24 September 2007

The Party

The party was fabulous! As it was a Moulin Rouge theme I wore a corset, my black shorts/hotpants, fishnet tights & my victorian style boots, complete with garter, if you're going to do something may as well do it properly as they say.

Then sat & hoped & prayed I wasn't the only one that was going to be dressed as a tart! Lol
Luckily I wasn't & all the girls rose to the occasion, as did the guys. Girls in corsets & fishnets etc & guys in suits. We drank, danced & had a lot of laughs :)
Two of the guys had very kindly made some mix cd's of all the music I wanted with a few extras added in (Thanks guys! :) )

The Aftershock went down very well & by midnight I was "merry" & when the Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger came on all the girls got in a line & did a kind of drunken can can dance to it (I really don't know who's idea it was but I nearly got my heel caught on something & very nearly ended up on my bum, it was only because I was being held up by two friends that I didn't. How embarrassing!) Unfortunately I'm none too sure that there were no pictures taken & very, very unsure about video evidence. *blush*

Chelsea Dagger

The alcohol flowed freely as people also turned up with bottles......
It was really, really good & I haven't had so much fun for ages, everybody made the effort to get dressed up which was nice, if a little hilarious. Especially as by the end of the night, well, early morning everyone had taken their heels off & were just dancing for the hell of it.

Mr. S managed to make it after work which was the icing on the cake as he wasn't sure :)
As the only sober one there at that point I think he found it all a bit surreal, he did tell me I looked very nice, as I was dressed basically as a tart I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not!

We also danced to this

(We'll ignore the fact it's about a French brothel & a prostitute going by what all the girls were wearing) Lol

I think everything wound up/people crashed out or left by about 5/6 in the morning. I had to be carried to bed, I couldn't quite navigate the stairs unfortunately *blushing*
All I can say is it's a good job I'm light! Especially as for some reason I couldn't stop giggling about something, poor Mr. S, he also started laughing because I was laughing but at least he didn't drop me!

I didn't wake up until about 12 this afternoon, got a drink then went back to bed until 5. That is bad but hey, it was my birthday party & it was also a very belated 21st party too so not that bad really.
Except I still feel a bit strange, I think my body is still toxic from the alcohol but my oh my, it was one hell of a great party & the benefits of living in the countryside mean we didn't get the local police knocking on the door telling us to keep the noise down either, it doesn't get much better!

Oh, & nobody was sick on the carpet, the pot plants didn't get any extra fluids & nobody ended up doing rude things on the sofa or under the coat pile. That has to be a good thing!


RandomPinkness said...

Well Happy (belated) Birthday if I didn't say it already, it sounds fab I'll have to try and persuade some of my friends to do something like that I know the lads'll be up for it once I tell them what the girls are wearing. ;)

cogidubnus said...

A belated happy birthday...I'm glad it was a great one...something to put by in memory...

thoughts running through my head.... said...

sounds brilliant!!!post some pics!