14 January 2008


Guys, let me tell you something, boobs are not the fun things you see them as sometimes! You're about to get a view from the other side of the coin.

I suppose us girls should be grateful as at least our delicates aren't situated where they can be punched, kneed or kicked but they are in easy vision which isn't always great either.

You may ask what has bought on this post? Well, I was shopping with a friend of mine the other day & every time she has the same problem.
Lets say she is blessed in the chest area. Every time we go shopping she always has the same hassle, it's not just a case of seeing a top, liking it, buying it (something which I take for granted) she is a size eight/ten on her bottom but on the top is anything from a twelve to a sixteen purely because of her proportions. Not only that but is used to guys talking to her chest rather than her face & I have to say, all of the above would do my head in.

Coming from the girl who had no need for underwired bras until the age of sixteen I can't say I've ever had a problem with any of the above & never really understood why women with big boobs saw them as anything but a blessing because to be honest it was something that I was envious of at one point.
Since being friends with L I am glad that I'm not one of those women. It's not just the inconvenience of trying stuff on but also the fact that she can't wear low cut tops because rather than being flirty they look positively pornographic, she can't wear backless ones either because she needs a bra all the time so they are out of the question. Vest tops don't work for her either & neither do fitted shirts. Dresses are a whole other ball game for her & an obstacle course that she doesn't often negotiate. Even if something does fit she then gets the problem of how it hangs on her & how it looks, not to mention patterns & prints!

Looking at all the clothes that she has problems finding/can't wear & that is the basis of most womens wardrobes. Don't get me wrong, she isn't absolutely enormous but she's big enough that she can't get away with much & that isn't helped by being a small frame. I feel sorry for her sometimes because it is a pain. Not only that but she has to pay twice as much for her bras as I do mine because she needs a not easily found size, bit of a cheek in my opinion!
And for some reason, purely for her chest size, she is seen as being 'up for it' more readily than other girls. God forbid any man that voices that opinion though as she has a tongue that makes them feel about 2" tall in 2 seconds flat! Many a man has made the fatal mistake of thinking her brains are all in her chest and lived to regret it. Painful for him I'm guessing but funny to watch, harsh but I can't help it, it's the evil streak in me coming out to play.

I'm the opposite & am so below average that some of my bras would get me done under the trade descriptions act for false advertising but for all the times I might have wished otherwise, I'm eternally glad that I don't have her problem & am quite happy to stick with being what I am.

See guys, they might be fun to look at but they aren't all that to live with sometimes! I would say that next time you see a well endowed lady that you take minute to feel her pain but reading back that probably isn't the best phrasing.......
Especially as a few coppers read this blog & we know what they're like for dirty minds! Lol
Then again, that has the faint whiff of pot, kettle & black coming from me so I'll leave it at that!


thoughts running through my head.... said...

hear hear!!!Even my guvnor talks to my chest,still if it means I get my own way he look all he wants!!(as long as he don't touch!)don't even get me started on body armour!

PC South West said...

Coppers and dirty minds!! never have I been so insulted in my life!
Any way do you have any pictures of your friend?

RandomPinkness said...

I have this problem, and it really isn't fun, I'll admit they can come in handy, like distracting people from my rubbish presentations, but as you've pointed out there are just as many cons as pros, however, I definatly prefer being curvy to boy shaped.

Emma said...

I have the same problem I am afraid, dresses are a big no no and also blouses, I am quite proud of them though still being where they should be at 41..lol...so I can put up with it.

As for bosses talking straight to them that was the first thing I said to my last boss when he started with us, not to talk to mine, that's maybe where I went wrong...lol..x

Alice said...

I'm mid range, myself, but if I lose weight, my boobs disappear. Even my own mother once told me 'You don't have much up top, love, do you?'

I don't think many small women have big boobs as such - its just that their boobs are the same size as a tall girl's, giving the illusion of large size.

Area Trace No Search said...

Sorry, but after the first few sentences I didn't read the rest of the post.

Don't want to spoil it for me...

Annette said...

What really is unfair is that in the summer you can't even wear fashionable tops.(Even a basic T- shirt) If you do people think you are just showing off your bust. Of course you're not, it's because like everybody else,your hot. it's too hot to wear jumpers!!
You,ve got a lot of comments on this haven't you!
I had to laugh at P C South West's comment.

cogidubnus said...

Much of the time, they may not be much of a pleasure to own, but I bet occasionally they have their compensations...no not your boobs...I meant a pet man to quietly admire them!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Thoughts, why do they do it?! As for body armour, my friend rides & when she needs to wear a body protector it just isn't funny :o(

PCSW, please accept my humble apologies, I forgot you have the halo & wings ;o)
As for pictures, tut tut! That sort of question is not helping your "innocent & angelic" act! Lol

Pinkness, indeed. I'm not boy shaped but I'm certainly not curvy, in between which I love but some curves would be nice! Lol

Em, a good bra is worth it's weight in gold but she has the such huge probs with clothing as you say, is a pain.

Alice, same here. I'm normal ish usually but if I lose weight my chest resembles that of a 13 year old.
I think you're right about the illusion thing, she's about 5'5" though, just a slim frame so they probably are more noticeable than on a bigger girl.

Area, bet you thought it was gonna be a great post when you saw the title too! Lol

Annette, yep! White shirts too aren't good, even with flesh colour bras. She's said all of this & it wasn't until I atually went shopping with her one day that I realised.

Cogi, you could well be right! "bargaining tools" maybe! Lol

Polly said...

How refreshing, a lucky smaller boobed lady completely 'getting' whats its like to have a big pair. Everything you said is spot on. the worst thing for me is like you said, even the most pretty or girly tops suddenly look slutty on a big chest. Nightmare.

Ing said...

There was text?

Oh, I was just stuck staring at the picture.


Coppers aren't *that* bad y'know...

No, really.