23 October 2007


I'm back, ish. The lack of internet I have been suffering is ridiculous. The broadband modem is knackered, it connects to the internet for a minute or so then disconnects & it keeps doing it. I know this because we have had the same problem before. I have phoned my service provider to be told it is most likely the fact that being the idiot girl I am I have probably not installed the drivers properly & so I should do it again. Funny that because it's been working fine for the past six months.... I then get told, after telling them it is definitely not the drivers & despite being a bit of a technophobe I am not so stupid as to not go through the basics to check if it is fixable & to just call their premium rate "help" line to be kept on hold for ten minutes while the nice man in the Indian call centre goes to see if he can palm the stroppy, sarcastic ridden harpy he has had the bad luck to answer the phone to off on to a hated colleague.

I don't phone for the sheer hell of it you know, I do actually expect some help or at least some pointers as to what I can do to fix it but no, I get told that if it isn't the drivers it might be a virus. No it is not a virus it is your crappy modem.

Or the filter? Nope, not that either.

Maybe the phone line? No.

Phone socket? No.

Do I have the USB cable plugged into the USB port? Oooooh it could be that you know nice Mr Technical man, it's such a similar shape to all the other ports that when it didn't fit in the one I decided looked the prettiest I took a hammer to it & made it fit. Silly, silly me.
Of course it's in the right fecking port you muppet!

After all that I was told they would have to carry out some tests to locate the problem & that somebody would call me back the next day. The problem is still there & they didn't call back, I had to call them & get all stroppy again. After they tried to fob me off again by attempting to go through the whole rigmarole for a second time I told nice Mr Technical help man#2 that it was definitely the modem. Apparently somebody is going to call me back tomorrow & if it does turn out to be the modem they will get a replacement one sent out to me. Guys, let me know when the flying pigs appear.

In other far more exciting news my application was sent off last week. Yes I crossed my fingers & yes, I double double checked it was my application that I had signed & not my brothers.
Luckily for him our postie doesn't deliver until around 11/12ish which means I'm rarely in when it arrives, in turn meaning he isn't in for morning pestering & pleas to double check that he hasn't missed any post out.

I'm also jobless now. Not through any fault of my own but because it was only ever temporary anyway. The drawback to this is I have now been assigned school picking up duty which isn't that bad in itself (especially now half term is here) but it does mean my heels are on before I leave the house because as much as I would quite happily fling on my Ugg copies & be done with it I refuse to walk home a ten year old that just happens to be my height & still growing. There is not one ounce of comedy in the fact that she can look me in the eye & argue the toss with me in the shop about what brightly coloured, wall bouncing inducing sweets she is & is not allowed. One day I'll let her have the blue ones just for the amusement value. A day where my evening will be spent at Mr S's house so I only have one or two hours of bouncing, giggling, hyperactively insane ten year old to put up with. Joy!

Managed to kind of talk to Mr S about his recent stand offish ness & I find that although he's happy for me to be going after the career I want he doesn't like the thought of what I may have to do or the people I may have to put up with, & the fact that I might lose interest in him & us.
First & second bits don't worry me because I am tougher than I look & can handle things, either by doing what needs to be done & moving on or letting idiots say what they need & letting it wash over me, or thinking of numerous inventive ways of how I'd shut them up in my imagination. The third bit, to me, is unnecessary worrying & thinking too far into the future. I am a here & now kind of person & I let the future look after itself for the moment whereas as he likes to think ahead & wonder about things. I didn't say things wouldn't be different or difficult at times but I am a tryer & I have a stubborn determination that doesn't let me give in easily at all so he won't be seeing the back of me anytime soon!

As we are on the subject of back & behinds then if by any chance the man who was stood outside of Cavendish House in Cheltenham town centre last week is reading then let me say this, leering "nice arse love" as I walk past you really isn't the way to knock a girl off her feet with the romance of it all. The only thing it will get you is a filthy look of disgust & contempt. Builders can get away with it because it is a built in response for them but not random blokes who leer at passing girls. Especially not when you look like a badly dressed trogolodyte. Harsh but true.

& as immature as it is, playing rude scrabble can be so much fun. The childish giggles at the numerous rude words me, Mr S & my brother managed to come up with was shocking, as was my score, I never knew such filthy language lurked in the murky depths of my mind! Lol


RandomPinkness said...

Och, well, I'm sure it will eventually be resolved.

I have fingers and toes crossed for you, re Internet and police-ness. Oooh the coppers up here have new uniforms they are tre sexy, they're like black skintight rugby tops under their stab vests.

I'm so thankful I'm an only child and don't have to worry about that sort of thing.

I know why is it random blokes think just because they say "nice arse" or some such you will immediately turn round and say "Oh do you think so, I'm so grateful for that tastefully put comment I think I should now have rampant sex with you." eejits.

Rude scrabble shall defiantly have to be tried up here, no doubt hilarious.

Also consider yourself tagged with a daft meme, courtesy of moi, tis on my blog.

Anonymous said...

is it BT? We've had exactly the same problem at work and after hours and hours on the phone to BT going through the same old checks (as you listed) of whether I've correctly plugged the damn thing in we eventually got a BT engineer out to look at the line connections. He claimed there was nothing wrong with them but funnily enough the problem hasn't recurred since he visited so he must have done something. Keep nagging them and they'll send someone out.

ControlRoomOp said...
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ControlRoomOp said...

It took a month to get a reply from my last application so you don't have to start molesting the Postman just yet!

Good luck with it.
The nightmare of the application process has begun.......

If you want a laugh..
My daughter has been a PC for 18 months and had her first official complaint against her last week.
What a joke.
18 stone man complains his wrist is broken after she and her crewmate plus 2 bouncers had a cuddle on the ground with him.
Turned out not to be broken anyway (shame). His complaint was that she handed the cuffs to the bouncer to put on one wrist before she put it on the other wrist and checked them.
.... and yesthe complaint was laughed out.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

hhhmmmm,worrying noises coming from Mr S's side I see-dont let him put you off,you'll always wonder 'what if' if you do.Its not all fights anyway,I thought it would be but you quite often find its the big blokes who get themseves in bother,and some of the people are actually quite nice!The only thing is it probably will change you and it will have an impact on your rellie as you will suddenly be working weird hours and not turning up to dates/arrangements cos of work etc but if you think that way you will never do anything would you?
Most of the blokes I work with have wives +gf's who put up with it/help run the household/look after the kids-it is harder for female officers cos you find that the job puts so many men off!

Emma said...

Fingers crossed for you girl...xx

Metcountymounty said...

good luck mate, the thing about complaints is not a problem, if you're doing your job right then you'll get them because people love to complain so don't worry about it. I even got one last week despite being at home with a fecked leg for the last month, it'll be added to the other two I have on the go already!!! The job does play havoc with your domestic life but as long as the other person is willing to work around it then you'll be fine, 10 years with most of those in stabbies has lead to some 'fun' loving conversations/arguments though!!!