28 October 2007


I have been tagged by the excellent Mousie on my reading material of choice, both past & present. I have to confess to not being one of those arty, brainy types that are into deep & meaningful stuff, it just isn't me (quite possibly shows in my wonderfully creative & erudite writing.... *cough cough*). Having said that I refuse to read crap but I guess it depends what your definition of crap is! Lol

Four childhood books:
I'm doing the same as Mousie here & going for series rather than books.

Jinny & Shantih series.
These were all about a 14 year old girl, Jinny & chestnut her arab mare, Shantih who she had rescued from a circus & then nearly died from exposure when said mad mare escaped onto the bleak, snowy Scottish moors, Jinny going after her with headcollar & bucket of oats. They lived in the wilds of Scotland & she was always galloping over the moors & along the beach or riding her horse to school. There was generally always some sort of drama or tragic happening & at the time, these seemed very true to life for me. The Jinny character had a few traits similar to my own & so I'm not ashamed to say I desperately wanted to be her for a while & have the same romantic & untamed life. Many late nights were had while hudddling under the duvet with a small torch reading these & yes, I still have them on my bookshelf, not to read but for pure memories sake.....

The Enchanted Wood/Magic Faraway Tree series.
A collection of books about a group of children who lived near an enchanted wood & each time they went to the wood they would climb this big old oak tree, when they reached the top thee would be a gateway to a magical world & each climb bought a different world in which to explore, sometimes pleasant & sometimes not so pleasant. The branches were inhabited by a collection of weird & wonderful folk, with names like Dame Washalot & Mr Watizname.
Every time we went to woods or forests I was convinced I would find the enchanted tree!

The tales of Beatrix Potter.
Everybody must have read Beatrix Potter at some point during their childhood. They are unfailing childhood favourites of mine. Not just for the quaint old tales but also for the beautiful illustrations & characters.

The 'Jill' series.
Yet more pony stories. This one of a less well off girl, Jill, who moves to a very horsy area with her mother & manages to get hold of & school a pony. These amused me for hours & also led to much under duvet reading. The first book in the series was the very first paperback book I was ever bought at about 7 & that is where my love of pony stories began. I was the quintessential pony mad child, horses from morning to night & apparently even as a toddler I'd go mad at the mere sight of horse. Unfortunately for my parents it wasn't just a phase & I would beg, plead & steal lifts to the local stables, spending as much time there as I could, even if it was only grooming the ponies & tacking them up. Eventually at 12 they gave in & I finally had my own four legged monster to dote on. The only thing so far that I have gladly got out of bed at 5am for, nursed through an abscessed hoof, stood in the rain for, spent goodness knows how much money on & acquired bruises, broken toes, concussion & hair raising moments from. Not to mention persevered when she has decided to let me get within a foot of her to catch only for her to spin round & gallop to the other end of the bloody field, stopping only to shoot me a triumphant look!
It is no real wonder I almost permanently had some sort of pony book glued to my hands.

Four authors I'll read again & again:

Dick Francis.
Because the horse thing still hasn't gone away & it contains the ideal mix of horses, racing & crime. I've read nearly all of them, except the harder to get hold of ones & every time they have kept me gripped. He is an ex jockey & was on Devon Loch, the Queen Mothers horse, in the 1956 Grand National when the horse slipped & ended up spread eagled on it's belly yards from the post.
The books can be a little gruesome & graphic (nasty types pulling peoples teeth out with pliers, while they are conscious & tied to chairs) I think I can be a bit gruesome sometimes because I really enjoy reading them but they are really, really good books.

Melissa Nathan.
I can't help it, I am a chick lit fan & I know it's bad taste but I don't really care! She only published five books before sadly dying last year of breast cancer, aged 37. I really enjoy her writing, it's escapism that also has a real life edge to it which means it isn't stupidly sickly sweet & girly. Yes, the heroine always gets her man & she also manages to somehow land on her feet but she does have disasters, mishaps & dilemmas along the way so it isn't all sugar & light. Not quite anyway.

Cecilia Ahern.
What can I say, please don't hold my love of chick lit against me as really, I am a girl with good taste. I just have my off moments sometimes!
Favourite one of hers so far is "PS, I love you" it's a sad story but happy at the same time & I have to say, she is a damn sight better at writing than her sister is at rapping! *cringe*

I can't really think of another author as I don't tend to stick to one or the other apart from the ones mentioned. I'll look at the back of a book & if it strikes me then I'll read it which is why I have loads of books by different authors.

Four authors I'll never read again:

JK Rowling.
I think I read two/three pages. Once at school when she was an unknown & once a few years ago & just could not get my head around her writing. Really didn't enjoy it but then the subject matter isn't really my cup of tea either.

Never have read, never will. I would never insult & sully my mind with such crap nor would I waste my money. She is famous for getting her boobs out & that is about it, I admire her for sticking with her little boy like she has but a biography about who she has slept with & how good/bad they were doesn't really appeal to me. There is other stuff apparenly but she doesn't interest me.

Victoria Beckham.
She has nothing to say that I want to hear or read. I quite simply do not like her, not the persona she has put across anyway.

I know I know, he's supposed to be a classic but I tried & failed to get on with his books at 12/13. I got halfway through the one & kind of got into it but it was hard going, I think I did finish it actually but it didn't impress me all that much & there's no way I'd go back for seconds.

I know you can't call the middle two "authors" as it would be a disgrace but I couldn't think of any others & they annoy me, big time so I would never touch any of their "work".

The first four books on my To-Be-Read-List:

PC Bloggs.
Just look at the blog, surely the book is going to be a top read as well?!

Stuart, a life backwards.
The drama was on tv a few weeks ago & was very good but also very sad. It's about a little boy who went from normal happy go lucky to drug abuser, violent alcoholic. The story is told backwards, starting with the drug addicted alcoholic to the child who was sexually abused in a childrens home by the male owner, his abuse at the hands of his stepfather & the start of it all with school bullies.
I really want to read the book as it supposed to be excellent.

Touching from a distance. Ian Curtis & Joy Division.
Just because I like some their music & wonder why Ian Curtis decided to kill himself, he seemed a bit of a mixed up person. The book looks like it could be interesting.

Born to be riled.
Jeremy Clarkson.
I know he's an opinionated, egotistical twat but he can be very funny & The world according to Clarkson had me laughing out loud.

Tony Wilson
24 hour party people.
Because alot of the music from that time is the backbone of my music collection now, & as it all started three years before I was born it would be nice to read about how it all started & the person who was behind it.
& I know that's five but it's my blog & I'm allowed to cheat if I want!

The four books I'd take to a desert island:

Playing James. It's another chick lit book but it is very funny & the situations the lead character finds herself in are not unlike some of the ones I've found myself in, along with the things she does, which are equally embarrassing.

The World According to Clarkson.
It's all so true & very funny.

Shakespeare's works. For no other reason than I'd have time to waste & may as well use it to educate myself a little.

The fourth book would be the bible.

To be honest though it would be a hard choice as I really enjoy reading.

The last lines of one of my favourite books:

"& one of the things I learned was that to be happy tomorrow, you need to live for today & learn to forget yesterday"

Huge post & loads of links but never mind. Feel free to do the tag of your own freewill or opt out of being tagged but I tag PC Southwest, randompinkness & Girl with the golden touch.


PC South West said...

Your going to have to give me some time with this one GND.
To say I am NOT a bookworm is a major understatement and I read a book every two years or so.
I do have a to read list that is not that far from your own. Thanks for the tag anyway ;0)

A. said...

Fantastic how this has travelled! I remember the Jill series, though I'd forgotten all about it.

I'm so glad someone else doesn't like JK Rowling. Read the first 3/4 and realised I wasn't enjoying them any more at all. I'd agree with Jordan and Victoria Beckham too.

RandomPinkness said...

Wow, tagged twice in as many weeks, I do feel popular :D will get this up as soon as I can whittle my books down... This will take some time.

Area Trace No Search said...

It's one of the only things I like about crime scenes - I try and keep a book in my bag so that if I'm stuck on a crime scene I can secrete it inside my protective vest and read it at my leisure.

Especially nice on a Summer's evening!

At the moment I think I have a Terry Pratchet book as my emergency book in my kit bag.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I have a confession..last Christmas, drunk and nostalgic..I went on ebay and re-bought all the Enid Blyton books and I read them all this year - I love them! I to always thought I'd find the tree..who am I kidding, I still do now!

I love Melissa Nathan too, it makes me cry though in her books now the little passage at the front she has wrote, knowing she is going to die.

As I am the biggest bookworm I know, I'll have to give this some thought first!

JL said...

Not about the books, although they sound delightful.

I just read the post from 8.8.07 about the 'gangsta' kid...


The idea that some young 'man' in ENGLAND (!) might be swaggering around acting Ghetto Street from the USA is, to me, incredible. Mind-blowing. Stupefying.

Is this what we're known for? Gangsta Rap? God, no wonder everybody hates us!

On behalf of all citizens of the United States, I am sorry!

cogidubnus said...

Found it a tad difficult to agree with your reading list but that's your privilege!

I'm just glad to find you're another reader...to judge from folk I talk to, we're on a serious decline, and yet Smiths and Waterstones thrive...