14 December 2007


I am so envious. Mr. S decided he'd send me this pic the other day, just look at it! What an amazing view, & he's there for nearly two weeks! Meanwhile the best we've got is frost yesterday & overcast rain/drizzly mist today. Lucky bugger. Won't be leaving this pic up for obvious reasons, just thought I'd let everyone else see the stunning view & scenery. No wonder he's grinning like a Cheshire cat!!! It's safe to say I am suitably jealous! Lol.
& I'm still missing him, especially as he's looking particularly gorgeous in that pic :o(
Will just have to make do with the odd quick call from the payphone there, complete with crackly line. Lol

Got a gorgeous dress the other day, as a sort of out of the blue thing.

My sister bought this off of Ebay the other week & is stunning. By Miss Selfridge, 100% silk & very floaty & feminine. It was listed as a 10 but when it arrived turned out to be a 6, younger (16 yr old) sister tried in vain to do it up at the side but as she's broader than me it just wouldn't go. She was going to send it back as it was listed wrongly, she was, until I tried it on that is & it fitted perfectly! Actually, it may need taking in on the waist but apart from that is a perfect fit. I wanted it when it first came out but it sold out stupidly quickly so for a bargainous £13 I am the proud owner of a new summer addition to my wardrobe. It also goes amazingly well with my wedge sandals. It is truly gorgeous & I love it. :o)
As it's way too cold to wear it then I am off to console myself with Baileys laced hot chocolate, yummy!


cogidubnus said...

A really beautiful dress, (and if you really fit in a 6 with room to spare then you must be really tiny/petite)...I'm sure the majority of your female readers must be truly jealous!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Thanks Cogi, it is lovely!
I am tiny & it is a pain sometimes, best lay off the Baileys hot chocolates or else that may change very fast! Lol
Maybe, you always want what you haven't got though. My sister has long legs & I am pretty envious of her but she wishes she could be shorter! It's all so silly!