12 September 2007

Rat Race

I really want to get another rat. I already have one who is the cutest thing, I can walk around with him on my shoulder & if I have my hair loose he will curl up round my shoulder & part of my neck, make a nest type hammock out of it & go to sleep & he'll stay like that for a few hours, I can even do the housework with him like that & no, he doesn't do horrible things in my hair! Lol
He answers to his name & if I put him on the floor will either lay out on his side & go to sleep or follow me around.
He is just really cute & probably spends more time on my shoulder than he does in his cage. The only thing is he's getting old now & I want to get another one so when he does pass on I won't be so sad :(

He's just really cute & I know when he dies I'll be sad as I've had him for a few years now & he's getting an old man. For some reason he goes mad for rich tea biscuits, mad as in run down my arm & pull it out of my hand if I'm holding one & take it back up onto my shoulder to eat it, manners are not his strong point! Lol
Mr. S thinks I'm mad for liking them, let alone letting one sit on my shoulder most of the time & sleep in my hair. He actually has a pic I think of me stood striking a silly pose while Fletcher (after the rat in the Chicken Run film) is sat with a a bit of a bemused look, lol.

He's getting the idea that fancy rats are not like the street sewer dwelling ones.
Fletcher isn't running about as much s he used to now though, he's about 3 years old now so he's doing well but he's a bit of an OAP. I need to get another one, because when he dies I'll be really sad. I know he's only a rat but he has a huge personality & is very, very cute :)


PC South West said...

For us animal lovers it's a sad fact that we will lose our pets one day.
I have never kept rats! apart from the ones in the cells if you want to include sewer rats that is.

But friends and my brother in law have, and they were exceptionally good intelligent pets.
I always judge people on whether they are animal lovers and if they respect them.
I could not be with anyone who was not that way inclined.

cogidubnus said...

Rat's are wonderfully bright little creatures...my kids used to keep them and one in particular did many of the things you describe - particularly hiding in the hair...

The saddest thing is that ever since lab rats gained inclusion into the gene pool apparently the average life expectancy has dropped by rather a lot...I'm certainly no tree-hugger but we ain't so brilliant in our relationships with the other inhabitants of this world of ours (16,000 severely endangered species announced today - rats are certainly not among those though!).

Little Wing said...

I can honestly say I never wanted a rat!
Knew a few of the two legged variety tho!

Girl*Next*Door said...

I love them, they are so intelligent & very cute :)
I do the same, if somebody treats animals well then it's likely that they are pretty genuine people :)

Cogidubnus I didn't know about the lab rat effect, makes sense though & you're right, rats are certainly not an endangered species! Lol

LW, gotta agree on the two legged variety! Lol

Kaiser Bill said...

a good candidate for a trap.....

Girl*Next*Door said...

What, the two legged variety? I'd have to agree KB, especially in your case.....! Lol ;)

Kaiser Bill said...

See? always getting at me...I'm poor & hard done to!

Girl*Next*Door said...

No, you're delusional! & touched in the head! Lol