23 November 2007

Kate Rusby

This girl is so talented. Folk is not generally my thing but she has such a beautiful voice, the kind of voice that would sound beautiful without instruments. I have recently bought her latest album, Awkward Annie & it is one of the best I've bought in a while. Her music is an acquired taste but personally I think she sounds stunning. & unusually in the manufactured 'music' world of today, she sounds as good, if not better, live than she does recorded.

It may not be "cool" to like her but I don't care, she figures at the top of my playlist. Fantastic talent.


Emma said...

I couldn't agree more, that was beautiful and thanks for sharing GND, I will be looking for this CD now...xx

ControlRoomOp said...

I agree, it is a great Album.
The track 'Our Town' from her album 'Sleepless' is my favourite from her.

This does make you a sandal wearing Folkie though!!
You risk being asked to leave Cheltenham and banished to Stroud with the other wearers of the flowing robes :)

Yes I do come from Cheltenham and live in Stroud but I'm too old for the Glastonbury pilgramage etc so get away with it!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Emma, look on HMV. They carry all of her albums & are reasonably priced. Such good music to lay int he dark & listen to & she has one of the most amazing voices I've heard.

CRO, I'm not sure I have a favourite she is that good. I'm quite partial to Sir Eglamore because I Irish dance a little & it has a good rhythm.

No it doesn't! I'm a rock chick, skinny jeans & boots! & anyway, that is what mp3 players are for..... Nobody knows what you're listening to! Not that I'd be embarrassed, she has a voice & talent to envy.

Ahhh, never too old for Glastonbury! & after that I would say you were more sandal wearing hippy than me! Lol

ControlRoomOp said...

I'll also admit to going to a few of the Fairport Convention reunion gigs at Cropredy.
There, I did it, this is better than Alcoholics Annonymous!!!

ControlRoomOp said...

If you are looking for cheap MP3 downloads try

It is only about 5p per track and all legal.

Max said...

Now I'm guessing it's a great track. But unfortunately I only have monitor speakers, so she sounds a bit like Pinky & Perky!

cogidubnus said...

Do you Irish Dance much? I have an 18 y o daughter currently competing...it's quite a hard discipline stamina-wise...tell us more?

Girl*Next*Door said...

CRO, share your shame without fear of ridicule here. I have some very "uncool" tracks on my mp3 player but so what, I like them & Kate is seriously talented! I actually quite like some trad music, especially Irish. Oooooh, the shame! Lol
Thanks for the download link too, that's excellent! I am a music junkie so that is fab :o)

Max, listen to it on proper speakers & you will truly appreciate it. To listen to her on monitor speakers is sacrilege! Shame on you! Lol ;o)
Pinky & Perky indeed! Lol

Cogidubnus, I did used to do it quite a lot but when I started secondary school had to make the choice between horses or Irish dance & of course, horses won...
Now I only do it as a hobby or on the odd occasions but am considering taking it up again.

It is definitely a stamina thing & it definitely requires you to be disciplined.
Your daughter sounds like she is very good, to be competing. I did small competitions, as in at the actual dance school but nothing major, certainly no feis.

I danced step dance & Sean Nos mainly, preferred the style & also prefer to dance alone so wasn't keen on set dances. What style does your daughter do?
She must be very good to be competing & I am a little envious! Lol

cogidubnus said...

She's been competing at feisanna since she was about 9 and is now at last at "Open" standard in all but one of the solo disciplines...she's hoping to teach, so the TCRG exams are next...

She's done some of the set dances too (tell me about listening to the "Tree Toons" about 40 times in one day!) and went to the Worlds three times as part of an eight hand team...

Do do consider taking part again - there's at least one lady of 29 we know, who's now competing in Intermediate, having given up as a junior at 12 and who started again two or three years ago, so it CAN be done...

Wozza said...

Once again I have bought a CD on your recommendation (3rd time now?) - reading you blog is getting expensive ;)
Thank you - again

dickiebo said...

I must say that if we only bought the music of persons who lead a 'goodly' life, then there wouldn't be much music at all. I guess we don't have to love a person to love their music.

Little Wing said...

Hi, hope all is well with you!
I am starting to post again.
This is a great singer, I love her voice!
Good luck on the police test!!!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogidubnus, good luck for her exams! She sounds like she'll breeze through them as doing the worlds three times over is some sort of achievement.

I will definitely consider it as I am starting to feel a bit of a pull back towards it now, it's just the time thing again! Lol

Wozza, you obviously have excellent taste in music.... ;o)
Seriously, she is very good & I'm sure you'll love the cd. Enjoy it & thanks for reading, even ot does cost you money eventually! Lol

Dickiebo, very true. If that were the case then I wouldn't have Pete Doherty in my collection.

Hey LW, glad to hear it :o)
She certainly does have a wonderful voice.
Thank you for that x :o)

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