6 December 2007

Material Girl

I haven't done a clothes post for aaaaaaggggeees! (which means this is a fairly long post) There is some stuff I've bought & some stuff that is on the never ending "want list".

I find it really frustrating with clothes sometimes as being so short & such a small frame stuff either swamps me or I end up looking li
ke I should be at school, neither of which are good looks.
It isn't too bad because I figured out ages ago
what suits me & what doesn't so I stick to that because after all, if it isn't broken, why fix it?
I find the general stuff that suits me is on the tailored side & has a vintage look. I can't wear bright patterns generally or if I do I have to be careful & I can't go for fashion that's on the slightly immature side because I end up looking about 12!

But I've had some really good finds lately & am well pleased :o)
Be warned, this post will co
ntain alot of pictures. Lol

First off are these trousers (or at least a very similar pair)

Love them, the cut is lovely & they are fitted & loose in the right places.
& they look excellent with a shirt I bought last week very similar to this (no pic online) but it is exactly the same except it isn't ruffled around the neck & has slightly more tailored sleeves

Also seriously considering this shirt from ASOS website. Sort of sheer & just on the right side of sexy without being outright slutty.

ASOS £40.00

Also bought a pair of these three quarter length trousers in the same grey tweed type material. Three quarter length trousers look hideous on me & as in fashion as they may be I refuse to wear them because they look so awful on me, I am ridiculously short anyway, in these I resemble an oompa loompa!
But as they were so nice & only £10 in the sale then I had the great idea of cutting them down to short type shorts. The semi fitted ones that look
excellent with black opaque tights. I can also wear braces with them & with my Victorian style ankle boots I have the illusion of legs, it's amazing!

Although I don't need any more boots (I think I have a boot fetish, I have about 15 pairs!) these are gorgeous. Really love them. They're from Topshop but they're £75.00.......

They are stunning though. This is veering into "want" territory now so I hope all of this is in the sale after Christmas. Or maybe I'll take a chance & put it on my Christmas list :o)

This blazer, Topshop £55.00
I really like it but I'm not sure about the pleating on the chest & near the shoulders, there's a risk of it looking 'boxy'.

Really like this sequin tunic but it's sold out online & in store *sob*. May have to comb Ebay but it's originally from Next. Absolutely love Next clothing. It always feels good, looks good & doesn't fall to pieces with wear. & it's always bang on trend without being cheap or try-too-hard looking. I'm not a bag type person as a rule but could do with a new one & this one from Miss Selfridge caught my eye. Although I need a bag big enough to hold all my junk I have to be careful because otherwise it looks as if the bag is wearing me!

£25.00 I think so not that bad really.
& it looks good, not plasticy like some.

I absolutely adore these, the heel looks a bit fearsome even for me but they are gorgeous.

As they are £120.00 though the chances of getting them are looking slim.
Definite Christmas list material but they are soooooo lovely! & quite sexy but I think but that could just be me.

I keep looking at them, I really might have to get them & live on toast for a week or so! Lol

The below for sheer cuteness (& the fact I do need some new pj's) & the slippers are just plain lovely!

Fairy print pj's, gorgeous. They have a sort of old fashioned fairytale type print & are lovely. Definite Christmas list again.

Miss Selfridge - £25.00

Pale pink white polka dot set (above) Accessorize - £18.00 (I think)

Lovely but not all that practical. If I lived on my own or just with Mr. S then I could walk around in them no problem but as I live in a household of 7 then bum baring pj's are just not ideal! Shame. Could still get them though, just wouldn't be able to wear them that often or maybe break the habit of a lifetime & use them to sleep in. They are very cute & girly.
Love these slippers & I'm getting them next week because they look so cosy & for some strange reason, although I'm one of those people that manages to stay warm really easily I suffer with cold feet so these are ideal.

Next kids - £10.00 So gorgeous!

Or these but they aren't so nice or cosy for that matter.
ASOS website - £6.00
Then again, at that price I could afford to get them as well as the bootie ones above.

And here, the lovely jewellery, belts, gloves & hats:

Mikey at ASOS charm necklace - £25.00 Really nice & it's long so breaks up jumpers/shirts a bit without being too much. As statement jewellery goes I love this. Love the colours, the style & the simpleness but at the same time the ornateness. It's also from Miss S & their jewellery doesn't have that 'cheap' look about it. Love it.

Miss Selfridge - £10.00

On my definite "want" list, either that or need to look out in the sales. Suede/leather wide belt with glass jewels from Topshop. Would break up a black polo/crew neck & skinny jeans really nicely. Would also look good with a plain dress & would also give me the illusion of bigger hips :o)
Wanted a trilby hat for ages. Hats suit me but I only have bakerboy caps or a few beanie hats. A trilby is different & I like the "rock chick" look of this one. It would also add to my height!! Lol

Accessorize - £25.00

Love the style & the delicate look of this bracelet. & the fact it has a bit of an 'antique' look

ASOS again - £10.00 (I think..)

If I had didn't have such small hands then I would be getting these. Still might, depends how much extra finger length there is :o( Really like the jewel button & the suede.

Accessorize - £18.00

Also thinking about these from ASOS petite range (I say "petite" but when you're 5'4 & under, a 30" inside leg does not equate to a petite size. Just because the range starts at size 6 it does not mean that it is petite!!! Arrggh!)

I really like the waist on them, they have a nice style with the wide fit leg & would look nice with heels & v neck jumper/shirt.

And purely because it looks sooooo nice, this coat. If they did a petite size I would be in love. not that it really matters because at £200.00 it is way out of my league at the moment!
Military coat - Topshop

That's it really. & considering I haven't been shopping or blogged about clothes for ages then I don't think it's that bad :o)

Guys, if you've actually managed to read this far then congratulations! If you've managed to read this far & are still awake & functioning mentally then top of the class & a gold star to you!! Lol


Little Wing said...

You have excellent taste in clothes, I LOVE all of them!
The boots also!
Not much into hats though....
But I would wear ALL of the choices in clothes!!!!

cogidubnus said...

Hmmm, don't know much about this fashion business, but I'd have thought all your choices made good sense EXCEPT the military topcoat...

It's a lovely garment, but I reckon there's a danger that a coat cut that long could negatively emphasise your shorter stature, making you look dumpy rather than petite?

I may well be wrong though...Anyone with more expertise got a view?

Alice said...

I wish you could come shopping with me... I'm hopeless with clothes. I either look like a navvy or wear the architect's uniform of black, with added black.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

blimey GND,you put me to shame with that haul-I like the pyjamas especially!

Little Wing said...

Oh and the slippers are way cool!!!
I want!

dickiebo said...

Yes. I simply loooove them! Honest.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hiya LW, thanks! For some reason hats really suit me which is good for those bad hair days! Lol

Cogi, you're completely right about the coat, maybe if they did it in a petite sizing it would be ok but it's that long that you need to be tall. It is a *I wish* item, lol.

Awwww Alice, I'm sure you don't! You wouldn't want to go shopping with me, I turn it into an expedition. Lol

TRTMH, I know, haven't done a shopping post for a while so it was pics & ideas that just kept mounting up..... PJ's are lush, you should get some as they are definitely worth it.

I've got the slippers LW, comfiest & cosiest things ever, they are gorgeous :o)

Dickie, was that sarcasm? ;o) If it wasn't then you have very good taste!