18 December 2007


Mr. S gave me a call the other night & as it was quite late I was in bed & because it was warm & snuggly I was kind of sleepy. You know when you're talking to somebody & you're aware of what they're saying & everything but you're just so relaxed & chilled out that you're sort of sleepy too? It was like that.
We were talking about general stuff, how his holiday is going, Christmas & what each of us are doing, what time we've put aside for ourselves to spend together etc etc.

By this point I was kind if struggling to stay awake, & I know that sounds terrible but I was really tired anyway & talking to him always puts a smile on my face & makes me happy so I was well & truly mellowed out.

Obviously he noticed this so we said goodnight & for a split second he went quiet then slightly hesitantly but like it was the most normal thing in the world, said
"I love you". & I said it back...
I know that doesn't sound a big deal but it is for me.
I've only said it once to somebody & got kicked in the teeth for it & I'm not one of those people that says it after going out with someone for a few weeks. It's a sentence that you actually have to mean to be able to say in my opinion.

I don't know why he chose then to say it but it was so lovely to hear. No showiness, no big deal, he just said it & the best thing is, he actually sounded like he meant it unlike the one who said it to me in the past.
You know when someone says something & you can't put your finger on why but it just sounds right? & feels right? It just does & I don't feel like I'm going to fall flat on my face, at the moment I feel that if I do fall, there will be something there to catch me. I know that sounds horrendously soft but it's true.

I'm really, really, really happy & can't wait for him to come back now.
Well, I couldn't before but especially so now.
And to think I wasn't even going to text him!


RandomPinkness said...

I actually 'awwwed' out loud at this, you lucky thing :)

Emma said...

Aww I am so pleased for you..xx

dickiebo said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder - then - back to earth! Sorry. Tellin' you secrets now!

Annette said...

How lovely.
I actually felt very warm when I read this.

j. dazzle said...

that's about the best description of the half-asleep-talking-on-the-phone experience i think i have ever seen.

TWINING said...

Merry Christmas GND.

Excessive Use said...

Cool to see you're going into police work... so am I!

cogidubnus said...

Bless you...I think you've just

(a) reconnected me to my distant youth

(b) helped restore my faith etc etc...blah blah...

Corny I know...but yeah you did

Happy Christmas to the pair of you...hope you remember this one always (oh god did I really say that?).

The Vault Dweller said...

Do people in the UK say Happy Christmas? In America we say Merry Christmas. Just wondering?

Anyway, mazeltov. Hope your relationship is fruitful and whatnot. I hope that you don't call him Mr. S. to his face. That might be a tad bit disconcerting. Unless of course that is some freaky sex game you have with him.

Have a fun time.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness, Emma. Thanks :o)

Dickiebo, don't say that!!!
He's home tonight so we'll see but I hope that's not true! Lol

Annette, it was the sweetest thing & it made me smile so much.

Thanks Dazzle. That is how it feels to me anyway!

Twining, you too. & a Happy & safe New Year.

Excessive Use, well it's changed a bit since you left that comment but we'll see. Here's hoping eh?!

Cogi, thank you :o)
I'm sure I will remember it always whatever happens, feels completely different to anything else I've had with anyone.

Hi Vault Dweller :o)
It depends, we say both so it's whatever the individual feels happy saying I guess!
Thank you :o)
& no I don't call him that to his face, lol! I think he would be more than a little bemused if I did. Haha!

Happy Christmas to you & hope you have a fun & happy time too :o)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

told ya