29 October 2007


When I can't sleep & have those moods where bed is the last place I want to be or my mind is just too busy then the best way so far I've found to get around it is listen to my mp3 player. I have a select few artists I'll listen to because of the way their music calms me, I know that sounds strange but I can't explain it. It just relaxes me & allows me to switch off from everything. I am a huge fan of Snow Patrol & alot of their songs are on my bedtime list because Gary Lightbody, quite frankly has one of the best voices around. His voice is pure calm & has the ability to soothe. So many tracks of theirs are absolutely top music but for actually laying back & switching off then Finish Line is the best, it is my favourite along with How To Be Dead & Chocolate although they aren't ones you'd listen to switch off really.

& on that note I'm off to bed to try & get some sleep :o)

28 October 2007


I have been tagged by the excellent Mousie on my reading material of choice, both past & present. I have to confess to not being one of those arty, brainy types that are into deep & meaningful stuff, it just isn't me (quite possibly shows in my wonderfully creative & erudite writing.... *cough cough*). Having said that I refuse to read crap but I guess it depends what your definition of crap is! Lol

Four childhood books:
I'm doing the same as Mousie here & going for series rather than books.

Jinny & Shantih series.
These were all about a 14 year old girl, Jinny & chestnut her arab mare, Shantih who she had rescued from a circus & then nearly died from exposure when said mad mare escaped onto the bleak, snowy Scottish moors, Jinny going after her with headcollar & bucket of oats. They lived in the wilds of Scotland & she was always galloping over the moors & along the beach or riding her horse to school. There was generally always some sort of drama or tragic happening & at the time, these seemed very true to life for me. The Jinny character had a few traits similar to my own & so I'm not ashamed to say I desperately wanted to be her for a while & have the same romantic & untamed life. Many late nights were had while hudddling under the duvet with a small torch reading these & yes, I still have them on my bookshelf, not to read but for pure memories sake.....

The Enchanted Wood/Magic Faraway Tree series.
A collection of books about a group of children who lived near an enchanted wood & each time they went to the wood they would climb this big old oak tree, when they reached the top thee would be a gateway to a magical world & each climb bought a different world in which to explore, sometimes pleasant & sometimes not so pleasant. The branches were inhabited by a collection of weird & wonderful folk, with names like Dame Washalot & Mr Watizname.
Every time we went to woods or forests I was convinced I would find the enchanted tree!

The tales of Beatrix Potter.
Everybody must have read Beatrix Potter at some point during their childhood. They are unfailing childhood favourites of mine. Not just for the quaint old tales but also for the beautiful illustrations & characters.

The 'Jill' series.
Yet more pony stories. This one of a less well off girl, Jill, who moves to a very horsy area with her mother & manages to get hold of & school a pony. These amused me for hours & also led to much under duvet reading. The first book in the series was the very first paperback book I was ever bought at about 7 & that is where my love of pony stories began. I was the quintessential pony mad child, horses from morning to night & apparently even as a toddler I'd go mad at the mere sight of horse. Unfortunately for my parents it wasn't just a phase & I would beg, plead & steal lifts to the local stables, spending as much time there as I could, even if it was only grooming the ponies & tacking them up. Eventually at 12 they gave in & I finally had my own four legged monster to dote on. The only thing so far that I have gladly got out of bed at 5am for, nursed through an abscessed hoof, stood in the rain for, spent goodness knows how much money on & acquired bruises, broken toes, concussion & hair raising moments from. Not to mention persevered when she has decided to let me get within a foot of her to catch only for her to spin round & gallop to the other end of the bloody field, stopping only to shoot me a triumphant look!
It is no real wonder I almost permanently had some sort of pony book glued to my hands.

Four authors I'll read again & again:

Dick Francis.
Because the horse thing still hasn't gone away & it contains the ideal mix of horses, racing & crime. I've read nearly all of them, except the harder to get hold of ones & every time they have kept me gripped. He is an ex jockey & was on Devon Loch, the Queen Mothers horse, in the 1956 Grand National when the horse slipped & ended up spread eagled on it's belly yards from the post.
The books can be a little gruesome & graphic (nasty types pulling peoples teeth out with pliers, while they are conscious & tied to chairs) I think I can be a bit gruesome sometimes because I really enjoy reading them but they are really, really good books.

Melissa Nathan.
I can't help it, I am a chick lit fan & I know it's bad taste but I don't really care! She only published five books before sadly dying last year of breast cancer, aged 37. I really enjoy her writing, it's escapism that also has a real life edge to it which means it isn't stupidly sickly sweet & girly. Yes, the heroine always gets her man & she also manages to somehow land on her feet but she does have disasters, mishaps & dilemmas along the way so it isn't all sugar & light. Not quite anyway.

Cecilia Ahern.
What can I say, please don't hold my love of chick lit against me as really, I am a girl with good taste. I just have my off moments sometimes!
Favourite one of hers so far is "PS, I love you" it's a sad story but happy at the same time & I have to say, she is a damn sight better at writing than her sister is at rapping! *cringe*

I can't really think of another author as I don't tend to stick to one or the other apart from the ones mentioned. I'll look at the back of a book & if it strikes me then I'll read it which is why I have loads of books by different authors.

Four authors I'll never read again:

JK Rowling.
I think I read two/three pages. Once at school when she was an unknown & once a few years ago & just could not get my head around her writing. Really didn't enjoy it but then the subject matter isn't really my cup of tea either.

Never have read, never will. I would never insult & sully my mind with such crap nor would I waste my money. She is famous for getting her boobs out & that is about it, I admire her for sticking with her little boy like she has but a biography about who she has slept with & how good/bad they were doesn't really appeal to me. There is other stuff apparenly but she doesn't interest me.

Victoria Beckham.
She has nothing to say that I want to hear or read. I quite simply do not like her, not the persona she has put across anyway.

I know I know, he's supposed to be a classic but I tried & failed to get on with his books at 12/13. I got halfway through the one & kind of got into it but it was hard going, I think I did finish it actually but it didn't impress me all that much & there's no way I'd go back for seconds.

I know you can't call the middle two "authors" as it would be a disgrace but I couldn't think of any others & they annoy me, big time so I would never touch any of their "work".

The first four books on my To-Be-Read-List:

PC Bloggs.
Just look at the blog, surely the book is going to be a top read as well?!

Stuart, a life backwards.
The drama was on tv a few weeks ago & was very good but also very sad. It's about a little boy who went from normal happy go lucky to drug abuser, violent alcoholic. The story is told backwards, starting with the drug addicted alcoholic to the child who was sexually abused in a childrens home by the male owner, his abuse at the hands of his stepfather & the start of it all with school bullies.
I really want to read the book as it supposed to be excellent.

Touching from a distance. Ian Curtis & Joy Division.
Just because I like some their music & wonder why Ian Curtis decided to kill himself, he seemed a bit of a mixed up person. The book looks like it could be interesting.

Born to be riled.
Jeremy Clarkson.
I know he's an opinionated, egotistical twat but he can be very funny & The world according to Clarkson had me laughing out loud.

Tony Wilson
24 hour party people.
Because alot of the music from that time is the backbone of my music collection now, & as it all started three years before I was born it would be nice to read about how it all started & the person who was behind it.
& I know that's five but it's my blog & I'm allowed to cheat if I want!

The four books I'd take to a desert island:

Playing James. It's another chick lit book but it is very funny & the situations the lead character finds herself in are not unlike some of the ones I've found myself in, along with the things she does, which are equally embarrassing.

The World According to Clarkson.
It's all so true & very funny.

Shakespeare's works. For no other reason than I'd have time to waste & may as well use it to educate myself a little.

The fourth book would be the bible.

To be honest though it would be a hard choice as I really enjoy reading.

The last lines of one of my favourite books:

"& one of the things I learned was that to be happy tomorrow, you need to live for today & learn to forget yesterday"

Huge post & loads of links but never mind. Feel free to do the tag of your own freewill or opt out of being tagged but I tag PC Southwest, randompinkness & Girl with the golden touch.

23 October 2007


I'm back, ish. The lack of internet I have been suffering is ridiculous. The broadband modem is knackered, it connects to the internet for a minute or so then disconnects & it keeps doing it. I know this because we have had the same problem before. I have phoned my service provider to be told it is most likely the fact that being the idiot girl I am I have probably not installed the drivers properly & so I should do it again. Funny that because it's been working fine for the past six months.... I then get told, after telling them it is definitely not the drivers & despite being a bit of a technophobe I am not so stupid as to not go through the basics to check if it is fixable & to just call their premium rate "help" line to be kept on hold for ten minutes while the nice man in the Indian call centre goes to see if he can palm the stroppy, sarcastic ridden harpy he has had the bad luck to answer the phone to off on to a hated colleague.

I don't phone for the sheer hell of it you know, I do actually expect some help or at least some pointers as to what I can do to fix it but no, I get told that if it isn't the drivers it might be a virus. No it is not a virus it is your crappy modem.

Or the filter? Nope, not that either.

Maybe the phone line? No.

Phone socket? No.

Do I have the USB cable plugged into the USB port? Oooooh it could be that you know nice Mr Technical man, it's such a similar shape to all the other ports that when it didn't fit in the one I decided looked the prettiest I took a hammer to it & made it fit. Silly, silly me.
Of course it's in the right fecking port you muppet!

After all that I was told they would have to carry out some tests to locate the problem & that somebody would call me back the next day. The problem is still there & they didn't call back, I had to call them & get all stroppy again. After they tried to fob me off again by attempting to go through the whole rigmarole for a second time I told nice Mr Technical help man#2 that it was definitely the modem. Apparently somebody is going to call me back tomorrow & if it does turn out to be the modem they will get a replacement one sent out to me. Guys, let me know when the flying pigs appear.

In other far more exciting news my application was sent off last week. Yes I crossed my fingers & yes, I double double checked it was my application that I had signed & not my brothers.
Luckily for him our postie doesn't deliver until around 11/12ish which means I'm rarely in when it arrives, in turn meaning he isn't in for morning pestering & pleas to double check that he hasn't missed any post out.

I'm also jobless now. Not through any fault of my own but because it was only ever temporary anyway. The drawback to this is I have now been assigned school picking up duty which isn't that bad in itself (especially now half term is here) but it does mean my heels are on before I leave the house because as much as I would quite happily fling on my Ugg copies & be done with it I refuse to walk home a ten year old that just happens to be my height & still growing. There is not one ounce of comedy in the fact that she can look me in the eye & argue the toss with me in the shop about what brightly coloured, wall bouncing inducing sweets she is & is not allowed. One day I'll let her have the blue ones just for the amusement value. A day where my evening will be spent at Mr S's house so I only have one or two hours of bouncing, giggling, hyperactively insane ten year old to put up with. Joy!

Managed to kind of talk to Mr S about his recent stand offish ness & I find that although he's happy for me to be going after the career I want he doesn't like the thought of what I may have to do or the people I may have to put up with, & the fact that I might lose interest in him & us.
First & second bits don't worry me because I am tougher than I look & can handle things, either by doing what needs to be done & moving on or letting idiots say what they need & letting it wash over me, or thinking of numerous inventive ways of how I'd shut them up in my imagination. The third bit, to me, is unnecessary worrying & thinking too far into the future. I am a here & now kind of person & I let the future look after itself for the moment whereas as he likes to think ahead & wonder about things. I didn't say things wouldn't be different or difficult at times but I am a tryer & I have a stubborn determination that doesn't let me give in easily at all so he won't be seeing the back of me anytime soon!

As we are on the subject of back & behinds then if by any chance the man who was stood outside of Cavendish House in Cheltenham town centre last week is reading then let me say this, leering "nice arse love" as I walk past you really isn't the way to knock a girl off her feet with the romance of it all. The only thing it will get you is a filthy look of disgust & contempt. Builders can get away with it because it is a built in response for them but not random blokes who leer at passing girls. Especially not when you look like a badly dressed trogolodyte. Harsh but true.

& as immature as it is, playing rude scrabble can be so much fun. The childish giggles at the numerous rude words me, Mr S & my brother managed to come up with was shocking, as was my score, I never knew such filthy language lurked in the murky depths of my mind! Lol

14 October 2007

Come On Boys!

This merited a whole post to itself

I absolutely cannot stand football or most of the players but rugby is an entirely different ball game (quite literally!) I am most definitely a rugby girl & was on the edge of my seat in most places going mad at the tv earlier, my throat is a little sore but it was so worth it.
Not only did we beat Australia to end up in the semis but we beat France today, on their home ground (which makes it all so much sweeter) to win a place in the finals.
They have to bring the cup home, they can't lose it now after the play they've been putting on.

We definitely need a repeat of 2003

Lewsey & where the game began without stopping for us.

Jonny Wilkinson, who really needs to stay fit & not end up with (another) injury.

England played one hell of a game today, it got close once or twice but they just kept pulling it back. Can't wait for the finals but I will be gutted if they don't bring the cup home.

I'm also a tiny bit jealous as my older brother, who used to play rugby for the county, was in Paris watching the game the same as he was for the 2003 world cup in Australia. Some people have all the luck!

Edited because for some ridiculous reason I put that we beat the All Blacks in the semis. Where the hell I got that idea from I do not know! That's what you get for blogging at two in the morning!

Silence Is Shattered

At least it is now, but you have had a week of silence, can't be fairer than that! Lol

This week has been one of those ones where the days just seem to merge & blur into each other & I don't actually seem to have achieved that much, nor does much seem to have happened really.
Not hugely surprisingly I have been constantly thinking about "the form", I will be glad when I've settled on what I'm going to put & it's out of my hands, very close to it being ready to go now. I either look at it & think it isn't good enough or look at it & think I've put too much down, I'm almost fed up of drafting it out & re drafting it (then again, maybe listening to a mix of Oasis, The Prodigy, Goldfrapp & Kasabian as I'm doing the drafts isn't the best idea but it helps me to concentrate). As Royal Snail has gone tits up again with their delivery pattern then I'm to phone a special number & get my application picked up from home by the force. Now that is service! Lol.

I also bought one of these in this exact colour. Possibly the best thing ever (when I don't fall off it on my arse) it's a gym ball & really works to stretch your back & strengthen your leg muscles
The top five things that lead to falling on arse syndrome are:
  • Cramp
  • Losing balance because you're concentrating more on tv/fit actors than gravity
  • A demented little sister running up & tickling your stomach like a thing possessed
  • Alcohol....
  • Talking to people with your head upside down before disappearing from view
I've kind of mastered it now though so it should get better. Unfortunately I've had to drag the above mentioned demented child off of it about a dozen times because she seems to find great fun & hilarity in trying to sit on it like a horse, legs off the ground & seeing how long she can stay on it without falling off. I admit I found it quite amusing, just not when she'd somehow managed to get hold of some cherryade (like me she reacts to E numbers) & nearly fell off it onto the cat, I'm not joking the cat was nearly a rug!
I was also the one in charge these past few days which meant I was the only one available (the other two had already said no to little sister) for endless games of frustration, tiddlywinks & a horse pairs game. Although I never want to see another counter or dice for as long as I live I have discovered I have a natural talent for tiddlywinks, the shame of it!

Mr S has also gone very quiet/sulky. I have absolutely no idea why, not even an inkling despite racking my brains. He has been decidedly off this past week/10 days & when I ask how he is I get little more than the bare minimum back. He has been doing alot at work recently so it ould be that. It would just be nice if he could show a little bit of interest in what I'm doing, or at least acknowledge it. Why am I getting this horrible feeling of deja vu.......?

One last thing......
Thank you to everyone who has left a comment wishing me luck, giving me tips & advice or offering their help with my application.

The luck I will probably need, the advice & tips have been heeded & those silly enough to offer help, well you may live to regret that rash offer! Lol

6 October 2007


Nothing at all to do with the sweets but more the complete random-ness of the contents of this post.
Firstly, I realised earlier that rather alot of my clothes & various odds & ends had gone missing so took a visit to my sisters room... Where I found the grand total of 2 dresses, 5 t shirt tops, 2 jumpers, a pair of jeans, a pair of jodhpurs, my spare pair of spurs & a jacket. I only noticed two tops & my jeans missing, had no idea she'd robbed my wardrobe at some point!
Of course after realising she'd had more than I thought then I went on the hunt for everything else I hadn't seen for a week or two, including make up, damn thief! Lol
I'm thinking I might wire the wardrobe door upto the plug socket somehow....!

Secondly, why has my music taste lowered & embarrassed itself enough to liking a Shayne Ward single?! I think here is the only place I could admit to that & even then it still feels wrong!

& finally just how bloody difficult are the competency questions on the application form for the police?! Not difficult in what they ask but difficult to think of something & then word it in a way that's going to get you invited back for further testing. I could easily tell somebody & explain stuff but to actually write it down in a way that doesn't drone on, doesn't make you appear conceited, doesn't make you appear like you don't actually give a toss but at the same time doesn't make you look so desperate for the job that they are envisioning a crazed maniac frantically stabbing the page with a ballpoint with a mad gleam in their eye (well, the mad gleam is there but I don't stab things with a ballpoint, not usually..! Lol)
On the other hand I've taken my time & filled some of it out.... Like my name, D.O.B & address, the easy bits in other words.
Having said that I have asked a bit of advice & feel happier for doing so, I've also made notes of things in a notepad which means the actual answers are starting to take the shape of a few legible sentences rather than random words or nervous scribbles.
We also have a big postal strike on here at the moment so I'm also thinking I might hand deliver it as it would be just my luck that it would reach there a day late....

I'm only halfway through the form & already I'm getting butterflies, I plainly need to get a fly swat....

1 October 2007

Wish Me Luck

Gloucestershire police have started their recruitment campaign as of today which means I'll be calling them for an application pack later.....

If I'm successful then I will be on the streets (Maybe that isn't the best way of putting it but you know what I mean!) mid 2008 or early 2009. The assessment centre should be around February apparently. It's the waiting that is going to kill me, I'm a bit impatient as regards to wanting to hear decisions but I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers & see what happens. I'm fairly confident I have a good chance but I'm not sure if that's false confidence that is masking the apprehension of waiting to hear one way or the other but anyway, we shall see.

& completely out of the blue my brother (the one who has just moved back) has decided to apply too, is it catching!?!?
I know when he was at school he thought about it, along with the army but didn't feel mature enough. Be interesting if we both were successful though! Especially as he's around the 6'4 mark & I'm just scraping 5'0. I tend not to stand next to him if I can help it, not without very high heels anyway!