11 December 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Actually, make that absolutely freezing.

Mr. S is going away to France for two weeks of skiing which means he won't be back until the 23rd of December. It is rubbish & I will miss him loads :o(
This was all sorted last year before we got tog
ether otherwise I *may* have gone.

But, as I subtly pointed out to him, France is home to gorgeous underwear, top quality perfume & lovely champagne ;o)

He just grinned & winked.

On the plus side, I have found the nicest pair of pirate
boots ever. Brand new in a size 2 (!) on Ebay. Will post a pic when I have got them but they are a gorgeous dark purple/burgundy colour. Really pretty.

I so want snow for Christmas. We are supposed to be getting some, the roads keep having to be gritted round here lately so I hope, hope, hope we get snow for Christmas. :o)

I also heard this on the radio earlier, which means Christmas is officially here.
It is my favourite Christmas song. Possibly because it is the truth of some & not all glitzed up. & Kirsty Maccoll was an incredible talent. Shame Shane didn't keep himself in as good shape really! There is a live version on Youtube with Katie Melua taking Kirsty's place, he can barely string the song together & has not a tooth in his head.


Metcountymounty said...

Cold is good, it usually means the only people around at 4 in the morning are us, paramedics and people who shouldn't be there :o)any news on your application yet?

cogidubnus said...

In my view that Pogues number is the most realistic, yet best ever Christmas number...ok it's getting played perpetually, but does that detract from the truth? By the way, in case I forget (through alcohol or indifference) later, have a good one!

Girl*Next*Door said...

MCM, I have to say I do like the cold, it's the crisp bright cold I love, maybe even more than hot summers! (possibly madder than I thought) Lol
No, still nothing from GlosPol, it needs to be soon because otherwise it will be next year before I hear anything!

Cogi, completely agree. It is the best & most truthful Christmas record there is. It is a classic & although it is played constantly in my opinion, it is one of those songs that you can't get tired of listening to. Also feel the same about Greg Lake & I believe in Father Christmas.

& ditto for the same reasons, have a good one yourself :o)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I have seen the live version! I think, I saw him and Katie on CDUK about 2 years ago, live, at about 11 in the morning pissed out of his tree. He almost ruined it for me, but redeemed himself at my favourite bit - he sounds so irish, I can kid myself i fancy that toothless drunked minger!!!