18 September 2007

The Office

This came on the radio earlier & I had a bit of a moment, forgotten how much I liked it.
If all girls that worked in offices looked like page three extras & that actually did happen in office lifts then I bet you'd get 1000% more guys working as postboys. Then again if that was regulation office wear I'd be in seventh heaven, a legitimate excuse to buy luxury underwear & even better, I wouldn't have to pay for it. If only life was a music video! Lol


RandomPinkness said...

I have to admit, I'm at work in an office right now and my top half is looking a bit like that at the mo, due to a combination of this shirts propensity for undoing it's top buttons, I hadn't worn it in ages and totally forgot (doh) and wearing my fab new bra, which of course you have to do, when you buy any new item of clothing. Though I don’t have the shagged through a hedge backwards hair and make up, thank goodness. I would totally love to have a luxury lingerie budget from work, I *do* have to dress up in my corset for them next month it is I think, wonder if I pretend it broke and get them to buy me another one… Nah I don’t think it would fly damn.

PC South West said...

Where do I send my application form?

ControlRoomOp said...

Looks a bit like GlosPol control room (I wish)

dickiebo said...

GND; Will you stoppit! You're doing nothing but distracting our heroes.

Metcountymounty said...

by all means keep the video selection coming (ooh er..)

Area Trace No Search said...

I second metcountymounty

It's just like my old nick. At least, it's just like my old nick in my imagination.

Even if my sergeant shaved his goatee off, don't think he'd look quite as good in lingerie.

Ah well... *sighs* ... the day will come when I work in an office like that. Or random pinkness office from the sounds of it!

RandomPinkness said...

It was a one off occurrence I don't normally prance round like a hussy... Well not too often... Well not at work anyway. And the whole corset thing is for Halloween, though if I say exactly what it is it's going to sound so dodgy.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness I know exactly what you mean, one of my favourite shirts is now redundant because as nice as it is, it now makes me look like a porn star in the chest department! It really is not a good look!
No I don't have the "shagged through a hedge backwards" (My new favourite expression! Lol) hair & make up either.
No I don't think it would work either, I'm planning on wearing mine for the christmas office party. If they gave me £600 I'd buy the peach one I just blogged about *wistful sigh*

PCSW - the guy in that vid used to be a copper. He arrested someone for peeing in the street, he then ended up chatting to him & they both found they had s mutual love of dance music, he left the police & they set up what is now "Uniting Nations". It could happen! Lol

Controlroomop if that's what GlosPol control room looks like & they supply the budget for the underwear then I'll apply to be a control room op instead of a policewoman. Lol

Dickiebo, I'm not distracting them, they're distracting their selves by reading my blog. Lol

Area, MCM I fear for the reputation of my blog if I keep posting videos like that!

Pinkness why will it sound dodgy? & no, prancing around like a hussy at work probably isn't the best of ideas but out of it, well that's different! Lol

PC South West said...

GND there is no chance of that happening I can assure you. I have two left feet.