2 December 2007


Such loveliness! Really, I should stop looking but I think that would be asking the impossible to be honest.

I love this but the thing is, where would you wear it? It's hardly everyday going out wear is it?! & it wouldn't go with jeans. It's highly impractical but I still adore it & it is bargain basement price compared to what I usually like. £38.00. It's just so pretty & feminine & has steel bones instead of the fake plastic ones. Just gorgeous!
Maybe if it was darker colours you could get away with it. I just think it would be too over the top to wear out.

& this is the second....

Much more practical & steel boned again but £60.00. Which is still very cheap compared to what I usually fall in love with so it's not too bad :o)
It is actually gorgeous & far more practical, would look pretty with indigo jeans, Victorian boots & a Arrogant Cat sort of bolero jacket I have that has a bow at the back & sort of slightly puffed sleeves, it's in the style of a tux jacket but altered to be more feminine. It would all go very nicely I think :o)

Back view;

I have to say, I don't like the nylon cords at the back. They cheapen it somewhat but then they're easily replaceable, maybe with black ribbons or satin cords.

Or there is this set, which is gorgeous, for the grand total of £58.00. Lovely colour which quite suits me & I love the lace detailing on it as well. So pretty.

There is other stuff but I'll save that for a follow up post.

See how restrained I'm being?! It's all well below £100.00!

It's also all on my Christmas list :o) Lol.


thoughts running through my head.... said...

the strange thing is,I love lingerie,but I rarely seem to meet a man who does!??I dont get it???

Anonymous said...

Where do you find all these beautiful things???

Please tell me!

Annette said...

oh yes, the first one is lovely.
I love lingerie but I must admit I hardly buy any really nice ones like that. I never go anyway to wear that sort of thing.
I play bingo once a week, if I feel like it!!!

Metcountymounty said...

I can safely say that your choice of both lingerie and corsets, is superb!!! As for not loving lingerie, I usually find (and all of the guys I work with having discussed this topic at 4am only a couple of days ago) that good lingerie doesn't tend to stay on the wearer very long anyway, thereby affirming that it looked good in the first place!

dickiebo said...

"Such loveliness". You are quite correct, my dear. And the lingerie isn't bad either.

Girl*Next*Door said...

T, I don't get it either! Maybe the men are strange in London? Lol

Anon, I have loads in my bookmarks so I will compile a list of links & put them on my sidebar :o)
Love the blue set though!

Annette, it is stunning. I have to say, I don't really care about the impracticality of it because it's so gorgeous!

MCM, thanks! Lol
The corsets are on the serious "want for Christmas list" lol
& that is some fine logic, it's true though if you think about it I guess.

Dickie, lol! Should have known you'd say something like that! hehe

Mousie said...

Oooh they're lovely!

It seems my Christmas list is getting longer and longer this year ;o)