8 September 2007

Wedding Belles

Well, the wedding/re-affirmation of vows I was so dreading today (Friday) went off without a hitch (excuse the pun!)
The reason I was dreading it a bit was because I was bridesmaid & as confident as I am I'm not one to enjoy being in the spotlight. I absolutely hate posing for pictures & will avoid having them taken if I can, I feel quite self conscious so wasn't looking forward to having what felt like hundreds taken but I have to say, it was a lovely day. the weather held out for us, my little sisters looked lovely despite having to stop my youngest sister picking at the petals in her posy, or swinging it around like she was about to throw the shot put in the Olympics! If I told her once I must have told her a dozen times, she's a nightmare.
I also refused to stand next to her in the photo's too as at ten she is my height, it's just not on, even with me in heels she was only two inches shorter so I opted to stand next to my other sister who is still taller but only marginally & at sixteen it's not so bad, not as bad as your ten year old sister being the same height as you anyway!

It was a really small do with only about forty people including my mum & step dad so it was literally just family & close friends.
The weather was stunning. Bright, hot sunshine & blue skies which meant when we got back to the house we could stick to the plans which was the big table in the kitchen laid with food & people could sit or dance in the garden which handily, is ideal for dancing, long, wide & flat.
I confess I did have maybe a little bit too much white wine & champagne, I didn't get drunk just very merry & ended up being a bit giggly & for some unexplainable reason ended up keeping the little ones occupied by playing tag with them, no mean feat in a bridesmaids dress I can tell you!
The hairdo I'd painstakingly done for me this morning ended up coming loose so instead of the nice neat bun I'd started out with it ended up streaming out behind me with all the running about, not the neatest look in the world!

Equally unexplainable is how I ended up dancing to Mika - Lollipop with my best friend & one or two others, at least it gave people a giggle I guess, mostly us as we were in paroxysms in parts, it was so much fun. I'm a big kid at heart, really & truly!
As the ceremony was in the morning we had the reception in the afternoon & it was great, as my mum & step dad were leaving for their weekend away at 4ish it was all over by seven so I packed my little sisters off to my nan's as agreed & now I have the place to myself, bliss!
All in all it was a great day & I don't know what I was worrying about now. A really lovely day :)

Here's the song we were dancing to, I defy you to not feel happy or tap your foot as you're listening to it. It's impossible. I love Mika, he's great!

I've just realised I've reached 100 posts too. Can't believe I've managed to fill 100 posts (mostly with junk but a 100 posts is a 100 posts!)


Little Wing said...

Sounds like such a lovely reaffirmation of vows!
Sounds like you had more fun than anyone!
Thank you for linking me, I just linked you back!

dickiebo said...

Congrats on your Centenary. Need I say it? You don't look a day older - but, perhaps, just that li'l bit shorter!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the one hundred, xx

Area Trace No Search said...

Congratulations. When I read the title I thought you were getting married yourself, and huge congrats would be in order!

Girl*Next*Door said...

LW, I did & at 21, that is quite shameful to be playing tag! Lol

Ahhh Dickiebo, you have such a way with words....! Lol :)

Thanks Wayne :)

Area, do you really think I would be at 21?! I may be mad but I'm not clinically insane! Lol
Thanks for the congrats though :)

Anonymous said...

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