14 October 2007

Silence Is Shattered

At least it is now, but you have had a week of silence, can't be fairer than that! Lol

This week has been one of those ones where the days just seem to merge & blur into each other & I don't actually seem to have achieved that much, nor does much seem to have happened really.
Not hugely surprisingly I have been constantly thinking about "the form", I will be glad when I've settled on what I'm going to put & it's out of my hands, very close to it being ready to go now. I either look at it & think it isn't good enough or look at it & think I've put too much down, I'm almost fed up of drafting it out & re drafting it (then again, maybe listening to a mix of Oasis, The Prodigy, Goldfrapp & Kasabian as I'm doing the drafts isn't the best idea but it helps me to concentrate). As Royal Snail has gone tits up again with their delivery pattern then I'm to phone a special number & get my application picked up from home by the force. Now that is service! Lol.

I also bought one of these in this exact colour. Possibly the best thing ever (when I don't fall off it on my arse) it's a gym ball & really works to stretch your back & strengthen your leg muscles
The top five things that lead to falling on arse syndrome are:
  • Cramp
  • Losing balance because you're concentrating more on tv/fit actors than gravity
  • A demented little sister running up & tickling your stomach like a thing possessed
  • Alcohol....
  • Talking to people with your head upside down before disappearing from view
I've kind of mastered it now though so it should get better. Unfortunately I've had to drag the above mentioned demented child off of it about a dozen times because she seems to find great fun & hilarity in trying to sit on it like a horse, legs off the ground & seeing how long she can stay on it without falling off. I admit I found it quite amusing, just not when she'd somehow managed to get hold of some cherryade (like me she reacts to E numbers) & nearly fell off it onto the cat, I'm not joking the cat was nearly a rug!
I was also the one in charge these past few days which meant I was the only one available (the other two had already said no to little sister) for endless games of frustration, tiddlywinks & a horse pairs game. Although I never want to see another counter or dice for as long as I live I have discovered I have a natural talent for tiddlywinks, the shame of it!

Mr S has also gone very quiet/sulky. I have absolutely no idea why, not even an inkling despite racking my brains. He has been decidedly off this past week/10 days & when I ask how he is I get little more than the bare minimum back. He has been doing alot at work recently so it ould be that. It would just be nice if he could show a little bit of interest in what I'm doing, or at least acknowledge it. Why am I getting this horrible feeling of deja vu.......?

One last thing......
Thank you to everyone who has left a comment wishing me luck, giving me tips & advice or offering their help with my application.

The luck I will probably need, the advice & tips have been heeded & those silly enough to offer help, well you may live to regret that rash offer! Lol


RandomPinkness said...

I used to have an exercise ball, they do fair rock though we more often ended up using it as an extra seat as opposed to it's actual function. Alas the cat tried to sharped it claws on it and it deflated rather quickly after that, I really should get another one, they're bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun. Though we ended up saying things like "Ohhh I wonder could you have sex on it? Or is it too bouncy?"

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I've got one of those but sadly not in pink which I am most jealous of-hardly ever use it though,although I have started to more to exercise my knee!!

Mr S,well he's best left to come out of whatever mood he's in by himself,just tell him that you are there for him if theres anything he wants to talk about.

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

Pezzi balls - best avoided when drunk. Good for pregnant women to exercise with (low impact) and a good training medium for stomach muscles etc. Junior sibling plus cherryade sounds like a much more entertaining combination though... Have you tried her on blue Powerade ?

Mr S perhaps sees doom on the horizon - what with you wanting to join a job that'll see you working nights one saturday evening, lates another, early start sunday another, leaving about one in four for decent socialising. If you're fortunate enough to join a division which has a people-friendly shift pattern, then life can be fairly normal, but it's not that unusual for relationships to take a real knock in the first few years of service.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

unfortunately thats very true MECS,I split with my bf of the time whilst I was at training college,bastard after I stuck with him through his job woes too!!
He will need to understand you cant just walk when its the end of your shift,sometimes you have to see a job through,still cross that bridge when you come to it!