17 December 2007


If, like me, you are a music junkie & your mp3 player is more or less surgically attached to you then these are top & I highly recommend them.
They're Sennheiser CX300 ones & although the jack plug is not gold plated they have amazing sound quality. The music doesn't go muzzy or distorted, they don't hurt your eardrum because of crappy sound, the bass isn't tinny or just a dull 'thump' noise & the sound is just pure crystal. They are also really comfortable to wear & don't make your actual ear sore as the ear adaptors are nicely padded & very, very soft. They also block out any noise from your surroundings (handy when people are annoying you) just be careful when you're crossing the road! Lol

You also get three different sized ear adaptors to put over the actual earpiece so you can customise the fit & as long as you get the correct size the earpieces will not fall out unlike most others.
They also have a nice cord length, not so short you constantly feel as if they are going to fly out of your ear but not so long it ends up almost being a noose! Lol

They usually go for about £39.99/£40.00 but Play.com do them for £17.49.
I beat both & got mine off Ebay for a bargain price so am very happy :o)

And finally, introducing somebody I know of & her blog Good girl, getting worse. Take a look & have a read! :o)


RandomPinkness said...

I've had a pair for a few months now they *are* amazing, as you said just be careful when crossing roads etc. When you fist get them it's so weird though, it's like sensory deprivation you see things you know should make noise but they don't.

PC Common Sense said...

Not sure they'd withstand my latest post!!!! Motorhead, they ROCK!!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness, they are amazing!
I've had the sensory deprivation thing too & it is strange, quite disconcerting really but what I love most about them is you can have the volume as loud as you like but it doesn't affect other people because they can't hear a thing. Fantastic :o)

PCCS, they would withstand anything!!!
If you are into your music I seriously recommend them.
If you want a pair email me or leave a comment & I'll give you the name of the seller on Ebay, the first pair he sent me had a loose connection & with no quibbles or problems he sent me out a replacement pair straight away. Brilliant & unlike some, a reputable seller. :o)

& yes, Mototrhead DO rock! Only like a few of their songs though as they aren't completely my thing.

PC South West said...

Well GND I took your advice and ordered some of these for my ipod on ebay, £7.99 with free delivery I might add.
I will let you know how I get on with them.

Happy new year bye the way!!