22 November 2007

You are now at Barking, please depart.

Barking Mad that is.

Seriously, this is the maddest thing I have read in a while. (I know it's the Daily Maul but forgive me, I was bored)

I can understand people not wanting children, some people just don't have that maternal instinct. Some people just don't want to turn their lives upside down with something that depends on you for the first 18 years of it's life, saps your income, scribbles on your walls, sicks on your shoulder & keeps you awake at night. I can accept that, because as much as I want children one day will be as much as somebody else doesn't want them.

What confuses me is the reason these people chose not to have children. Apparently they chose not to have them to save the planet. I can understand not running a car, eating purely organic foods, recycling, walking everywhere & having energy efficient bulbs. But not having children because you don't want to ruin the planet strikes me as just missing the point somewhat.

Cows are the biggest producer of greenhouse gases, bigger than cars even so going by their way of thinking why don't we just shoot every bovine on the planet?

As one says
"When I see a mother with a large family, I don't resent her, but I do hope she's thought through the implications." The implications of carrying on the human race you mean? The implications of reproduction against helping to save the planet?

& as another said
"We feel we can have one long-haul flight a year, as we are vegan and childless, thereby greatly reducing our carbon footprint and combating over-population" Oh right, you care about the planet but allow yourself one long haul flight per year because you're vegan & childless. That is still one long haul flight more & considering you are hyper eco friendly does that not wreak of hypocrisy to you? That's like saying "oh it's ok, I'm on a diet & I haven't had cake today so I can have this Mars bar instead"

It doesn't cancel it out, the good you've done with the diet is undone once you start stuffing a Mars bar! One long haul flight per year for the next 20 years adds up to a ridiculous amount of pollution. Muppets!!!

As I said, it is everybody's individual right to have children or not have them. I just find the reasoning behind their decisions absolutely & completely ridiculous.

Of course the damn planet would be saved, there'd be no bugger living on it!!!!

Rant over. :o)


Anonymous said...

Agreed, their reasoning is ridiculous! They should think about all the couples who desperately want to conceive a child, but can't. If you don't want to give birth to a child in order to save the environment, at least adopt! There are many children who deserve good homes and families.

Emma said...

I can't really say anymore than you have GND, madness total madness..xx

cogidubnus said...

Well said...GOOD rant!

totallyun-pc said...

ooooooooooooooooo I love you when your angry....!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Anon, that is exactly what gets me about it! Firstly they have the chance when so many others don't & as you rightly pointed out, there are hundreds of other children already in the world who deserve & want loving families so they could adopt. I personally think it is a bit of a get out clause but the again, maybe I'm just being cynical....!

Em, it is isn't it? I agree with anon, they could adopt & give some child a happy home. The only reason that I can see is they don't want to have children because they don't want to add to the population but what about all those children that are already in the world but have nobody? Very sad really. xx

Cogidubnus, thanks. I do get a bit carried away sometimes though! Lol

TUPC, I can get VERY angry if it's warranted! Lol

maneatingcheesesandwich said...

Just the kind of people who make me despair. If intrinsically good people don't breed, and so don't bring up pleasant, well-natured replacements, the world will be ever more rapidly populated by the larger families of feral brats, brought into the world by the pig ignorant degenerates we know and love. (Or "customer base" to the modern Constable)

Since the average scrote couldn't give a rat's hind port for the environment, the vegans' well-intentioned (and self-indulgent) action can only hasten the demise of the planet. A more effective solution would be for the vegans to breed a family of eco-extremists who, using carbon neutral methods, could systematically spend their lives bumping off litter louts, bonfire lighters and cattle farmers....

Girl*Next*Door said...

MECS, you basically summed up the whole post. The whole attitude of it makes me despair. And you're right, you need the good ones to keep going & counteract the bad, otherwise the bad will take over & that will be the end of things anyway. Sounds familiar really doesn't it...!