5 September 2007

So Wrong

But so right. I know Pete Doherty is a dickhead of the highest degree & I wouldn't want to be within 20 feet of him but I love this song, I can't help it I think it's quality.

Mind you, this was in his Libertines days, when he wasn't quite the smelly wreck he is now. Until he robbed his best friend & bandmate's flat of course, & ended up in prison for it. Every dog must have it's day though, I guess the Libertines days were his.
The song is "can't stand me now" & it's by The Libertines, obviously.


Metcountymounty said...

he is as vile and unpleasant in person as he is on tv, and still has one of the most smackable faces around. A shining example of how the current judicial system is being used to influence people into steering away from illegal drugs, and generally being a bit of a dick in public.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love him. I love his music, I just really like him, junkie and all. Sorry! Everyone I know is disgusted by this revalation. The Libs were just amazing, and listening to some of their music just gives me goosebumps. And Carl Barat....mmm

PC South West said...

He comes across as somehow likable for some strange reason.
But he is a bad man with a bad habit. Not to mention how he has been found pushing his drugs on other more vulnerable people.
Maybe if he were not a smack head he would be a nice guy?

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Have you ever seen him in an interview or anything? I think if i wasn't for the drugs then yes, he would be. He's like a child sometimes I think. I read The Libertines book, Bound Together, and when you read all about him before the drugs, he seems really nice..sad to see people like him or the Winehouse nowadays, compared to their past isn't it.

Girl*Next*Door said...

MCM, I can't stand him as he is now, he's just spiralling lower & lower.

PCSW, I do know what you mean. Before he got as bad as he is now he did come over as sort of ok, kind of like a lovable rogue but now he's just ridiculous. He's just getting worse.

Girl, I can't believe that revelation! How could you! I do remember reading something on your blog about him though, a while ago now. Tut tut! Lol


Paste that into your browser & it will come up with a video of him at about 18 ish, maybe younger. It is awful to see him there & what he's become now.
In that he looks & sounds like a really nice guy :(

Girl*Next*Door said...

Sorry, this link


PC South West said...

Yea what a difference from then to now. Very sad really.