8 January 2008

Could it Work?

Right, I freely admit that I like to put my own twist on my clothes & although I like to be fashionable I don't like being a clone. I'll wear what I want & what suits me & therefore
will not be a sheep. Unique is my byword.

Which leads me to this.....

An original Victorian velvet & beaded cape. I really like them & have decided that it could be workable, at the very least you won't see anybody else in one!

Front of cape:

Back of cape:

I would have bought this one if I had the money because it is exactly what I want but at £130 it is beyond my pocket somewhat at the moment. It's original & in perfect condition in a heavy velvet & silk lined & it is gorgeous.

You may think I'm completely mad but obviously it would be a winter wear only item & if you teamed it with dark jeans, boots like these;

or these;

(posted a pic of these before, closest I've come to my size is a 3)

& a plain, fitted jumper underneath or for evening wear, my corset then I think it would work really well.

On a related note, I've been told I suit hats really well, namely bakerboy caps & ladies top hats/toppers. For some reason they really do suit me, my best feature are my eyes & hats seem to make them stand out & seem to suit my face shape which leads me to this;

This one is in felt, I'd probably buy a silk/silk look one & do the detailing myself. If I wore the hat I'd either pin my hair up or tie it back loosely & leave it in a long ponytail. It would stand out though because I've hennaed it & it is now a dark copper/deep chestnut colour.

All of it worn together could be overload but if it was worn in the right way it could look good. Only problem is, the cape would make me stand out but the cape, boots and hat would mean I would stand out completely in a small place like Cheltenham. Then again, if you've got the confidence to wear it, which I have because I'd feel completely comfortable in it then I think it could work & not look out of place. The cape is definitely on my 'save for' list as the horse is now completely kitted out & doesn't need anything new or repairing. The hat is an almost definite.

Admittedly it isn't everyones taste or what most people would wear but that's half the fun!


Annette said...

It looks lovely, could you post a picture of you wearing it???

thoughts running through my head.... said...

oh my god!!how weird,I was looking at a tophat before xmas,but I cant remember where I saw it now (it was a High Street store)and dont have the bottle to wear it but I was really really attracted to it,and capes are always hot!

Emma said...

I have always gone for what suited me not followed trends, this sounds like a lovely emsemble you go for it..xx

Annette said...

do you mean Primark???

cogidubnus said...

If you've got the character and guts to carry off a really bold look like that then you have my undying admiration!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

no Annette!!you cheeky thing you!!*shocked*

Area Trace No Search said...

Wear them all!

A clue on my identity - for a while I used to wear a top hat regularly, just for the fun of it.

Raising my top hat in a bar to a woman was better than any chat up line I could think of. Sad, I know...

thoughts running through my head.... said...


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm not big on fashion and more into what is warm this time of year. I guess as I've aged my priorities have changed. Now it's more about function. lol

Girl*Next*Door said...

Annette, when I've got the hat & cape I may just post some pics (suitable hiding of face of course!)

Thoughts, that is weird! Lol. Have loved them for a while but only now finally thought "yep, that could work".

Emma, me too. Three quarter length tweed trousers don't suit me & despite being all the rage I refuse to wear them. The shorts look much better anyway :o)

Cogi, thanks! I do have unusual taste but even my mum has to admit that it suits me & anyway, who wants to look the same as somebody else?

Area, you're not Jon Fratelli in your spare time are you? ;o) Lol

I will wear them all when I get them, I'm liking the look.
As for the hat, that is amazing! If a guy raised his top hat to me that would work better than any chat up line, any day of the week. So not sad at all :o)

Hi Rainbow, practicality is good when I'm riding or at the stables but everyday clothing, well that's something to enjoy & experiment with :o)
I may feel differently when I'm older though, hope not but you never know!

Area Trace No Search said...

I fear that perhaps I have revealed too much of the real ATNS.

However, in for a penny... I also used to keep my cash notes tucked inside the hat in the band running along the inside. Why, I have no idea. But it was useful when I sat in a bar with the hat in front of me, it worked as a money keeper, and a hider of drinks I was trying to steal from my friends.

By the way, it never worked as a chat up line. Girls just laughed, but I reckon that as long as they're laughing that counts as being impressed.

Kind of.

Metcountymounty said...

so just to clarify... your proposed outfit consists of just a hat, a cape and a pair of boots....
i'm impressed!! Good choice madam!!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Area, that is actually pretty cool! Best & most unique way of chatting up a girl that I've ever come across, I'd be pretty impressed if it was me! Lol (as for revealing too much, can delete the comments if you want?)

MCM, that's not really the unique look I was aiming for, I'm sure walking around like that could get you arrested...! Lol
Unless of course it was indoors, which is entirely different. Lol