15 November 2007


Let me just get this straight, I'm not a bitch, I hate bitchy people & cannot stand groups of girls who slag each other off or backstab because it winds me up & I'd far rather just tell somebody straight out & be done with it.

Unfortunately my eldest brothers fiance isn't like that. They've been together nine years & split up last week. I'm gutted for him but glad because I know he deserves better. For the past 6 years she has slowly but surely turned into an absolute bitch. It's not often I have bad words to say about people but honestly, she has no redeeming features.

She started a new job & got in with a group of people about 5 ish years ago & in that time has managed to alienate their friends, push family away if they don't meet her exacting standards & basically be a complete cow!
She treats my brother like a sap & because he's so in love with her he;d make excuses for her. She'd finish work (nothing strenuous, just an ordinary 9-5 job) go running, come home, ask what was for tea, go & have a bath, eat tea & then go to bed. Every single day (I know because I've stayed round there a few times) weekends weren't much better because she'd go out on the town with friends & go clubbing in the evening & shopping during the day or out with friends & then complain to my brother that the house needed tidying because it was looking a pigsty! (forgot to mention she's a lazy bitch as well as completely selfish)

I know I'm slagging her off here but honestly, a relationship is give & take, not take, take, take by one person.

They've been engaged for five years & she kept moving the date, she won't commit because she doesn't want children & my brother does but he won't have them unless he's married. Fair enough if she doesn't want them but don't string my brother along. It's as much as she can do to say hello to anyone & when I was round there all she could do was say "hi" on her way upstairs. Apparently I, & I quote;

"lack drive & ambition & why do I want to join the police because that's a really crap career"

Oh well sorry I don't meet your perfect standards but at least I'm not a lazy, backstabbing, shallow bitch who is only with her partner until somebody better comes along! & I'd rather have a job doing something worthwhile than one sat on my perfectly lazy backside in a bank bitching with the other witches of Eastwick & sharpening my claws on other people! & the reason she starts on other people is because they may not be wearing the right labels clothes wise, or don't live in a certain area, or don't have the "in" haircut/colour, pathetically lame things like that. She doesn't judge people on who they are & what they're like as a person but on where they holiday, whether they wear Donna Karan & how many pieces of Tiffany Jewellery they have adorned themselves with.

Well to be honest I'm glad he's split up with her, I'd never say any of this to him because at the end of the day she was the woman he loved wanted to marry & it isn't my place but thankfully she's got what has been coming to her for a long, long time she can swivel because I am not sad to see her go.

I know this is a very snipey post but honestly, she'd make a saint despair at her utter shallowness & judgmental attitude.


Emma said...

She sounds just like some of the people I work with or is that worked with? We have yet to find out..x

Busy said...

Thanks for the comment GND, Just sorry it has left me so little (any) time for blogging.

totallyun-pc said...

miow! saucer of milk, table twelve!

RandomPinkness said...

auch well, good riddance and all that, hopefully your bro will realise it's a good thing and perk up soon enough. And don't worry my dear your not coming across as too snipey not to a professional like me anyway ;) We all need to vent sometimes and thats what blogs are for right?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Emma, she really is one of the shallowest people I have ever met. How are things by the way?

Busy, I won't say I don't miss the blog but congrats on baby bizzie! :o)

Ok TUPC, hands up, it was slightly catty but believe me, it is all deserved! Lol

Pinkness, I hope he does realise & doesn't take her back. I'm honestly not a bithy, snipey person but some people really do doeserve the sharp end of my tongue & unfortunately she is one of them! Yep, they are indeed, at least mine is anyway! Lol

Joe90 said...

She sounds like a rather undesirable person, but I hope you've said all this to her face because a reality check might help her change.