16 November 2007


No, this is not alluding to yesterdays (slightly) catty post. Some of you may remember
this post I did not that long ago & how I wanted to get another rat. Well, I did get another one & here she is:

As she is officially known as having "champagne" colouring I have christened her Moet :o)
She is a dumbo rat, you might notice the ears on her, incredibly cute.

In total we now have five, my original one, Moet & brother & two sisters decided they'd like one too. They're great fun to watch because they play fight which is quite hilarious.

Her usual snuggling place of an evening.

The blanket is there because she likes to burrow & it's either that or she crawls up my top which might be fun for her but really not for me! Lol

She is very cute & quite tame, just a little but timid but then she is only a baby. She also has an alarming habit of jumping onto things which is quite normal for rats but I'm not used to my other one doing it so it was funny but a bit of shock when she decided to launch herself from my lap onto the floor! Definitely a flying rat!

Anyway, when I can get some (decent) pictures of the other ones I'll put them up as well :o)


Emma said...

Argh.... she says, for someone brought up on a farm the one thing that terrifies me is rats.

I had one jump over my shoulder when I was ten and cornered it in the calf house.

I was brought up to believe they went for your throat so you can imagine I screamed the place down.

Yours does look cute though I must admit..thanks for your support this week GND it's very much appreciated..xx

cogidubnus said...

Moet is beautiful

ControlRoomOp said...

They make great pets. I used to have one years ago called Boris - a proper brown one in true sewer rat tradition. He would come when he was called and used to keep my kids amused for hours

I did miss him when he died because he kept my mother-in-law away for several years!!!

pawpads said...

I used to have a rat too ~ she was fantastic. Much friendlier than Hamsters or Gerbils I think.
Moet looks great.

CSI:UK said...

Ahh didnt realise you were a fellow rat lover!! We have two girls called Molly and Bertha. Like all female rats they are as crazy as hell and hyperactive.

Moet looks lovely though, greatest pets in the world.