11 January 2008

Absolute Scum

I'm sure you'll have heard about it but this whole thing has made me so angry it's untrue.
Horses are hard work, especially in the winter but nothing on earth excuses the level of neglect & cruelty that these animals went through.
The picture of the animal above clearly shows it's spine which you should only just be able to feel in a healthy horse/pony, underneath the inch thick coat will be ribs that stand out a mile & the belly isn't fat, it's bloated from worms that if left, will eat it into the internal organs such as liver/lungs/stomach. The horse will either die a slow death or have to be put down because of this.

A total of 111 horses, ponies, donkeys & a foal were rescued from a barn & field in Amersham, that doesn't include the 34 that were found dead both in the barn & piled against fencing or the 3 that were so pitifully thin they had to be put down on sight. The animals in the barn were packed in so tightly they had no room to move, were tethered in some cases & either stood next to or on top of the rotting bodies of others that hadn't been so lucky. They were starved of water & food. Their hooves are so overgrown that the hoof has split & cracked basically as far as it can go. They weren't found sooner because the field was screened from view with trees & the barn was secluded in the yard.

And just in case you're wondering, it wasn't some good hearted soul who started up a rescue centre in a misguided attempt to save these animals but somebody who bought as many as he could from auctions & private sellers to 'fatten' up in order to transport abroad, live, for meat. (Live horses fetch a higher price for meat than carcasses).
Horses being sold for meat is unfortunately a fact of life & not an awful lot can be done to stop it but to be kept in the condition these were kept in is beyond contempt.

My horse means the world to me, she doesn't go without a thing & her needs come above anything I may want at the time. I keep her myself & look after her myself. I've spent January nights, 11pm at the yard before now because she's been down with colic & I've needed to keep her walking & on her feet so she didn't twist a gut & have walked her in the freezing cold for an hour waiting for the vet. I've got up earlier in the mornings before work to sort & poultice her hoof when she had an abscess in her coronet band because of a thorn. I've gone out morning & evening to rug her up & turn her out & bring her in & bed her down for the night. Without fail she gets what she needs when she needs it. I've had physio done on her back because of back problems & had to get her saddle refitted. But I don't mind a bit because we've had her since she was two, she's now coming up 12. I broke her in myself & brought her on to what she is now, she is as loyal as any dog & so trustworthy my little sister, at two years old, could catch her & bring her in to the stable. Even our farrier says what a lovely animal she is & is the type of horse you get once in a lifetime. She wouldn't harm a fly & trusts people implicitly.

That's why this makes me so sick with anger, these horses even after all the abuse are still so trusting & so friendly.

I hope he gets the book thrown at him. He's also been arrested on charges of Assault police & Criminal Damage, not a nice person but then you wouldn't be to inflict that kind of pain & suffering on a massive amount of animals while you go about your daily business not giving a toss.


Little Wing said...

I think this person needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.
This is the first I have heard of this horrible story.
It actually made me cry, and the images are just heart breaking.

brown eyed girl said...

I totally agree, its sickening to see and know these poor creatures have gone through so much pain, why are people so heartless, id love my own horse and would do whatever it takes to make sure they were cared for and loved..
Jo xxx

RandomPinkness said...

It really is sickening, how can a person do this to any animal? I think the problem is he's not going to punished enough, whenever you hear about these animal cruelty stories, if memory serves they often get little or no jail time like 6 months and are banned from owning animals again, but thats not going to stop some people is it? I am now off to throw things, work some of my anger out.

dickiebo said...


PC South West said...

I hope someone is getting nicked for animal cruelty!!
Wankers! absolute wankers.

cogidubnus said...

I hope the bastard is allowed to rot slowly in an overcrowded prison somewhere...but sadly we're too bloody humane to allow that except to animals...when are they going to publish his name?

Emma said...

GND I can't read it, I got the gist of it but it just breaks my heart too much, I could cry at the thought of it so god knows what what I would do if I read it...I can't think of anything as bad as I want to do to the people that did this..xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

LW, it is heartbreaking & i was tearful reading it. He deserves all he gets.

B.E.G, it is disgraceful. No normal person would even think of doing that to an animal.

Pinkness, I completely agree. The punishments just never seem to happen but I guess animals are lower down the list than humans & with prison overcrowding, well it probs won't be much to deter him but even if he gets a ban which I'm sure he will, then that is one good thing.

Dickie, glad it isn't just me! Although a few other words went around in my head, not so polite either.....

PCSW, apparently the RSPCA & Redsings/ILPH are compiling files for the injuries & suffering caused along with photos. I presume the police will take it from there? I can't imagine he'd be facing anything less than a ban, can you? & yes, utter wankers. It's also come to light that he was caught shooting horses at point blank range last year by a mop but nothing could be done by the RSPCA for various reasons, proof I guess which wasn't there when they arrived.
Thankfully local stables & yards have helped to take some of the animals in along with the charities, people have also donated rugs etc so that at least restores your faith a little but whatever, he is still a first class c**t. Had to be said I'm afraid.

Cogi, it will never happen but he deserves all he gets. I went from angry, to upset, to sickened when I read it. It's one of the worst cases of animal abuse in the UK, ever. His name by the way is Jamie Gray, 44, of Spindles Farm nr Amersham, Bucks.

Em, it is horrible & I can only imagine what a state some of them must have been in. Their hooves alone will have been enough torment for them but to be deprived of food & water as well is an unbearable thought.

To top it off, their was stacks of hay on the other side of the yard in protective plastic covering. So the food was there.

Mousie said...

Heartbreaking isn't it. I say we round up a posse and go peel off his toenails one by one. See how he likes it.

Alice said...

Cruelty through neglect is all too common, unfortunately. Yes, they should split his toenails and make him do pirouettes on them in ballet shoes, but it won't happen. He'll get a ban for so many years, which he will ignore when it suits him.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Mousie, it really is. Having one of your own brings it home how terrible it is. I am loving the toenail idea, pliers seem a nice accompanying tool...!

Hiya Alice, to be honest I'm sort of inclined to agree but considering it i one of the worst animal abuse cases the UK has seen & taking into consideration the fact he is mentally stable (as far as I know) & the police assault etc then I'm hoping he gets a more severe punishment than a ban.... You never know with this country's crappy justice though do you?