30 January 2008

Recovery Position

Not the conventional one, mainly consists of me being hidden under a duvet somewhere, be that bedroom, sofa or folded up in a squashy armchair. I have never known myself to need so much sleep! Or to feel so 'floppy'. I don't think I've ever felt like it before & to be honest, I don't like it.

You know like elastic that's been stretched beyond it's capacity? & how it looks afterwards? That is an accurate representation of how I feel, it's weird. Maybe that's what old age is like? If so I'd like to die before I get 'old'.

It's taken me three days since being out of hospital to get used to my sisters & their bickering/chat/squawking, I can usually tune out & not notice it.

I am banned from riding at the moment although I did sneak ten minutes at the yard the other day & had a talk over the stable door to her after her whinnying like a thing possessed when I called her :o).
I am not being allowed to lift a finger, although to be honest I don't think I'd have the energy to do anything regardless of wanting to!

It's weird because when I was in hospital I felt fine & was going out of my mind with boredom & really thought I was back to usual but I got home & just felt sapped of energy, I hate it, I hate how it feels because it isn't how I am usually. I climb the stairs & I feel knackered for Gods sake! Or I'll be watching tv & will just fall asleep for a few hours then wake up & feel nearly normal for an hour then be absolutely shattered again. I guess it's just a matter of few weeks then I'll start feeling ok again :o)

My mum is being very protective (Mother hen mode) & trying to force feed me because my appetite has disappeared completely, I'm not a big eater anyway but for some reason I'm not feeling the urge to eat at all so there has been lots of hot chocolates made with milk & lots of yogurts.

Mr. S is treating me like a porcelain doll & he bought me flowers! White Lilies (my favourites) they made me sneeze but they are beautiful :o)

They don't know exactly what caused it to happen but I am not the best under anaesthetic anyway (had a minor op as a kid & heart stopped/stopped breathing) so they think that had a lot to do with it & something they do as normal in the op I had, where other people just sail through it & the blood just disperses in the body as it should do & as they expect it to do, with me it rushed to my lungs & flooded them. I'm no medical expert but even I know that is not a good thing to happen!

Apparently it is something that very rarely happens in old people but is unheard of in young people.

Still, as my brother told me
"if you're gonna cock something up you may as well make a good job of it & do it properly!" Yes, thank you for that gem little brother...!

Apparently next time it is attempted I'm going in to have a chat with the surgeon & anaesthetist because it needs to be planned hyper meticulously.

The nurses in hospital were fab (even after dealing with an old lady who kept pulling her drips out. I'm not that squeamish but that nearly sent my stomach over the edge. She just wouldn't stop. I'm not sure what they did with her in the end)
one was well into horses & racing & has her own thoroughbred mare so every time she was on duty or came to do obs we had lots of horsey chats :o) they really were great.

The food was a bit different in that I didn't have a great appetite anyway so stuck to salads, it looked to be the safest option..!

Lastly, well done to the boys & girls in blue. I saw bits of the march on the news from a hospital bed & have to say, it looked very impressive! Here's hoping you all get what you marched for :o)

(& I've just realised how disjointed this post is.....Oops!)


RandomPinkness said...
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RandomPinkness said...

I'm with your brother on this one if you're gonna cock up you might as well do it with style and panache. :D

As a completely non medical expert something like that's for sure gonna knock you out for a fair while.

If the op's on your knee can they not do it with an epidural? My mum had her hip replaced with one.

Metcountymounty said...

I hope that you're back to full strength soon, but don't rush it mate, I had pnuemonia and a snapped ankle within weeks of each other which meant being out of action for months. It is seriously boring being at home but you need to let yourself recover, my highlight was growing a beard that my wife hated!!!! somewhat crap in comparison to lung collapse and cardiac arrest, so kudos to you for the more impressive medical complaint!!

Good luck x

Emma said...

I think after what you have been through you are allowed to be disjointed, you take care and get well soon..xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Yes,be kind to yourself and allow your body to heal-everything for a reason mate,maybe this will have a silver lining of some sorts!

cogidubnus said...

I too once technically died under anaesthetic for a minor op...disconcerting when they tell you about it after...why do they do that?