4 September 2007

Love, Actually

For a change Mr. S wasn't working the other weekend so I had a night in with him round his & watched Love Actually. It was lovely & the film has to be one of my top five, brilliant film.
The clip below is my favourite scene, lovely but a bit sad too. Still completely romantic though :)

It was really nice to have "chilled" time together, he's nearly always working of a weekend so it's usually a bit rubbish but it was nice to curl up on the sofa, watch a really sweet film & chill out.
I was just hoping & praying his phone didn't go off, which it didn't thank God, would have been gutted otherwise!
On the quiet he likes it too, which is nice because he couldn't take the piss out of me for being soft which I am sometimes because I do the girly thing & cry a bit *blushing*

I'm still obsessed with Glastonbury & that came up in conversation & the conversation went along the lines of "if your best friend isn't going to go we could go..."
This has been mentioned before but it was in a way that's sort of thinking aloud & this was more of a serious idea & I can't believe this, I gave myself a mental kick up the backside for it but as soon as he'd said it immediately I thought "if we're still together then..."
I couldn't even stop myself thinking it! And it's nothing to do with not wanting to carry on seeing him or anything like that because it definitely isn't. I think sometimes I'm way too cynical & too geared up to expect the worst where men are concerned, I always seem to have picked the wrong one in the past & they've always turned out to be bastards, they've either cheated or been lying/selfish twats who take the piss & he isn't like that, not at all actually so I don't know why I thought what I did. Maybe it's a little bit of insecurity? Whatever it is I didn't like it & gave myself a mental slap for it.

I found out/got told today that we are having four Irishmen to stay during race week (!)
Apparently they are friends of friends of my brother's & don't have anywhere to stay during Gold cup week & as we have spare rooms my mum & stepdad agreed to have them here. They have been assured they are domesticated & house trained so we'll see....
I'm tagging along with big brother for this Gold cup week so I can't wait, he knows loads of the jockeys & trainers & a few owners so I might, if I'm very lucky, get to go in the paddock *grin* And if the Irishmen are tall dark & handsome then who am I to complain?! Something nice to look at in the dull moments maybe! Lol
I can't wait for the Festival, as soon as Christmas is gone that's what Cheltenham starts gearing up for & looking forward to. Love it.

And one last thing, a woman thought I was sixteen yesterday, sixteen! Can you believe it?! I know I look young but bloody hell! I don't look bloody sixteen!
She was talking about her son & his exams & I said I hoped he'd done ok in them & she said "yes, I'm sure he has but I bet you're glad. You can get into the world & start looking for a career now"
Honestly, I was gobsmacked. Couldn't believe it, still can't actually. For once, it would be nice if somebody thought I was older than my actual age, or didn't question me about it or I didn't have to carry ID everywhere with me! Arrrrggggghhh!
Ah well, at least I'll never need plastic surgery! Lol


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Love Actually is my all time fave film, and when I'm all sad and gloomy and i watch it I cry more each time. I love Andrew Lincoln and Keira too, especially that scene. Getting goosebumps thinking about it!!

I want the irishman please, I'll give u my address. Ask if they know of any irishmen called James and if so can I have pictures please??

Girl*Next*Door said...

I know! I cry too! That scene is my absolute favourite, it's just so sweet. He doesn't want anything from her, just to tell her how he feels :(
Andrew Lincoln is gorgeous too I think :)

I thought of you & Irish James when I was writing it actually! Lol
If any of the actual ones coming to stay are called James then I'll call Parcelforce & get him delivered! Hahahaha!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Good stuff!! And take photos so I can perv! (Obv. unless they are like really old) Heehee someone I work with just told me she is going to Ireland next week so I told her too and she looked at me like I was mental haha

Girl*Next*Door said...

The rate you're going one of the two of us will get done for stalking or harassment! Lol

She looked at you like you were mental? Gosh, I can't understand that, you don't come over as mental in the slightest chick.... ;)