4 December 2007

School Daze

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about what went on at school, as you do. Mainly brought about by my noseying of Friends Reunited & honestly, can't believe what biggest part of my form/year has gone on to do & it's the ones that didn't pay any attention/always in detention etc that have gone onto achieve the most!

1 girl who I was quite good friends with is joining the police *shocked face*

1 has joined the fire brigade

1 has gone into acting as a fight choreographer

about 4 have got their own places/married/engaged/had children!

the clown of our whole year who was always in trouble is on an electricians course (I confess that we were banned from sitting next to each other because of the trouble we caused... *blushing*)

1 is a carpenter & has converted to Judaism (the one you would least expect to do anything like that!)

1 of the boys in my form is also joining the police

1 is living in Bristol & he was a proper mummies boy so he's the least I'd expect to be a party boy!

another few are at Cardiff/Bournemouth Unis

I have to say, I am quite shocked. Especially considering what some of us got up to at school.....

Like one term, three of the boys in my maths set (year 9 verging on 10) grabbing one of the super annoying & very gobby year 7's, rolling him in a gym mat & sicking him on top of the lockers outside the gym. He was semi wedged & all you could hear were muffled cries. I had to go & get two technology teachers & a science teacher to help get him down & got pulled into a load of detentions with the ones that did it! Because although it wasn't my idea (not entirely anyway)

"should have behaved in a more responsible manner!"

mainly because I was laughing when I had to get the teachers & doubled up practically when they were pulling him down. One of the funniest things I've ever seen!

Having a water fight in the girls toilets & soaking our RE teacher. I opened the door to run out & my friend chose that moment to chuck a load of water at me, except it missed me & hit him. I really tried not to laugh, I really did but it didn't work.
(that earned us a weeks worth of lunchtime chewing gum detentions & a written essay)

This one I am really not proud of but it's funny looking back....
I'd had a can of coke for lunch but had had to down it at the last minute because the bell had gone & the next lesson was English with a very stroppy English teacher. One of the class was halfway through a reading when a massive burp came from nowhere & it was really loud, I could do nothing to stop it.
G who was the troublemaker of our year immediately started laughing which set me off & the teacher, in no uncertain terms, told him off & sent him out of the class for being disruptive! Despite me telling her it was me & that I was sorry but I'd had coke for lunch, her answer?

"Don't feel you have to cover for him GND, he's always being disruptive & is not worth getting yourself into trouble for" !!!

He found it hilarious but I felt awful when he got landed with an hours detention.

Dodging cross country runs for 6 weeks during year 10 before being caught. Our school bordered farm land & one part of the run was only separated from the farm land by a very low stone wall. The other side of the wall was low enough for us to shelter behind & one spring instead of completing the cross country run, me & some other friends would hop over the wall & share a pre mixed bottle of JD & coke (pre hidden of course) we never got drunk but we did get merry on a few occasions & got caught by one of the games teachers as we were climbing back over. Our explanation of a possible unicorn sighting really did not go down well, despite us not being able to look her in the eye for giggles. That was a straight to headmasters office, letters home, a weeks worth of after school detentions & essay jobbie.

Being kicked out of assembly three times, once for my disruption (finding something that one of our head of years said that really wasn't rude, utterly hilarious because it sounded so filthy!) & following onto friends, once because of G & the other time because we were all in a silly mood. We were frogmarched out all three times & made to apologise when we'd stopped laughing our heads off.

Being kicked out of history & made to explain our actions because before the teacher had come in we'd done a very rude drawing & caption on the projector. Which ended up being projected onto the opposite wall three times the original size

The girl I did all that with is now joining the police, one of the boys is a firefighter, another boy is joining the police & the others are all at uni/college.

Some of the best days I've had, my secondary school days!! LOL


Emma said...

it's funny isn't it, one of the biggest rogues went to school with in now and Inspector in CID

Metcountymounty said...

I had a school reunion not so long ago as we're all getting old this year (30 is old when you're not 30 yet) having been referred to in several organising emails as 'one of the two skinniest kids in NATO' (army brat slang) a few jaws dropped when me and the other one walked in the pub, both 6'3" and not exactly skinny any more, kickboxing and weights certainly did wonders for us both!!! It was wierd though how everyone else was the same, but not, as if they had all swelled and lost a bit of hair!!

Annette said...

Oh Emma, that says it all, doesn't it!!! He would know how the criminals work, wouldn't he?
Sorry, just my sense of humour.

I don't know whether anyone I went to school with has had a reunion because I left Oxford, my home town, years ago.
Apart from that the school I went to closed down!!!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

they should be well suited to the emergency services then with that behaviour!It was the same with my old school friends-I was amazed how many went on to do IT type jobs and how many were working in the US given we went to a really shit school.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Em, it's true how strange things work out. Mind you having said that, one of the rogues of our my form is still a rogue but has turned onto a gobby little urchin & is now in a young offenders unit. Mind you, he deserves it after spitting in my face at school! Dirty little shit.

MCM, 30 isn't old. At least I hope not, i'm only 8 years off it! :o(
No such luck for me if we had a school reunion, I'm still the tiny tot I was when I left! Lol

Annette, you should have a look on Friends Reunited, I've caught up with quite a few of my old classmates that way (that is if you want to catch up with them!) It's very good :o)

TRTMH, yes I thought that too. Got into quite a few scrapes with the three lads but it was hilarious fun & I wouldn't change it :o)
I do believe that whatever education you have, it eventually boils down to the individual & what they make of the opportunity.