5 January 2008


First off, Happy New Year & I hope it was a good one!

Mine was great, freezing but slightly less freezing than it otherwise would have been as the benefit of being small is being able to stand in front of someone tall & have them wrap the front of their coat round you (if that make sense?!) not so great for the person doing it but I was warm :o)

I did have the chance of going to Glasgow for Hogmanay & staying with a friend but in the end decided to stay home. Did think about London which is what my cousin & his wife did & I cannot believe how busy they said it was. I spent New Year up the Embankment 3 years ago & it was not that crowded at all considering. He tried to get to the same place this year & couldn't move for the crowds!

Haven't made any resolutions as such, don't really see the point but I have made mental note to come to decisions about stuff this year so I can push things in the way I want them to go. One of the decisions being that now the police has fallen through here I'm very seriously considering going back to London, the police application was the only real thing keeping me here apart from Mr. S obviously, but that is a whole other problem because although he doesn't want to stay here either I don't think he's that keen on London & it's far, far, far too early to be even thinking about moving in together & serious stuff like that. At least it is for me so the above is boxed neatly away in my mind marked "cross that bridge when you come to it & hope it works out for the best"
It would make sense for me to move there, a lot of my friends are there, I have the chance of a flatshare back where I used to be which is Barbican/St. Pauls area with friends. A bit to think about but as it's only 5 days into the new year it isn't like I need to be rash about anything just yet.

I also need Mr. S to use his DIY skills as well. I am not known for being the tidiest of people nor the most organised at times.....
I knew last week I was pushing my luck with my CD shelf, it takes up nearly the whole length of one wall of my room & is stacked with CDs which is fine if they're kept to a single row but being the muppet I am, instead of being sensible & not adding more to the already straining burden I completely ignored the overloaded look & the CDs kind of got piled up on top of the ones already there......

Maroon 5 was the final straw & it fell away from the wall with the strain which meant all my beloved CDs came crashing to earth with a very loud crash!
Like most women are with shoes is how I am with CDs & at the moment they are all piled along the wall on the floor. I need a new shelf, some common sense & someone who is easily bribed with serious eyelash fluttering! Lol

As for the police, I've decided I want to go down the specials route. That way at least I can get a real taste of policing & a proper opportunity to get over the stumbling block that is in front of me at the moment. I'm just not keen at all on the PCSO route, it isn't what I want & although the pay is good & the work is good it isn't proper policing & that isn't what I want. I'd rather have an ordinary job to support me financially & do the specials as at least that way I would be doing the kind of stuff that I want to join up to do.

The rest of the Kind-Of-New-Years-Resolutions-But-Not-Quite are;

1. Not bother with my dad. Every time I do it's me that ends up in tears & upset so the best thing for me is to cut contact completely & that's what I've done. He obviously hasn't missed it because he hasn't been in contact over Christmas or New Year which only proves to myself it's the right decision. Thinking about it, he hasn't called since September/October time because he doesn't even know about my application. Hard but definitely the right thing to do.

2. Stop biting my nails. I say this every year but it's a nervous thing & I can't seem to help myself. I've managed three days so far, that is amazing for me!

3. Look after myself a bit more instead of others first. Bit selfish this one but sometimes I care too much then realise that I haven't put what I want first.

4. Get into the police. (Kind of obvious! Lol)

That's about it really, seeing as I don't smoke or have any major addictions to give up!

And lastly, thanks to you guys for leaving the lovely comments you did on the last post but one. Helpful & lovely in equal measures :o) xx


thoughts running through my head.... said...

GND,for what its worth I think joining the specials is better than joining the PCSO's,at least you can nick people then and ride around on blues!!I think PCSO's are a different mind set and although you'd be dealing with the public,its my belief that it doesnt seem to really make for a good officer-just my opinion though incase there are any PCSO's reading this!!
My force is looking for specials atm if you're definitely coming back to London?

Emma said...

Good idea about the Specials and I feel sure this is your year babe, I am sure you will make the right decision re moving if it is necesary...good luck...xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

# Special Constables Recruitment Bus Event - Newport Place,W1
13 January 2008

# Special Constables Open Event - West Brompton, SW6
22nd January 2008

for the Met

Waynecoff said...

good luck with it all, happy new year x

Girl*Next*Door said...

Thanks Em, I have a good feeling about it, whatever happens is what is meant to be & that's always been my philosophy so we'll see. Hope you had a great new year too xx

T, will definitely look into the specials event but whatever happens re moving & the decision I come to then it won't be happening until the end of the summer/winter. Just alot to think about & sort out & don't want to make any rash decisions. Have to see but thanks for the info hun :o) xx

Thanks Wayne, Happy New Year to you too. Hope you had a good one :o) xx