31 July 2007


Our water is back on! I'm so happy I could almost do a little dance! I came home earlier & tried the taps, as I've been doing since the middle of last week & yes, they spouted water. I actually did a little hop & squeal, who knew water could be so exciting?!

We've been without it for 9 days & it was getting beyond a joke, no shower no bath just strip washes & having to flush the loo with a jug of water not to mention the washing (Which isn't that bad for me because my wardrobe is big enough & I have more underwear than I actually need, which is lucky).

So after coming in earlier & seeing water the first thing I did was run upstairs & jump in the shower & I swear, a shower has never, ever felt so damn good. I'm usually the type that's in & out in a matter of 5 minutes but I spent 30 minutes in there, heaven! I'm going to hog the bathroom later on & have what is pictured above, a lovely long bubbly bath but for now my hair is back to it's usual shiny self, I actually feel clean rather than slightly grubby & no longer feel like I'm living on a campsite. The only thing is the water runs will now come to an end *sigh* which means the lovely view will now stop, oh well, all good things must come to an end as they say...! Lol

30 July 2007

Cigarettes & Alcohol

Minus the cigarettes. My poor, poor head & my even poorer liver *sob*. For a change Mr. Starbucks had the night free so he picked me, my best friend & a few of his friends up yesterday at about 2 & we went for a drink out to one of the little pubs (Further than we would usually go due to water shortage) & got rather drunk. Unfortunately me, my best mate & 2 of Mr. S's friends had had a fair bit to drink when we decided it would be great to sing along & dance to this song. I say 'dance' but it was more like throw ourselves about while consumed with giggles & 'sing' was in a similar vein to the dancing but at least my friend, being from the Forest of Dean had the accent to match! No wonder most of the pub was creased up. Mr S also found it hilarious because of course watching people dance that are fairly well oiled is so much funnier when you are stone cold sober! The shame of it *blushing* I have yet to hunt down any video/picture evidence, I hope there isn't any but I think I may be hoping in vain....Lol
After dropping everyone off I went back to his & had even more to drink. Namely of this;

& this;

Both of home measures which is never ever a good idea so when it got to the point of me actually trying to get up & landing on my bum because my legs had deserted me & him pissing himself laughing at my attempt to get myself off the floor I was well gone! He did do the gentlemanly thing (eventually!) & offer to help me up again which nearly ended in me being squashed because he was none too steady on his feet either. Thank God everyone was at work when I crawled in this morning, I looked like death warmed up, felt like chewed elastic that had been spat out & had the shakes so went on a sugar hunt then straight to bed. I didn't wake up until about 12 & my head has still got the cotton wool feeling, despite the usual hangover cure of Nurofen plus, coke & Galaxy. It didn't save me this time & I still feel wobbly now. Never again am I drinking that much, or dancing like a loon to The Wurzels (Until the next time of course!). Dear God, what was I thinking....... Still at least I had my lovely boots on although how on earth I managed to avoid falling on my arse I'll never know!

Introducing my good but loopy mate's blog - Diary of Miss X as the name suggests, her blog is slightly ruder than mine. Mainly because she will blog about stuff I wouldn't quite have the nerve to! Lol

29 July 2007

Almost Definitely The Best Song Ever.

Pure & unadulterated class. But then so is The Resurrection & I wanna be adored

Shoe Lust ♥

I finally got to wear my new boots yesterday, I love them & they are sooooo comfy, unbelievably so actually but that's besides the point, the thing that really did it for me is the heel because at 3 inches it makes me the grand old height of 5'3 (still a shortarse but marginally less short than I otherwise would be!) I felt a bit dizzy yesterday & was worried I might have had altitude sickness, then I realised it was probably lack of caffeine that did it *phew*! I met Mr. Starbucks in town yesterday & charmingly he asked who had put me on the stretching rack for the previous evening.....*hilarious*! I wore them with my skinny jeans, white shirt & a black v neck jumper, they looked fab, went really well together.
Boots pictured below (This was when I first got them but couldn't get the pic uploaded from my camera phone because unfortunately I'm not blessed with brains of the technological sort)

Below are the ones I got ages ago, the shoe boots on the left & on the right are a metallic electric blue/peacock blue pair I got yesterday in the sale, I love them, Mr Starbucks may not be so keen but as he isn't wearing them I don't really care. They are really different, eyecatching, comfortable and in my size, it is very very rare to get that combination so I am a very happy bunny indeed. Just need somewhere to wear them now *sigh*. Maybe when I next go on the bottled water run? *wink wink* Lol.

The shoe boots have a slightly higher heel than they look like they have in the pic & the blue ones are about a 2 & half inch heel

Nothing to do with the post at all really but while I was blogging this Lily Allen & Not big not clever came on, the lyrics are very amusing indeed... Lol

27 July 2007

My Idea Of Fun!

Well, one of the more printable ones anyway! Lol
This is a video podcast from the Scott Mills show where Scott has to take some punishment of the electrical kind....
Scott has had an electric dog collar attached to his arm & for each question he fails to answer correctly he will receive a zap from the collar, Chappers is asking the questions & Laura is in charge of the controls. The way Laura is reacting is exactly how I would behave if in charge of a remote control that gives somebody electric shocks. I particularly like the response "Sorry, my finger slipped!" while she is manically laughing. I have a very immature attitude to humour sometimes & this just made me laugh lots, especially when I imagined the sort of fun I could have with the same sort of toy & spookily enough one of my main responses would be "sorry, my finger slipped" while crying with laughter....

You can blame Maneatingcheesesandwich for this particular clip, I'm obviously not the only one that takes sadisitic joy & amusement from other peoples pain & kneejerk reactions to electric shocks

26 July 2007

Silver Lining

I have decided to look on the bright side, because as TUPC pointed out, every cloud has a silver lining & I think I might have found it.... Because of the water shortage we are having to go to designated points to pick up our supply of bottled water which is a pain but it has to be done & it has it's plus points. Gloucester is a stricken area at the moment so all the services have jumped in to lend a hand, including the army & R.A.F. This means that when I go to collect the water it is handed to me by various lovely soldiers/R.A.F men/policemen/fireman & as I'm so little I get offered help to carry it, now what girl wouldn't accept help from a gentleman? Especially as a large majority of them suit uniform, lol. Do you see where I'm going with the plus points here?! I *have* to get the water & while I'm there it is nice to appreciate the view, after all it is only good manners to do so *cough*. It almost makes the water shortage worth it....

I think Mr. Starbucks has cottoned on to why I'm so keen to collect water, he has started taking the mick out of women who have a thing for men in uniform namely by saying they are "shallow" unfortunately he knows I hate women who are like that & always manages to get me to rise to the bait dammit! Lol. Having said that if we get flooded out then I would like this to happen;

If we get really flooded out then I would like this to happen;

Unfortunately, as it's summer I may be wearing my hotpants if this happens, how terrible....! Lol
Male readers, it's true women do have a sly perve they just do it less blatantly than some males do! So as well as all the scrotes being punished by (hopefully) being on remand this is my silver lining

(On a serious note, all the emergency services are doing an excellent job & things would be a whole lot worse if they weren't around working their arses off, stopping kids/gobshites pissing in bowsers & pulling the taps out so they run dry, putting up with twats dialling 999 about a faulty cricket kit or loss of a pound coin to a Tesco supermarket trolley & making sure everyone has a fair share of water, are safe & dry & trying to hold the floods back as much as is humanly possible. Any of you involved in the flood efforts, a big thank you.) More flood photo's are here & here

23 July 2007

Dr. Foster Went To Gloucester

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester

in a shower of rain,

he stepped in a puddle,

right up to his middle,

and never went there again.

That says it all really. I am beginning to think I'm a duck it is so wet here. We've had the water cut off here because the flood water has contaminated the works & we were told today that there is a risk of the electricity being turned off as well, the substation supplies 500,000 homes. A journey that should have taken me 20 minutes maximum on Friday took me an hour & a half, it is beyond a joke now. Gloucester is under 5ft of water in places & the Severn is expected to burst it's banks imminently. People are being evacuated in preparation, the hospital in Tewkesbury already has been evacuated.
The water shortage is serious & the supermarket shelves round here are empty of bottled water with people being limited to two bottles per person, milk is short so is bread & all the staples, 150,000 homes haven't got fresh water, ours included . It has been said that there are tankers on their way to ease it a bit, that's plus the four emergency lorryloads that have already been sent to two supermarkets.

The main road into Gloucester on Friday & as far as I know it's the same if not worse today.

We've never had floods like this, the only other ones were in 1947 & these ones are rivalling those now, it's serious because it's sort of come out of the blue, we had majorly heavy rainfall the other night, just as everything was recovering from the last lot so the river that was already swollen is now expected to burst & with the water we've already had we really don't need the river to burst as well. I went to sort my horse out earlier & the field she is usually kept in is now more or less marshland, luckily they've got higher ground so all the stock & horses have been moved there so that's less of a worry. I just hope it doesn't get any worse, I know Sheffield have had it hard but we're catching them up now. The media have woken up & are seeing it's not just up country that's suffering, a family member lives up near Prestbury park/the racecourse & it's flooded round there so they are expecting to be flooded out any day now if it carries on.

The emergency services are rushed off their backsides & are doing a great job but the local knuckle grinders aren't helping by insisting on going out in their cars & moving flood signs & cones because they need to get somewhere, plainly they haven't listened to the local radio or news because both are plainly saying unless it's absolutely necessary you should be staying indoors, but no, Vicky Pollard & co decide it's more sensible to wade through the water & get stuck then proceed to start bellocking for help, idiots. Why do people find it so very hard to take notice of obvious warnings?
It really isn't that difficult surely?!

Stay indoors = stay safe & warm.

Go outdoors = risk death & put everybody else in danger because of your own stupidity & pigheadedness. Great.

Yes I know I went to the yard but I had to go & to get there wasn't taking a huge risk & we certainly didn't move road signs & cones on the way!! The water was so bad in the high street on Friday that the manhole covers were balancing on the top of plumes of water.

Prestbury road on Friday afternoon. Tewkesbury town centre, below.

Still, it's not all bad because, & I quote

"Police confirmed that HMP Gloucester which is situated near the docks, would not be evacuated in the event of flooding."

Does that mean they're just going to let them drown in the event of flooding then? If so, we have an instant empty prison for all the gobshites that are thieving & looting empty homes & cars, a couple of hundred less oxygen thieves & an instant boon to the undertaker business. Not to mention 'death by natural causes/act of God' so no nasty murders etc. Everyones a winner!

UPDATE; "The county's routine hospital treatments & operations have been cancelled, and all magistrate and court hearings have also been postponed. Though the flooding was already bad, the Environment Agency predicted it would not peak in the county until late on Wednesday." So we haven't seen the worst of things yet.......

22 July 2007

Love is.....

...A pair of wellie warmers, a pair of pink, soft cosy wellie warmers specifically. Mr Starbucks bought them for me, I was complaining that I was getting cold feet in my riding boots when I was up the yard to the point that even totes weren't doing the job so obviously last week he was listening to my 5 minute moaning session because these were handed to me yesterday, how sweet & thoughtful is that? Bless him, it's the little things that count the most :o)

I am a little concerned though as he was in a camping shop when he bought them, don't get me wrong camping is great & I love it but not when there is a risk of being washed away mid sleep (puts a whole new slant on the phrase 'wet dreams'!) it was mentioned last week that a weekend camping trip would be great which I agreed yes, it would but maybe when we were guaranteed more than 10 minutes worth of sunshine & wouldn't be at risk of waking up in a lake but no, he has the itch & went into the camp shop yesterday to get something he needs for camping. If he suggests it I am not going, I love camping but not when it is pissing it down!
I don't think he will but he has that wistful look in his eye & I don't like it too much..... I suppose I should see it as a compliment that he wants to spend 48 hours with me in a confined space in the middle of nowhere, I'm just not that taken with the wet stuff. The other thing is is he's tied up with work at the moment, he's working every weekend & doing alot of late shifts so it generally means by the time I've done what I need to & he's free/awake that we are only seeing each other for a few hours late in the afternoon to early evening.

I think I may have persuaded him last night that the camping thing is a great idea but save it for later in the year, to be honest I don't think he's serious about doing it now it's just wishful thinking & wanting the summer to arrive, not to mention the chance to do the manly thing & build campfires & cook meat on an open flame & be all protective, I absolutely cannot imagine it would be that at all..... ;o)

I'll forgive him the Ray Mears wannabe moods though as he's so thoughtful & laid back & the good thing is, he likes his own space as much as I do so it's not a case of living in each others pockets & when a guy buys you pink cosy wellie warmers in this weather, what more could a girl ask for? :o)

21 July 2007

Baby Fratelli

I am loving The Fratellis, they are so good. It isn't often I get really really taken with a band but these are so good they are on my mp3 player daily at high volume (of course) Especially Creeping Up The Backstairs. They came onto the scene at the end of last year with Henrietta & I liked them then, they're very good & very talented. I wanted to go & see them in September but they've sold out (Don't get me started on the touts again, grrrrr) I've got a friend in Glasgow (Or Jockland as I affectionately like to call it ;) ) & as I only get to see him twice in a year maximum I was going to go up there for a long weekend, stay at his & go to see them as he only lives ten minutes away from where they're playing but alas, it's not to be. Maybe they'll be at Glastonbury next year *please, grant me my wish*!
Chelsea Dagger is another well known hit of theirs, although the video may go down better with some male readers than the music if it isn't your thing! Same goes for Flathead, if you're male but don't like the music then you'll like the video! Lol

I just love the whole album, it's fantastic & they better bring out a second one soon because if Costello Music is anything to go by they are going to be around for a while, they are fab.

The only thing is, I can't help thinking of Animal from the Muppets when I see the drummer in their videos, watch & I bet you see the resemblance! Lol

This is my favourite track, not only is it the track to one of my favourite films but the opening lines just make me laugh every time...... :o)

19 July 2007


I took this test after seeing it on on Noddy's blog & the results are pretty much spot on which is a bit weird. I'm fascinated with the mind & psychology, how people handle things & how they get to be who they are, you can tell a lot from someone by how they react to others & to certain situations so this really interested me.

I find it really easy to tune into how people are feeling & to be able to 'read' them, they don't have to say anything I seem to be able to read their body language or the signals they give off to the point of being able to pick up if somebody I know is upset, worried etc over the phone, my mum especially, probably because we're quite close though, very perceptive I guess. Friends sometimes get worried because without them saying a word I can tell what is wrong or somehow manage to put my finger on the problem. I'm also one of those people that others spill their worries to, whether they be general problems or something they are finding really difficult to handle or haven't spoken about to anyone else before.
I seem to inspire confidence & trust in others without trying which I guess is a good thing. I also manage to talk people round from things & calm situations down, make them see others viewpoints & able to make them see how they are coming across. I must come across as trustworthy because always, always always always when I'm out, if there is a lost child they are guaranteed to approach me! Children seem drawn to me & will instantly trust me, that could be my height that does that though!

I've been told I'm very open but on the other hand a very private person & guarded of my feelings & me, I put barriers up & keep people at arms length until I'm certain I can trust them, once you have my trust I am the most loyal & trustworthy person you will meet. I'm easy to approach apparently & very happy-go-lucky. I put others first a lot & am very considerate, not at all moody, I'm pretty consistent in that respect.
Very intuitive to the point of taking an instant dislike to somebody without being able to put my finger on why sometimes, the reason becomes clear soon enough & I've only once been proved wrong on that score. People tend to be drawn to me & trust me instantly for some reason. Extremely outspoken to the point of being blunt sometimes, if I don't like you I will say why & you will be left in no doubt whatsoever because I will give my reasons & then leave it at that, I won't hold a grudge or cause arguments. I hate arguments & friction, I would rather talk things through & discuss them than scream & shout.

Stubborn & determined, if somebody says I can't do something I will do it just to prove them wrong.
Diplomatic but straight talking as well, you will always know where you are with me. I'm a natural peacemaker but if I think something is unfair I will say so, I won't take sides in an argument but will look at it from both sides & make up my own mind. I can be rebellious if I feel restricted or feel I've been placed in an unfair situation, I'm very strong minded & won't be held back if I truly believe in something.
Quick witted, sarcastic & giggly I'm fun to be around apparently. I love parties & being in a group of friends but equally love taking myself out of the way & listening to music or reading, switching off from the world. I can be the life & soul & the chattiest person in the world but at other times I crave solitude & love being by myself, alone & lost in my own thoughts. According to the test I am a
Benevolent Inventor.

You can read it if you're interested & let me know what you think! I'm very open minded & refuse to judge a person or situation until I know the particulars, then I will pass comment or judgement based on what I've found. I'm the cheekiest person & biggest mickey taker you will ever find but the mickey taking is always in good humour, I'm also always up for fun & anything involving fun or laughs.

(Before I sound like I'm singing my own praises this is all what I've had said to me or pointed out to me at one time or another! Lol. The rest is what I've noticed myself.)

17 July 2007

Watch & Laugh

I love Lee Evans, I would marry him purely on the ability he has to make me laugh like a fool! This clip is off of one of his dvd's I have & it made me cry with laughter, so funny. The only other thing I can say is watch & laugh yourself silly.

16 July 2007

I am Raging

In fact, so seething bloody mad I could easily bite someone's head off if they so much as looked at me the wrong way & let go a torrent of abuse, including the C word, that might be a better description.
I got some post this morning & in amongst the usual bank statement/would you like a credit card/buy this product & your life will be perfect crap was a hand written addressed envelope, I will admit I got a little excited as handwritten post is usually good & makes you smile, well this one wasn't like that I wished I'd just launched it straight into the bin & carried on with my day but I didn't, I made the mistake of sitting down & reading it. It was from my father & after a few cursory words asking how I am, asked in the way somebody who couldn't give a flying fuck asks you how you are he carried on to ask me could I lend him some money. Not a paltry amount like £20, not even a £100 but £200. You may think reading this that I am over reacting & being unfairly harsh until I say the last time he could be arsed to get in touch was at least 8 months ago, possibly a year & only then because I phoned him to ask why, when he found out I was in University College Hospital London on a spinal board & in a neck brace with strongly suspected spinal & neck damage & possible damage to my facial structure because of an accident that involved me being dropped onto my head in the road from the shoulder of a 6ft man who was giving me a fireman's lift (not the most sensible for me to have done I know) he never called once to find out how I was. I was in hospital for about 4 weeks, 1 week of those on a spinal board & the rest in a neck brace. Despite having 5 contact numbers (hospital/friends/mother/my mobile/older brother) he didn't call anybody once, he knew how serious the situation was because both my mother & brother had phoned him to tell him what had happened. I didn't speak to him until 6 weeks after I'd got out of hospital, the reason it was so long was to see if he would call & ask anything or show the slightest concern for the person who is supposed to be his child, his daughter. Even to see if he'd written. Nothing arrived & there was no phonecall so I phoned him asking why, why he hadn't bothered to find out if I was out of hospital, if I did have spine or neck damage or whether I was ok or not & his excuse? "It costs too much to phone England from a mobile in Spain & the phone box is in the next village (a 30 minute bus ride away) anyway, if anything had been that wrong with you I'd have found out by now so what's your problem?" Oh, sorry, I thought you might have wanted to know, I thought being as I was your daughter you might be worried, concerned for me & how I am but of course not, because you never gave & still don't give, a toss about my boyfriends do you? You're so fucking disinterested in my life you can't remember the day I was born & think at this moment that I am 20, when in fact I'm 2 months away from being 22. I'm so important to you you forgot my 21st birthday but thought a simple "sorry" excused all of that. "Sorry" excuses not keeping an appointment, sorry excuses being late, sorry excuses forgetting something on the shopping list, it doesn't excuse forgetting about your daughter & not giving a fuck about how she's getting on in life. Oh. & the reason he wants the £200 won't be for rent it won't be for bills & it won't be for food, it will be for the latest bottle of cheap gin/sherry/whisky/nail varnish remover/paint stripper, mind you, he's broadening his horizons as Special Brew & Stella appear on his list now apparently. He's been in touch with me probably a maximum of a dozen times in the past 3 years. I thought when children, daughters especially moved out of home & spread their wings that their fathers were supposed to make sure they were eating properly, not mixing with the wrong crowd, staying away from the bad boys & not drinking too much, obviously not all are like that. My hands are shaking as I'm writing this, I am so angry, why do I let him get under my skin like this? Why do I constantly expect him to change? Why do I expect what is never going to be there? What hasn't been there for the past 6 years. Why do I expect him to be my dad? He might be my father but he will never be my dad, he won't be the one giving me away when I walk down the aisle, he won't be the one casting a critical eye over my latest boyfriend & giving him "the talk", so why after all that do I expect him to write me a letter just asking how I am? Why do I expect him to show a genuine interest in me when he only gets in touch to ask for money? Why do I still want just a genuine interest in me when I know that will never happen? I'm 21, I don't need him to get through life & I don't need his approval or interest in it, I don't need it at all but it doesn't stop me wanting it. A friend of mine is into music & listens to lots of weird & wonderful stuff & these few lines jumped out at me from one particular song & they struck a chord, a big one.

"Your daughter would also like to, once again just be called a princess by you. She cried so hard that she couldn't breathe, but you didn't even know, and if you did, you were too involved in yourself to show. Daddy dearest, you weren't there, when she cried to you. So long, no good-byes from you, did I hear at all. Why can't I forget?"

I'm Indecisive

Hmmmm, no change there then...! The cause of my indecision is whether to do what everybody else seems to be doing which is jumping over to Wordpress or to stick with Blogger for my blog. I've had a look at Wordpress, set up an account & done a test post but there are little things that are bugging me & I don't know if you can change them or not, for instance, can you get HTML code onto the sidebar? Or add pictures? I have to admit I haven't looked into it properly so I may well have missed alot of info, which would be no great surprise because I'm not in a concentrating sort of mood. The plus points of Wordpress are the fact it allows you to paragraph your post, I can't do that with this blog no matter what I try or how I attempt to lay things out. The Wordpress blog looks neater but I don't like the colour of the template (God I am so fussy!) What I'm basically asking is what do you think? Which is more aesthetically pleasing? & which is easier & nicer to read? Opinions, criticism, tips & hints welcome. It will help me decide, hopefully. Oh, ignore the different colours of writing, for some reason part of it changed to light yellow when I asked it to & the rest point blank refused for some reason.

14 July 2007


Tywardreath, taken from one of the the next farm's fields looking down onto the village.

You can blame Dickiebo for this post as his latest blog subject got me thinking & remembering about things. I was in two minds as to whether to blog what I'm about to because on the very minute chance that anyone I know is reading this they would know who I am in a millisecond, that isn't a bad thing but it's nice to have somewhere to write things anonymously with nobody knowing who you are but I got the urge to write this so I shall take my chances.
Eleven years ago we lived in the Southern part of Cornwall in a small, fairly rural village called Tywardreath (pronounced Tire dreth) the link will tell you all about the village & really is worth a look if you are interested to see the history of it, including witches, legends, village buildings & people of note & the accompanying pictures, some of which date back to the early 1900's . The house we lived in was known as The Old Priory locally but more commonly known as New House farm of It's not easy being green fame & the basis for Daphne Du Maurier's novel, the house on the strand. We moved out of the farm 4/5ish years ago due to a last ditch attempt at a failed marriage & parents subsequent divorce & I think it's had 2/3 owners since, the above being the latest.

The Gribben, which is supposed to be haunted by the spirits of smugglers & those that came to grief on the hills & cliffs of it. You can just about see the lighthouse if you look very closely. It was one of the main drop off points for smugglers on the Cornish coast & it does have a very eerie feel, especially when it's a day as shown above with all the sea mist blowing in & heavy overcast skies, it's one of the places I've had grief with my horse & her spooking unnecessarily & one place I would make sure I never was from dusk onwards. Taken from Spit Point.

The village itself is mentioned in the Exeter Domesday Book of A.D 1085. The priory itself dates back to doomsday & was built as a retreat for the monks of the nearby St. Andrews church, the church was literally more or less above us, 2 minutes walk from the front door & you would be at the church door, this wasn't popular with any of us at first due to the church bells going off every hour on the hour but we got used to them & when I moved, I missed them, I couldn't sleep & it took me a good month or so to get used to the lack of chiming!

St. Andrews church, taken from the boundary of what was one of our paddocks by the looks of things.

The nearby village of Treesmill with the main road leading into Tywardreath.

The actual house was set in 8 acres of land which meant we had animals ranging from Indian runner ducks to pot bellied pigs, chickens, kittens, a St Bernard dog, cats, fish, pet rats & horses plus a few others, a true menagerie that all 6 of us children were expected to look after & muck in as well as out! Wildlife consisted of a family of barn owls & numerous bats that would nest in the beams & roof of the barns & stables along with elvers that we would get in the stream. Lots of things I can remember happening with the animals, one April fools day my younger brother, at 12, thought it would be hilarious to take all 3 horses & 2 Shetlands up through the village at 6 in the morning & deposit them in the local primary school's playing field, I nearly dropped down dead when I found an empty field, luckily he owned up before I called the police to report them missing/stolen but it earned him a week of being grounded for being silly as they could have got out onto the local lanes....

Part of the farm's boundary marked in red (unfortunately I can't find a picture of the house or ground apart from on Google maps which I can't paste onto here. If you type in Priory Lane, Cornwall on the satellite option of Google maps it will show you the lane leading down to the farm & the land surrounding it, unfortunately I don't have Alice's talent for describing buildings *wistful sigh*)

I remember piglets that the mother had rejected & hand rearing them, keeping them in a box by the aga & feeding them milk with droppers & for those not in the know, the saying 'squealed like a pig' is true, unless you've heard it you can't begin to imagine!
In the summer we used to graze the Shetlands in the back garden because of the lush grass, it was about an acre & a half & obviously the patio doors opened onto it, one weekend afternoon somebody had forgotten to close them properly & I walked in to find 2 shetland ponies flat out in the best living room, stretched out on the floor asleep, literally flat out on their sides dead to the world. I grabbed my sister to help shoo them out before they got spotted by my mum! Lol
Another time my horse, who is about 14hh got into the house through the same doors at 3 in the morning & ended up in the kitchen where she proceeded to make a mess of the veg rack, knock all the cereal onto the floor & attempt to climb the stairs, we knew that because she'd left 2 hoofprints on the first 2 steps before backing out (luckily!) my mum found her because she thought we had burglars & went downstairs armed with a baseball bat only to come face to face with my horse polishing off the last of the bread which had been left on the work top. After that the doors were triple checked to make sure they were locked!

The bus stop, with buses running approximately every hour, or two depending on the day.

We had fresh eggs, both duck & chicken constantly, a scrumpy business which did amazingly well & that was the cause of a few of my less sober moments. We all used to muck in & make it, from my little sister who was 3 at the time (she used to help sort the bad apples from the good) right up to me & my parents, it would take 18 months to 2 years to be ready to sell at it's best, it was all done by hand & press by about 12 people so it was a true small farm business & grew a popular reputation locally & further up country. I remember getting up & feeding the horses before school & coming home & spending until darkness in the summer holidays out on the farm with them. Seeing the different animals being born & growing up & finding new owners, although a few we ended up keeping ourselves through much begging & pleading from us to our parents.

Polkerris, picture taken from one of the overlooking cliffs, one of the nearest beaches with a very handily placed tiny pub that overlooks it.

The age of the house meant we found a lot of interesting things & came across alot of interesting information. Redecorating was a nightmare due to it being grade II listed, some of the old walls were made from the wattle & horsehair, on one of the outside walls, where the mortar had fallen away & needed to be replaced there was an original deep inlaid hole, carved wood & big enough to get your whole hand into & more, I can't remember what relevance it held now but it was something to do with the original monks. We found an old tiled floor in part of the back garden & a freshwater spring in one of the paddocks, it was tested & shown to be spring water that the ground had filtered from most impurities. So fresh that the horses would refuse to drink from the stream that ran through that particular paddock & would drink from the spring instead.

Taken from what was our neighbour, the same farm as the village picture was taken from, looking up towards our paddock & you can just about see the house in the distance.

The land you can see was tidal until a 100/200 or so years ago. "The once natural harbour with tidal fingers searching inland, up almost to where they built the Priory at Tywardreath, to St Blazey, through the marshy land to Treesmill, up the Polmear valley as far as Lower Lampetho.

Until the end of the 18th century the bay and harbour must have been a wonderfully busy place, with fishing-boats and trading vessels tacking to and fro, seiners casting their nets in the creeks, the ferry being rowed back and forth from Little Par to the Sloop Inn on the Par shore.

The level of the bottom rose and the harbour which once had fifty or sixty feet of water at high tide became a drying waste of sand and shingle & is now a narrow strip of marshland at the foot of the hill & onto a very small part of the adjoining paddock. In 1773 the tide still reached St Blazey Church, and even up to 1800 high water reached one mile north of Par."

Above text shamelessly lifted from the website!

Polkerris beach & you can just about see the Rashleigh pub on the shore, again photo taken from Spit Point.

We had spirits (this is what made me start thinking about the whole thing) one was a child, you could hear giggles sometimes & the kind of shrieks children make when they are playing, one particular wet evening the front door slammed shut & small wet footprints were found through the hall, everyone could be accounted for at the time including my small sister. Things would get moved & you would see shadows disappear around corners, one was a grown man of a thin build & one was a man in a napoleonic hat, my brother went down to the kitchen one night & saw a man sitting at the table, he looked at my brother, got up & disappeared through the next wall. I used to feel movements at the foot of my bed & feel like eyes were on me for no particular reason & get 'chills', things would go missing in my room or be moved & the horses would refuse point blank to walk through or past certain areas, if you were riding them they would tense up & balk if you asked them to go forward, I tried one day thinking my horse was being silly & she walked backwards with her eyes wide & was chewing the bit, I put my leg on her strongly to go forward & she got to a certain point & planted her feet, tense & refusing to go any further, we never got any of them through that particular place. The door to the kitchen opened & closed once when I was sat doing homework, the nearby pile of books fell onto the floor as if they'd been pushed. The cats would hiss sometimes or tense up & the dog would bark for no reason. The weird thing is, none of us felt threatened or unsafe, just slightly unnerved sometimes. I have fond memories of happy times there, the last 3 years weren't so good & quite a few times before that things were unhappy there but for the most part it was idyllic & that made up for the bad times. I feel really lucky & blessed to have had that childhood, if I said it was like living the real life Darling Buds of May that would be the best way of describing it. It's also a different part to the place I was moaning about a few months ago, moans consisted of it's crime rate specifically, that area I don't miss one bit. This area I do.

13 July 2007

I Am In Love..

...with these three perfect specimens of footwear. My shoe dreams have come true because all of these come in size two's so plainly there is a God because rather than just looking, trying them on & then being too big & my foot slipping out of them these ones fit like a glove. I may seriously have to blow some of my wages on the shoes, I don't think I'll have the strength to resist! Lol

These are lovely, suede but they look more like satin in the picture & would be great for work, the heel is 3 inches & I like the little flower on the front, blame the girly side in me.

I love these even more, they are the essential stiletto & I think they would look great with my skinny jeans (skinny jeans are my wardrobe staple as you may have guessed!) The heels on these are nearly 4 inches which means they would make me 5'4. I'd be able to look down on people & children, it would be fantastic! I would get altitude sickness but it would be so worth it! Lol
I'm glad that one of my few talents is being able to walk in stilettos & not totter because I hate that, it ruins the effect completely.

I also love these boots, the heel is just the right side of chunky & is probably the chunkiest heel I'll wear as I hate wedge heels on boots, they're just wrong & I can't help thinking of minging dated tan suede boots. Yes, I am a shoe snob at times but I cannot stand rubber wedge heeled cheap boots, I think they look chavvy. I love the collar on these too, if you look closely you may just be able to see it but you can either leave it turned down or turn it up for that pirate-y look which I quite like. They come in black & a mauve colour, I can't decide which I like best to be honest. Black is more practical but the mauve pair would be a great statement & a good statement colour if the rest of what you're wearing is greys/blacks.

These are the purple ones & the heels on both are just under 3 inches. The thing is, I already have a very similar purple suede pair so I might just stick with the black pair.
I've just realised that I may have a very bad case of shoe lust & it doesn't look like it will be going anytime soon which means I might have to buy some shoes to make it go, that would be a terrible shame.......
I've also just realised that having shoe lust is an illness & therefore women are helpless when it comes to shoe buying, they should be sympathised with & encouraged to get rid of it by buying some shoes, I think I will tell my bank manager this when he next writes to tell me I am £5 overdrawn, what a twat, it probably cost more than £5 to tell me I was £5 overdrawn!!! That makes sense to me even if it doesn't to you! Lol

11 July 2007

The Grass Isn't Always Greener

Regular readers will remember this post I did back in March.
I honestly thought when I was writing it that my brother was on a one way street & wouldn't be turning back, well I am pleased to say I was wrong (for once!)
He's finally seen the light & is getting himself sorted out, he's cut contact completely with the 'friends' he was in with, moved in with his best friend from primary school & is working hard to get himself sorted & off the cocaine.
He hasn't really said why he all of a sudden decided to get his act together, from what he has said I think he had a bit of a scare with a friend, well, a big scare to be more precise. He won't go into details about it but he's said enough for me to know it scared the s**t out of him, a wake up call I think you would call it.

I'm so glad because I could see what he was doing to himself & how he'd changed both on the outside & inside, that's all he cared about & thankfully now he's thinking about getting a decent job etc etc & getting his life on track. He's still struggling I think but at least he's making a conscious effort to stay away from the crap, he's staying away from his old haunts & old company which is a huge plus & his decent friends are being really good as is his girlfriend so I'm just hoping & praying he doesn't fall back into it, I'm kind of worried because I know all it will take for him is a weak moment & he'll fall back into it before he knows what he's doing, I spent 2 hours on the phone talking to him & making him see just how much of a one way dead end street it is, what a complete waste of time & life it is & I just don't want to see him end up like that. I didn't lecture him or have a go but it's so hard to make somebody see & not make it sound like a lecture when you've seen them like I've seen him & trying to make him see that he can't waver because that one waver will send him back down the same path, I know it will. He promised me he'd seen the damage it was doing & knew he had to make a choice before it was made for him so I can only hope he sticks to it, I know the first step is the hardest & I'm proud of him for doing that & not just letting himself get sucked in completely but I just so badly hope he doesn't go back to it & that this is permanent. I spoke to his friend, just to make sure he'd keep an eye on him & not let him get back into his old ways. I know he can't stop him but at least by keeping an eye on him & keeping him away from his old company & haunts it will make it less easy for him to be tempted. His girlfriend has refused to have anything to do with him for the past few months & I think her walking away made him see the damage he was causing, I spoke to her quickly & she's promised to keep him on the straight & narrow, she's made it clear to him that if he goes back to it she will walk so that should be enough of an incentive for him to stay well away.

I'm so pleased he's managed to pull away, he's worth so much more & has the brains & looks to do a lot more with his life, he was offered work by a modelling agency last year but couldn't do it, not sure if that's what he's thinking about doing, I hope he doesn't for a while, if at all because it's hardly the best industry to be in when the one thing you're trying to avoid is being handed round like peanuts in a bowl!
I've let him know I'm here if he needs me but I won't be a soft touch if he gets back on it, my mum has done the same but he confides more in me so I'm just hoping so much that that is enough for him. I can't do any more than that & I'm not going to keep checking up on him or pressure him, it's upto him now, he's got the support & help there if he wants or needs it.

He may be 6'4" & I may only just reach his ribcage but he's still my baby brother & I still worry about him :o)

9 July 2007

What My Dancing Shoes Were Made For

This track is amazing to dance to, there is very little that beats it in a club or at home & I cannot help myself but dance to it when it comes on, definitely best listened to at high volume or on your mp3 player maximum volume. It's quite a sultry sexy song too, the lyrics are very suggestive & rather rude but the beat gets you, I love it. It's from Goldfrapp's Black Cherry album & I think it's the best track they've ever done, Ride a White Horse is second but it isn't as good as Strict Machine in my opinion. Ooh La La is the best video but the actual song reminds me too much of the T-Mobile adverts! Doesn't stop me wanting her trousers, dress & shoes from it though. Lol
Anyway, here is the Strict Machine video, listen & enjoy to one of the best & sexiest dance tracks ever made :)

7 July 2007

Practically Perfect Day

Today was exactly that. Today consisted of shopping, great company, sunshine, laughs & fun.
I met up with Mr. Starbucks in town this morning & had a mooch around Cheltenham & after that we headed for Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, we could get there because Mr Starbucks has a car & knows how to drive it which is a bonus, thankfully he isn't the boyracer type which makes me very happy, what makes me even happier is he loves driving with the stereo at full blast on the particularly fantastic songs, My Chemical Romance featured on the list as did Razorlight, Mika, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers & Faithless, the boy has taste!
The shopping was good, I managed to get a great pair of pumps in grey suede, pointy toe, small heel & silver trim, very nice. Tried to get the shorts from Miss S but they didn't have them in my size, best they could do was an 8 & they looked stupid, way too baggy so I need to either order the right size from another store or get them online :(
I tried on a pair that were slightly longer which I hoped were ok but according to Mr Starbucks I was taking on Andy Pandy characteristics, what a cheek! Still, at least he's truthful, he could have let me buy them & look like a muppet.....

My hotpants arrived today! Woo Hoo! They are better than the pic, tried them on before I went out & they look fab, short without being bum baring short & just the right side of fitted, I LOVE them. Perfect with wedges or pumps & a vest top. Would have worn them today but wasn't quite warm enough :(
Rest of the haul consisted of a grey pinafore dress, short one which is good because the normal lengths come down to my knees, this one is short without being 'take me now' short, never a good look.
The rest were some black patent ballet pumps, some tights due to me being an expert at ripping pairs, a pair of deep damson purple suede round toe high heeled boots, gorgeous & a bargain at £20. A print shirt pictured below, in the yellow, a couple of pairs of summer pj's, a few vest tops & some other bits & bobs :)
Mr Starbucks insisted on carrying all the bags, apparently I looked a bit silly because I looked like a walking baggage rack according to him (he knows how to compliment a girl!) I think he wanted to carry them to be 'the man', who am I to complain? Lol
I also ranted to him for 10 minutes about my failure at managing to get Verve tickets, he found this highly amusing because apparently I look too sweet to get angry & swear so when I went off on one he was cracking up, I mean properly laughing! I also swear in a posh voice! What?! How can you possibly swear in a posh voice? Swearing is swearing isn't it? Well not according to him, I sound like a home counties girl with a bit of a country twang usually but apparently when I swear I sound posh, it's nice to know I suppose that I don't sound like Vicky Pollard but I still don't really get what he means?! Lol

And the relevance of this picture? Somebody was selling candyfloss & all of a sudden I was 6 years old again :)

6 July 2007

Fucking Vultures

I'm pissed off. I really want to go & see The Verve in November for their reunion tour, I put my name down on the list for the pre sale for fans & tried yesterday as well. The tickets went on sale at 09:00, by 09:02 they were sold out, both times I tried & both times I got the same result. Go on Ebay & guess what? Yep, five fucking pages of Verve tickets for all three venues, Camden London at the Roundhouse, Empress Ballroom in Blackpool & Carling Academy, Glasgow. The tickets cost £30.00 & you can't get one on Ebay for less than £70/£80.00. It gives me the fucking rage, every time a decent gig comes up unless you're really quick you have no chance & they end up on Ebay for the blood sucking scum to make an outrageous profit from! It would make me a whole lot happier if Ebay stopped selling gig tickets, it's wrong. I love the Verve but I won't & can't afford to pay upwards of £80.00 for a ticket that originally cost £30.00 & there is no way I'm lining someone else's pocket, they've even got the cheek to put in the actual listings that they'll send them to you as soon as they've received them from the suppliers!!!!! One person is asking £200.00 for 2 tickets, greedy bastard. I don't know which is worse though, the people who list them or the eejits who bid. I'll still keep looking but there is no way I'm paying more than face value for them, wait & see nearer the time what comes up & I hope the greedy pigs who've bought them lose out, not that that's looking likely! God I'm so angry, it makes me sick.

The organisers could do alot though, namely by getting in touch with Ebay & getting them to remove the listings which I hope they do, we'll see.
Does anyone else get wound up about this? Or is it just me? Every single one of them needs a good slap in my opinion. Fucking greedy bloodsucking twathead extortionist cunts.
On a brighter note, I do feel better for that little outburst!

4 July 2007

Rocking My World

This is at the top of my playlist at the moment, quality. It's called Teenager by My Chemical Romance & I'm loving it, has to be played at high volume to be appreciated though which is why I'm kind of banned from playing it on my hi fi..... Oooops.
Oh well, I have the house to myself in a few weeks time so the hi fi will most definitely be coming out to play then......

2 July 2007

I Have The Wants

A really really bad case of them in fact. I'm at work blogging this, which probably isn't the best idea I've ever had (are any?!) but never mind. It is so damn quiet there are tumbleweeds blowing through as I speak. Quietness & nothing to do make the Girl Next Door very bored indeed so in the absence of actually having any work to do in order to earn my wage I thought I'd blog my latest wishlist.

This bikini, £67.00. No matter that we've had floods & rain, the sun has to come out at some point & when it does I will be waiting & armed with factor 30!

This jacket

& the matching trousers

£65.00 & £45.00 respectively. I need a suit & I like this one alot.

These shoes to go with the suit. Faith sale £25.00 & as they are a slingback I may just be able to get away with a 3.

*oh debit card, you're needed*

This T shirt minidress from Dollydagger £45.00
(thanks for that new obsession Girl with the golden touch! Lol)

This sex pistols t shirt from the same but they've sold out so may have to scout Ebay . I think it would look fab if I slashed the back, teamed it with grey skinny jeans, black shoe boots & a black bakerboy hat.

These Kate Moss hotpants £30.00. My other ones got ripped *sob*

These pj's, saw them on Topshop website the other day & thought they were cute.

& these braces shorts. They would look really good with a shirt, black opaque tights & shoe boots.

& this dress, sooooo cute!

I might even cave in & buy this, I've seen it in town & it is really nice.

See what I mean?! A really bad case of the wants!