16 January 2008


Jack is 5 years old.

For most 5 year olds the most important thing on their mind is whether they'll be allowed to get sweets on the way home from school. And that's how it should be because at 5 they have a world of tomorrows ahead of them & all the worries will come much, much later but not for Jack, because he's already handling a disease most adults fear & knows that there may not be that many tomorrows for him.

He is 5 years old, no child ever should have to deal with a disease like cancer but especially not at that young age. The form of cancer he has is one of the rarest, Neuroblastoma. It attacks children from as young as 2 years old.

Jacks only chance of survival is a treatment in New York, you can read more here.
This treatment is hugely successful, all patients treated in the past ten years have remained disease free. A 100% success rate, that's great news. The bad news is a further $750,000 is needed to complete the treatment.

Jacks parents are serving MET officers, they've given to people in the course of their work, maybe not directly to you but they've still helped people in the course of their day to day life.

Money has already been raised but more is desperately needed for this little boy. Please, please pass the word onto as many people as you can. There are plenty of fundraising ideas on the website. Or if you can think of an extra novel way to raise cash, why not do it?! It doesn't even have to be on your own, rope in friends, family & colleagues.

Please donate whatever you can

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