29 October 2007


When I can't sleep & have those moods where bed is the last place I want to be or my mind is just too busy then the best way so far I've found to get around it is listen to my mp3 player. I have a select few artists I'll listen to because of the way their music calms me, I know that sounds strange but I can't explain it. It just relaxes me & allows me to switch off from everything. I am a huge fan of Snow Patrol & alot of their songs are on my bedtime list because Gary Lightbody, quite frankly has one of the best voices around. His voice is pure calm & has the ability to soothe. So many tracks of theirs are absolutely top music but for actually laying back & switching off then Finish Line is the best, it is my favourite along with How To Be Dead & Chocolate although they aren't ones you'd listen to switch off really.

& on that note I'm off to bed to try & get some sleep :o)

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Annette said...

I know this isn't to everybodys taste, but I love opera now and that is what I listen to when I have a sleepless night.
My fav is Maria Callas love songs.
It's so soothing.
You almost fall asleep listening to it it is so relaxing.