there's a will there's a way! & even he would balk at £100.00 for a pair of knickers! Lol

Annete, they are very very lovely aren't they? Red one is very nice, oh to be a millionaire! Lol