1 November 2007

Pastures New

Little sister (sixteen year old, not the ten year old) is off to them. She is off up to the British Racing School in Newmarket but before that she has to go for an interview at the beginning of November. She will either go onto the January/February intake or the March/April one. She has had her heart set on racing since about 8 years old & rides Sunny on shorts (stirrups at very short length) sometimes, she is absolutely mad on it & has absolutely no fear, she will get on the maddest animals & just ride them. After the nine weeks at the actual college she'll be placed in a racing yard (depending in whether she wants to go into flat or jumps will depend on where she's placed & what yard) to continue the rest of the course, which is about another 12 months. I love horses completely but I don't have the dedication to be up at 5.30 every morning to muck out 3/5 horses & ride them out as well whereas she would quite happily bed down in a stable if the horse was ill, she sleeps & breathes horses & somehow has a knack with them, they just take to her so it's the ideal industry for her to be in. I will just miss her when she goes, we never argue & just seem to get on so I'm secretly hoping she will go for the March/April intake!

& I'm not quite sure how it happened but I have to take baby sister into town at the weekend, I must have said yes without realising it. It's for school trousers but I just know it won't be as simple as that as we will have to trek round town for a pair that meet her high standards, well, that is what she thinks, the reality will be somewhat different because she will have the choice of the first three pairs & that is it. She is ten years old & a right little miss, she has an answer for everything, a wicked sense of humour & is beyond help in the head. She jumped from the banister the other day rather than take the few stairs down like a normal person, manical laughter as she did so. She is on a warning for that though, if she does it again it's trouble.
Even scarier is she has reached the age where she's getting into makeup, I've given her some of my old stuff to save her tampering with mine & wrecking the stuff. The reason it's so scary is she is ten but with makeup on looks about fourteen, she's banned from wearing anything other than lipgloss out of the house but it's still frightening. I just wish I could say the same, doesn't matter what I do I still only look about fifteen if I'm lucky!

Also scanning for a loan pony for her. I've been lungeing her on Sunny & leading her out & she's quite good but not good enough to go off the lead rein with her, Sunny can be a bit much & baby sister needs more confidence. Couldn't believe it when I was looking through as we were thinking about buying something for her to just hack around & take to the odd show, nothing spectacular. The prices ranged from £800 - £3000! For ponies that were just kiddies ponies, nothing amazing! Unbelievable! Especially as in a few years time she will have outgrown it. So for now it is loan only unless something else comes up that A. Is not astronomically priced & B. Doesn't have a screw loose. I've sent the word out with the farrier & vets & the local pony club so we'll just have to see what happens. I wouldn't even mind taking on a youngster to break in but the problem with that is it won't be quiet & experienced enough for her to ride & by the time it is fully broken it will be next year. All I need is something of about 13 hands, that is quiet, won't need mollycoddling with rugs & stabling & that is just ordinary & trustworthy & for that privilege it is £2000 upwards < not happening. Stupid money!

Going by that description, I'm looking at a rocking horse..!


Little Wing said...

Your sister certainly has dedication!
I wish her all the best !!!

cogidubnus said...

Good luck to little sis...doing your three (is it still called that?) certainly used to be a tough option ...probably still is, relatively...

Area Trace No Search said...

Nowt wrong with rocking horses.

You can still do yourself a nasty injury with them, especially if alcohol has been consumed prior to attempting to tame one.

Emma said...

Very dedicated, I never used to manage to stick to anything for very long...when you have a min I have tagged you over at mine..xx

Ing said...

FYO: I've had to change my blog address (long story). Please change your link to http://theres-always-tomorrow.blogspot.com with immediate effect.