7 September 2007

Short Fuse

Just because I am a lowly receptionist it does not give you the right to order me around & nor does it make me your own personal minion, I don't get paid enough for a start. Nor does it give you the right to fail to say please & thank you, manners don't cost anything you know.
What is it with people & rudeness?! There's too damn much of it, I hate it!
One particular eejit came into work today & was complaining about my failure to sort him out with what he needed, no matter that I was the only one on reception because there was a meeting on & half a dozen people before him were demanding my attention, as long as he got what he wanted they could swivel.
As politely as I could I told him that there were others before him & I'm sorry but he'd have to wait. That wasn't good enough, he wanted to be seen right now as he was in a hurry. Well sorry, you might be in a hurry but that is not my fault, nor does it give you the right to push in front of other people who have been waiting patiently while I'm running around like a blue arsed fly answering the phone, processing gym entries & signing for stuff. At one point all three, it was mental & I have never ever had such a busy shift.

While I was seeing to others & he was doing his "I'm too busy for this" sound affects while throwing me dirty looks, which he got returned double fold, I have a very expressive face so I am the queen of the filthy look. My temper was getting more frayed by the second, it was late afternoon, I was tired & hungry & nobody was there to help take the pressure off a bit.
I decided enough was enough when he called me a jobsworth (!) I told him to either wait his turn & stop being so rude or leave. He left.

I really need to learn to hold my tongue more, I can't help sometimes speaking my mind & I really struggle to tolerate obnoxious people, especially when I'm a bit stressed. I either tell them to forget it or pass extremely sarcastic & cutting comments. 99% of the time I'm really easy going & don't let stuff phase me but there are some people that would make a saint swear, unfortunately he was one of them & sometimes I just can't bite my tongue.
It shows how rude he was because one of the other guys in the queue said to him that couldn't he see I was rushed off my feet & sorting people as quickly & as promptly as I could & to not be so rude, all he got in return was a sarcy comment from the eejit.

Some people just ask for a good slapping, shame they don't get it. Still, the mental visions of his smug face & day-glo white teeth smacking repeatedly into a brick wall helped somewhat. Dickhead.

I have to admit that by the time I left work I was in a bit of a filthy mood & I think my expression might have given that away too so instead of going straight home I took myself off to Pittville park for an hour or so.

It's beautiful & has all the old Regency architecture & elegance & is very peaceful, it's quite big so if you want a bit of space you can have it without being confronted by two dozen schoolkids in the playground.

I love this bridge, it's so elegant & pretty & these pics make it more so. Beautiful.

Bit weird finding these pics as this is my favourite area of it, really peaceful & tranquil.
It isn't often I get that wound up but some people just manage to get to me a bit.

I've just realised I'm posting every day at the moment. I am obviously living up to the female stereotype, namely of having alot to say about not all that much! Lol


dickiebo said...

Giving rude people a bit of their own is not the right thing to do, but it is therapeutic and....so much more fun than 'turning the other cheek', don't you think? (Quiet chortle!)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Its one of my worst hates, rude people who treat you just as a nodbody - people that dont thank you for making a drink etc. i get really arsey back -not so much that i can get in trouble, but enough so they're away I'm pissed off!

pawpads said...

I was in that park today too. My best pal got married in the Pump Rooms. It was grand.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Well Dickiebo, I wasn't rude, just a bit sharp with him & he deserved it! (don't think I didn't notice the cheek comment, I just decide to ignore it ;)Lol)

Girl that's exactly it, it winds me up so much sometimes it's untrue. I should just ignore it completely but then again, I'm better than I used to be so that's a plus I guess!

Hey Pawpads, hope you had a good holiday! Certainly sounded lush :)
It's so pretty Pittville park, I love it there & the pump rooms are stunning.