31 January 2008


Saw this on
Roses blog a while ago & it looked fun. There will be a lot of random stuff appearing on here over the next few weeks. I'm bored so it may be more random than usual! Lol The idea is to post seven random but original things about yourself so here goes;

1. Hate my feet being touched. I absolutely loathe it, it's almost a phobia & a foot massage would be torture for me.

2. Kissed somebody when it was pouring with rain. Strangely erotic & sensual. Especially when you can smell the damp earth around you.

3. I get horrifically drunk on wine. One glass has the effect of five JD & cokes. I have no idea why it has that effect but it's made for some interesting evenings! Lol

4. I can fake an Irish accent convincingly & apparently, have a very convincing French accent when I speak the little French I do know. Would love to learn French properly actually.

5. Absolutely adore my hair being played with & will fall asleep with somebody doing it for me.

6. Tamed a pony. Saved a miniature Shetland from slaughter, bought him for £20 at 18 months old & he hadn't been touched bar for being caught by the ears & chucked into a trailer to be sold at auction. He was head shy & extremely nervous but adored having the very top of his tail, almost hindquarters scratched. It took a year to completely gain his trust but at the end of 12 months he was a pet, my little sister was three at the time & he was so safe & gentle she could pick his hooves out & catch/groom him on her own. He would stand loose in the yard for you to groom him & would follow me round like a dog.

7. I know how to dress a crab & can pluck & gut a pheasant, chicken & turkey & know how to prepare meat. The next goal is to learn how to cook it rather than cremate it! Lol

So there you go, seven random things about me that you probably couldn't give a rat's arse about!

Your turn if you want :o)

30 January 2008

Recovery Position

Not the conventional one, mainly consists of me being hidden under a duvet somewhere, be that bedroom, sofa or folded up in a squashy armchair. I have never known myself to need so much sleep! Or to feel so 'floppy'. I don't think I've ever felt like it before & to be honest, I don't like it.

You know like elastic that's been stretched beyond it's capacity? & how it looks afterwards? That is an accurate representation of how I feel, it's weird. Maybe that's what old age is like? If so I'd like to die before I get 'old'.

It's taken me three days since being out of hospital to get used to my sisters & their bickering/chat/squawking, I can usually tune out & not notice it.

I am banned from riding at the moment although I did sneak ten minutes at the yard the other day & had a talk over the stable door to her after her whinnying like a thing possessed when I called her :o).
I am not being allowed to lift a finger, although to be honest I don't think I'd have the energy to do anything regardless of wanting to!

It's weird because when I was in hospital I felt fine & was going out of my mind with boredom & really thought I was back to usual but I got home & just felt sapped of energy, I hate it, I hate how it feels because it isn't how I am usually. I climb the stairs & I feel knackered for Gods sake! Or I'll be watching tv & will just fall asleep for a few hours then wake up & feel nearly normal for an hour then be absolutely shattered again. I guess it's just a matter of few weeks then I'll start feeling ok again :o)

My mum is being very protective (Mother hen mode) & trying to force feed me because my appetite has disappeared completely, I'm not a big eater anyway but for some reason I'm not feeling the urge to eat at all so there has been lots of hot chocolates made with milk & lots of yogurts.

Mr. S is treating me like a porcelain doll & he bought me flowers! White Lilies (my favourites) they made me sneeze but they are beautiful :o)

They don't know exactly what caused it to happen but I am not the best under anaesthetic anyway (had a minor op as a kid & heart stopped/stopped breathing) so they think that had a lot to do with it & something they do as normal in the op I had, where other people just sail through it & the blood just disperses in the body as it should do & as they expect it to do, with me it rushed to my lungs & flooded them. I'm no medical expert but even I know that is not a good thing to happen!

Apparently it is something that very rarely happens in old people but is unheard of in young people.

Still, as my brother told me
"if you're gonna cock something up you may as well make a good job of it & do it properly!" Yes, thank you for that gem little brother...!

Apparently next time it is attempted I'm going in to have a chat with the surgeon & anaesthetist because it needs to be planned hyper meticulously.

The nurses in hospital were fab (even after dealing with an old lady who kept pulling her drips out. I'm not that squeamish but that nearly sent my stomach over the edge. She just wouldn't stop. I'm not sure what they did with her in the end)
one was well into horses & racing & has her own thoroughbred mare so every time she was on duty or came to do obs we had lots of horsey chats :o) they really were great.

The food was a bit different in that I didn't have a great appetite anyway so stuck to salads, it looked to be the safest option..!

Lastly, well done to the boys & girls in blue. I saw bits of the march on the news from a hospital bed & have to say, it looked very impressive! Here's hoping you all get what you marched for :o)

(& I've just realised how disjointed this post is.....Oops!)

26 January 2008

Back From The Dead

Err, kind of quite literally actually. Went into hospital 9 days ago for a simple op on my knee & was supposed to be home the next day. All was going well until halfway through the op blood rushed to my lungs & I basically ended up choking/drowning in my own blood, I choked the breathing tube out as well which wasn't a help. They abandoned the op & managed to re insert the tube, it took three hours for them to stabilise me. I had to be resuscitated 6 times & heart stopped once, both heart & pulse were off the scale. I ended up in intensive care for 2 days & spent nearly a week on oxygen.

Really damaged my lungs & they're still sore now so have got breathing exercises to do & have been told to take it easy & rest (that means no riding *sob*. So if the blog is quiet it's because I'm resting up).
My mum, stepdad, Mr. S & older brother were beside themselves after being told what had happened & then being told the next 24hrs were important as if it all kicked off again then it would be bad news....

Thankfully it didn't & I'm ok now. The only gutting thing is they didn't get to finish the op so I have to go back in a few months! Gah.

Still, looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer for my wings & halo :o) Lol

16 January 2008

Speed Freak

Reading Area's latest post reminded me of of something that happened last year & the problems I've had this year to a lesser degree.

Sometimes I have to ride on the road, I don't enjoy it & I avoid it as much as possible but sometimes I don't have the luxury of choice.

It would have been a year ago October time & about 5pm so not dark but certainly not that light. I needed to to drop my horse off at a friends yard ready for the next day as we were going to a pony club show & having mine stabled at hers overnight would save a lot of time the following morning.
I couldn't get transport so decided to ride her there & then get a lift home as it was only about 25 minutes away.

If I ride on the road I never, ever ride without reflective gear, day or night. I've seen & heard of too many near misses/accidents to even consider it.

I have a reflective tabard & hat cover, my horse has a reflective tail bandage, leg bands, bridle & rein slips & if it's not daylight, a reflective quarter sheet. There is really no excuse for you to miss us!

So it is inexcusable for you, as a driver, to come tearing round a bend on a country lane nearly ramming both me & horse into the hedge. Slamming on your brakes at the last minute is not always going to save you & there are riders out there stupid enough to not wear reflective gear. Half a ton of horse on your windscreen & a mashed up rider is not a pretty sight.
Luckily my horse is pretty sane on the road & I was close enough to the hedge that he had room to miss us. If I'd been on a younger horse or not such an experienced rider then it could have been messy.
I lost a pony when I was young through a drunk driver, my pony ended up at the rear of his vehicle, she was a mess but thankfully died outright. He then had the cheek to ask for compensation as his vehicle was a write off. My pony was insured & kept at a secure premises, unfortunately it was a theft attempt & they got loose, mine was the unlucky one.

So, a few words of advice for the twats out there who drive like maniacs;

1. It is the countryside, you should be prepared to come across all types of livestock. Including children on ponies.

2. If I signal you to slow down I do mean slow down, not get as far behind my horse as possible in order to try & intimidate me. If she kicks out at your car it will cost you a new bumper at least.

3. Saying "nice arse love!" as you drive past will get you a withering look at most.

4. I have full control of myself & my horse, I expect the same of you & your car.

5. Try reading the Highway Code before telling me I have no right to be on the road.

6. Don't be a dickhead & honk your horn.

7. Horses are not machines, if you see me having trouble with a frightened horse, be patient. I'll get out of your way as soon as I can, constantly edging forward & giving me dirty looks is not going to help the situation.

8. Revving your engine just makes you look a twat & will cost you money in the long run.

9. Slow down if you see a horse, don't just go speeding past. It will backfire horrifically one day.

10. Calling me a "snooty bitch" just because I am on horseback is unacceptable, don't be surprised if I you get a taste of your own medicine. I am not as meek & mild as I look.

By the same token, if you ride then make sure you say thanks to those good enough to pass you slowly, giving you space & smiling as they do so. If you can't take your hands off the reins then a smile & nod will do the same thing. It's only fair & to completely blank someone for the effort is not good enough.

They aren't all bad though, the guy in the car behind the boy racer was good enough to stop & make sure I was ok before acting as a chaperone until me & my horse reached our destination. Luckily we were pretty close but it was good of him all the same.

Still, I was thinking of being blunt & just getting this;



Jack is 5 years old.

For most 5 year olds the most important thing on their mind is whether they'll be allowed to get sweets on the way home from school. And that's how it should be because at 5 they have a world of tomorrows ahead of them & all the worries will come much, much later but not for Jack, because he's already handling a disease most adults fear & knows that there may not be that many tomorrows for him.

He is 5 years old, no child ever should have to deal with a disease like cancer but especially not at that young age. The form of cancer he has is one of the rarest, Neuroblastoma. It attacks children from as young as 2 years old.

Jacks only chance of survival is a treatment in New York, you can read more here.
This treatment is hugely successful, all patients treated in the past ten years have remained disease free. A 100% success rate, that's great news. The bad news is a further $750,000 is needed to complete the treatment.

Jacks parents are serving MET officers, they've given to people in the course of their work, maybe not directly to you but they've still helped people in the course of their day to day life.

Money has already been raised but more is desperately needed for this little boy. Please, please pass the word onto as many people as you can. There are plenty of fundraising ideas on the website. Or if you can think of an extra novel way to raise cash, why not do it?! It doesn't even have to be on your own, rope in friends, family & colleagues.

Please donate whatever you can

14 January 2008


Guys, let me tell you something, boobs are not the fun things you see them as sometimes! You're about to get a view from the other side of the coin.

I suppose us girls should be grateful as at least our delicates aren't situated where they can be punched, kneed or kicked but they are in easy vision which isn't always great either.

You may ask what has bought on this post? Well, I was shopping with a friend of mine the other day & every time she has the same problem.
Lets say she is blessed in the chest area. Every time we go shopping she always has the same hassle, it's not just a case of seeing a top, liking it, buying it (something which I take for granted) she is a size eight/ten on her bottom but on the top is anything from a twelve to a sixteen purely because of her proportions. Not only that but is used to guys talking to her chest rather than her face & I have to say, all of the above would do my head in.

Coming from the girl who had no need for underwired bras until the age of sixteen I can't say I've ever had a problem with any of the above & never really understood why women with big boobs saw them as anything but a blessing because to be honest it was something that I was envious of at one point.
Since being friends with L I am glad that I'm not one of those women. It's not just the inconvenience of trying stuff on but also the fact that she can't wear low cut tops because rather than being flirty they look positively pornographic, she can't wear backless ones either because she needs a bra all the time so they are out of the question. Vest tops don't work for her either & neither do fitted shirts. Dresses are a whole other ball game for her & an obstacle course that she doesn't often negotiate. Even if something does fit she then gets the problem of how it hangs on her & how it looks, not to mention patterns & prints!

Looking at all the clothes that she has problems finding/can't wear & that is the basis of most womens wardrobes. Don't get me wrong, she isn't absolutely enormous but she's big enough that she can't get away with much & that isn't helped by being a small frame. I feel sorry for her sometimes because it is a pain. Not only that but she has to pay twice as much for her bras as I do mine because she needs a not easily found size, bit of a cheek in my opinion!
And for some reason, purely for her chest size, she is seen as being 'up for it' more readily than other girls. God forbid any man that voices that opinion though as she has a tongue that makes them feel about 2" tall in 2 seconds flat! Many a man has made the fatal mistake of thinking her brains are all in her chest and lived to regret it. Painful for him I'm guessing but funny to watch, harsh but I can't help it, it's the evil streak in me coming out to play.

I'm the opposite & am so below average that some of my bras would get me done under the trade descriptions act for false advertising but for all the times I might have wished otherwise, I'm eternally glad that I don't have her problem & am quite happy to stick with being what I am.

See guys, they might be fun to look at but they aren't all that to live with sometimes! I would say that next time you see a well endowed lady that you take minute to feel her pain but reading back that probably isn't the best phrasing.......
Especially as a few coppers read this blog & we know what they're like for dirty minds! Lol
Then again, that has the faint whiff of pot, kettle & black coming from me so I'll leave it at that!

12 January 2008

Top 40

My top 40 of 2007 anyway. As nicked from Emma.

1. What did you do in 2007 that you'd never done before?
- Started this blog.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? - I don't really go in for the whole New Years resolution thing. I just try to keep promises I make to myself or goals I've set myself.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? - No.

4. Did anyone close to you die? - No.

5. What countries did you visit?
- None. (this is shaping up to be really interesting! Lol)

6. What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007? - A police career. To leave home.

7. What dates from 2007 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
- 12th of June: The day I met Mr. S.
7th of September: My mum & stepdad re-affirmed their vows.
14th of September: My brother came back home.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
- I don't know really, don't feel as if I've achieved anything special! Not a proper achievement anyway.

9. What was your biggest failure?
- Wouldn't say it was a failure as such, more a disappointment but it was not getting into the police. Yet.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? -
A particularly bruised bum from my horse chucking me to the deck. Not the most glamorous of injuries granted but take it from me, Arnica cream really does work on bruises. Thank God!

11. What was the best thing you bought?
- A Starbucks coffee one sunny day.....! Lol
Or, not what I bought but were bought for me. A pair of long leather riding boots & a gorgeous pair of Derby House jodhpurs. Both the most comfortable things I've ever worn for riding! And the smartest.

12. Whose behaviour merited celebration?
- My one younger brother, for getting himself away from the crackheads he was associating with & rebuilding a life for himself. He's now in a full time job, stable with his girlfriend & saving up to rent a flat. I'm really, really proud of him & hope he stays on that track. Only thing is if he gets a rented flat he's allowed to decorate a bit he wants me to help with it because apparently I have "Really good ideas & taste". That's nice to know!

13. Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
- My ex's. Asking your girlfriend up for the weekend after canceling her the weekend before, letting her stay one night to get what you want then telling her the following morning she couldn't stay the weekend after all & would have to go home as you were going on a mates birthday party & couldn't let him down so make sure you're ready to go by 11am & on top of that, not even checking that she was home safe. Then going to a lapdancing club & telling your girlfriend the next morning how amazing & wonderful this lapdancer was & how if you were single you would be tempted. Not surprisingly things were over not long after that! A year of being with him & that's the bare bones of how he felt.
But hey, in the end he did the best thing he's ever done for me because look what I ended up with :o)

14. Where did most of your money go?
- My horse. CD's.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
- My brother coming home from Spain.

16. What song will always remind you of 2007?
- KC & the sunshine band - Baby give it up. Had special meaning given to it in 2007.

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

a) happier or sadder? - Happier, much.
b) thinner or fatter? - Thinner (Noooooo, need more calories this year I think!)
c) richer or poorer? - Er, probably about the same.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
- Weekends away to the beach but didn't have the time really. Or the weather :o(

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
- Crying over my ex because although he upset me loads he just wasn't worth the puffy eyed look & the consequent use of cucumber slices & copious amounts of concealer!

20. How did you spend Christmas?
- Partly with family, partly with Mr. S.

21. What was your favorite month of 2007? -
Erm, June. Regular readers will know why. But then September was amazing too. Hard choice!

22. Did you fall in love in 2007?
- Yes, she says coyly. And as cliched as it may sound, it's the best feeling ever & I'm really, really, really happy :o)

23. How many one-night stands?
- None. That doesn't change from one year to the next though, I'm not a prude but I'm not a fan of the one night stand with strangers thing either.

24. What was your favourite TV programme?
- Oh I don't know, probably the Catherine Tate show amongst the regular stuff I love. And most of the stuff I know I enjoyed I can't remember. Although the recent pilot of a cop comedy was good, "Bike Squad" it made me laugh anyway, but then I'm easily pleased. Lol

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
- I don't do hate, it's a waste of time & I never feel that full of venom that I hate somebody. More don't feel anything remarkable, as if they don't mean anything to me. Not sure if that's good or bad but never mind.

26. What was the best book you read? -
Can't pick just one, that's not fair....!
All the usuals I won't include because they don't need explaining or recommending (Wasting Police Time/Diary of an On Call Girl/Stuart; A Life Backwards) The best book apart from those would be Horses Arse by Charlie Owen. Excellent laugh-out-loud funny stuff & even better, he has a follow up coming out :o)

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
- Not this year, it's something I've always done but being open minded enough musically to listen to different genres of music. It's led to me discovering some great talent.

28. What did you want and get?
- Family life to be more settled.

29. What did you want and not get?
- A 'Yes' to my police app. but I may change that in the future, who knows!

30. What was your favorite film of this year? -
Hot Fuzz. Come on.....It had to be.

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? - Had a Moulin Rouge themed party, danced like a maniac, got appallingly drunk & had to be carried to bed mid giggling fit. It is a good job Mr. S was there for corset loosening or else I would have stayed like a trussed up turkey for the rest of the night! Lol
Oh, & I was the grand old age of 22. Doesn't seem five minutes ago I was celebrating turning 18!

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
- A sunny summer, instead of the sodden flooded out one that we got! But there were advantages to that in the shape of fatigue clad man-shapes & suited & booted policemen ;o) Lol

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007?
- It's not an '07 one, but wear what suits me, not what is in fashion necessarily.

34. What kept you sane? -
My horse. The best agony aunt/adrenaline rush there is. And my music which is great for whacking up & relieving the pressure/stress/tension.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
- I don't think I can say, it's too embarrassing! Put it this way, it's not only clothes & fashion I have unusual taste in..... Lol.

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
- You mean which one out of the Police Pay, the losing of personal details, the ongoing hunt ban/not ban, the war in Iraq, the seeing fit of closing local hospitals & the 10% pay rise they think they deserve? And that is only the tip of the iceberg, don't get me started!

37. Who did you miss?
- Erm, don't think I missed anyone really. Well that's a lie, I miss my dad, or at least the person he used to be. Still.

38. Who was the best new person you met?
- Does this really need answering? I'm sure you all know but for those that don't, Mr S of course :o)

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2007
- That sometimes as scary as it may be to let go, the landing more than makes up for the jump.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year
- There are too many but the most relevant ones that I can think of to my 2007 are;

"Just when I thought it was safe, you found me in my hiding place, I'd promised never again, I wouldn't give my heart, but then Closer, closer I moved near you It's crazy, but it's happening. And I'm falling again, much farther than I've ever been. I'm falling deeper than the ocean, I am lost in this emotion"


"wanna disappear inside a dream but never wanna wake, wake up. Then you stumble on tomorrow, and trip over today. Would you be happier if you were someone together. Would the sun shine brighter if you played a bigger part. Would you be wonderful if it wasn't for the weather. You're gonna be just fine. I think you're gonna be just fine, you're gonna be just fine. So don't worry baby, you're racing for tomorrow, not finished with today. Would we be happier if we were someone together, would the sun shine brighter if we played a bigger part, would we be wonderful if it wasn't for the weather I think we're gonna be just fine, I think you're gonna be just fine"

Ok, ok. I cheated but they are the ones that sum up my year really :o)
Not going to tag anyone but feel free to post it if you want to.

11 January 2008

Absolute Scum

I'm sure you'll have heard about it but this whole thing has made me so angry it's untrue.
Horses are hard work, especially in the winter but nothing on earth excuses the level of neglect & cruelty that these animals went through.
The picture of the animal above clearly shows it's spine which you should only just be able to feel in a healthy horse/pony, underneath the inch thick coat will be ribs that stand out a mile & the belly isn't fat, it's bloated from worms that if left, will eat it into the internal organs such as liver/lungs/stomach. The horse will either die a slow death or have to be put down because of this.

A total of 111 horses, ponies, donkeys & a foal were rescued from a barn & field in Amersham, that doesn't include the 34 that were found dead both in the barn & piled against fencing or the 3 that were so pitifully thin they had to be put down on sight. The animals in the barn were packed in so tightly they had no room to move, were tethered in some cases & either stood next to or on top of the rotting bodies of others that hadn't been so lucky. They were starved of water & food. Their hooves are so overgrown that the hoof has split & cracked basically as far as it can go. They weren't found sooner because the field was screened from view with trees & the barn was secluded in the yard.

And just in case you're wondering, it wasn't some good hearted soul who started up a rescue centre in a misguided attempt to save these animals but somebody who bought as many as he could from auctions & private sellers to 'fatten' up in order to transport abroad, live, for meat. (Live horses fetch a higher price for meat than carcasses).
Horses being sold for meat is unfortunately a fact of life & not an awful lot can be done to stop it but to be kept in the condition these were kept in is beyond contempt.

My horse means the world to me, she doesn't go without a thing & her needs come above anything I may want at the time. I keep her myself & look after her myself. I've spent January nights, 11pm at the yard before now because she's been down with colic & I've needed to keep her walking & on her feet so she didn't twist a gut & have walked her in the freezing cold for an hour waiting for the vet. I've got up earlier in the mornings before work to sort & poultice her hoof when she had an abscess in her coronet band because of a thorn. I've gone out morning & evening to rug her up & turn her out & bring her in & bed her down for the night. Without fail she gets what she needs when she needs it. I've had physio done on her back because of back problems & had to get her saddle refitted. But I don't mind a bit because we've had her since she was two, she's now coming up 12. I broke her in myself & brought her on to what she is now, she is as loyal as any dog & so trustworthy my little sister, at two years old, could catch her & bring her in to the stable. Even our farrier says what a lovely animal she is & is the type of horse you get once in a lifetime. She wouldn't harm a fly & trusts people implicitly.

That's why this makes me so sick with anger, these horses even after all the abuse are still so trusting & so friendly.

I hope he gets the book thrown at him. He's also been arrested on charges of Assault police & Criminal Damage, not a nice person but then you wouldn't be to inflict that kind of pain & suffering on a massive amount of animals while you go about your daily business not giving a toss.

8 January 2008

Could it Work?

Right, I freely admit that I like to put my own twist on my clothes & although I like to be fashionable I don't like being a clone. I'll wear what I want & what suits me & therefore
will not be a sheep. Unique is my byword.

Which leads me to this.....

An original Victorian velvet & beaded cape. I really like them & have decided that it could be workable, at the very least you won't see anybody else in one!

Front of cape:

Back of cape:

I would have bought this one if I had the money because it is exactly what I want but at £130 it is beyond my pocket somewhat at the moment. It's original & in perfect condition in a heavy velvet & silk lined & it is gorgeous.

You may think I'm completely mad but obviously it would be a winter wear only item & if you teamed it with dark jeans, boots like these;

or these;

(posted a pic of these before, closest I've come to my size is a 3)

& a plain, fitted jumper underneath or for evening wear, my corset then I think it would work really well.

On a related note, I've been told I suit hats really well, namely bakerboy caps & ladies top hats/toppers. For some reason they really do suit me, my best feature are my eyes & hats seem to make them stand out & seem to suit my face shape which leads me to this;

This one is in felt, I'd probably buy a silk/silk look one & do the detailing myself. If I wore the hat I'd either pin my hair up or tie it back loosely & leave it in a long ponytail. It would stand out though because I've hennaed it & it is now a dark copper/deep chestnut colour.

All of it worn together could be overload but if it was worn in the right way it could look good. Only problem is, the cape would make me stand out but the cape, boots and hat would mean I would stand out completely in a small place like Cheltenham. Then again, if you've got the confidence to wear it, which I have because I'd feel completely comfortable in it then I think it could work & not look out of place. The cape is definitely on my 'save for' list as the horse is now completely kitted out & doesn't need anything new or repairing. The hat is an almost definite.

Admittedly it isn't everyones taste or what most people would wear but that's half the fun!


Was talking to a friend earlier about the usual horsey stuff & chat, mainly the pros & cons of her putting her one mare in foal & how the boxing day meet went with our local hunt when it came up about side saddle riding (one of the ladies there rides side saddle occasionally) & how elegant & graceful it is.

I have to say, I agree. It's something I've always been interested in & that I thought about doing in my early teens but somehow never got round to it o after having this chat with a friend decided that this year may be the time to learn.

It's not as difficult as it looks by all accounts, the main thing is getting the balance & position right because if you sit wrongly then obviously you will pull on the horses spine & put yours out as well.
It's also much safer as well as being more comfortable than riding astride, the reason it is much safer is because of the saddle construction.

The two pommels are what make it so supportive, the higher one, the 'fixed head' is obviously the support for the right thigh & part of the seatbones & the lower pommel, the 'leaping head' is the main support for when you are actually riding & jumping, it holds you in place & actually allows you to jump & to ride at more than walking pace. Before the introduction of the leaping head that was impossible.
The main reason for both of the heads is the sheer flatness of the the seat.

Really, really keen to learn it this year, feel like I need a challenge & something to work on so it is now one of my promises to me.
It's such an elegant & graceful way of riding that it is an art. Really love it. Also handy that I'm ideally situated where I am, everything revolves around horses here so there is no shortage of instructors.
Will keep you updated as to how it goes :o)

5 January 2008


First off, Happy New Year & I hope it was a good one!

Mine was great, freezing but slightly less freezing than it otherwise would have been as the benefit of being small is being able to stand in front of someone tall & have them wrap the front of their coat round you (if that make sense?!) not so great for the person doing it but I was warm :o)

I did have the chance of going to Glasgow for Hogmanay & staying with a friend but in the end decided to stay home. Did think about London which is what my cousin & his wife did & I cannot believe how busy they said it was. I spent New Year up the Embankment 3 years ago & it was not that crowded at all considering. He tried to get to the same place this year & couldn't move for the crowds!

Haven't made any resolutions as such, don't really see the point but I have made mental note to come to decisions about stuff this year so I can push things in the way I want them to go. One of the decisions being that now the police has fallen through here I'm very seriously considering going back to London, the police application was the only real thing keeping me here apart from Mr. S obviously, but that is a whole other problem because although he doesn't want to stay here either I don't think he's that keen on London & it's far, far, far too early to be even thinking about moving in together & serious stuff like that. At least it is for me so the above is boxed neatly away in my mind marked "cross that bridge when you come to it & hope it works out for the best"
It would make sense for me to move there, a lot of my friends are there, I have the chance of a flatshare back where I used to be which is Barbican/St. Pauls area with friends. A bit to think about but as it's only 5 days into the new year it isn't like I need to be rash about anything just yet.

I also need Mr. S to use his DIY skills as well. I am not known for being the tidiest of people nor the most organised at times.....
I knew last week I was pushing my luck with my CD shelf, it takes up nearly the whole length of one wall of my room & is stacked with CDs which is fine if they're kept to a single row but being the muppet I am, instead of being sensible & not adding more to the already straining burden I completely ignored the overloaded look & the CDs kind of got piled up on top of the ones already there......

Maroon 5 was the final straw & it fell away from the wall with the strain which meant all my beloved CDs came crashing to earth with a very loud crash!
Like most women are with shoes is how I am with CDs & at the moment they are all piled along the wall on the floor. I need a new shelf, some common sense & someone who is easily bribed with serious eyelash fluttering! Lol

As for the police, I've decided I want to go down the specials route. That way at least I can get a real taste of policing & a proper opportunity to get over the stumbling block that is in front of me at the moment. I'm just not keen at all on the PCSO route, it isn't what I want & although the pay is good & the work is good it isn't proper policing & that isn't what I want. I'd rather have an ordinary job to support me financially & do the specials as at least that way I would be doing the kind of stuff that I want to join up to do.

The rest of the Kind-Of-New-Years-Resolutions-But-Not-Quite are;

1. Not bother with my dad. Every time I do it's me that ends up in tears & upset so the best thing for me is to cut contact completely & that's what I've done. He obviously hasn't missed it because he hasn't been in contact over Christmas or New Year which only proves to myself it's the right decision. Thinking about it, he hasn't called since September/October time because he doesn't even know about my application. Hard but definitely the right thing to do.

2. Stop biting my nails. I say this every year but it's a nervous thing & I can't seem to help myself. I've managed three days so far, that is amazing for me!

3. Look after myself a bit more instead of others first. Bit selfish this one but sometimes I care too much then realise that I haven't put what I want first.

4. Get into the police. (Kind of obvious! Lol)

That's about it really, seeing as I don't smoke or have any major addictions to give up!

And lastly, thanks to you guys for leaving the lovely comments you did on the last post but one. Helpful & lovely in equal measures :o) xx