31 January 2008


Saw this on
Roses blog a while ago & it looked fun. There will be a lot of random stuff appearing on here over the next few weeks. I'm bored so it may be more random than usual! Lol The idea is to post seven random but original things about yourself so here goes;

1. Hate my feet being touched. I absolutely loathe it, it's almost a phobia & a foot massage would be torture for me.

2. Kissed somebody when it was pouring with rain. Strangely erotic & sensual. Especially when you can smell the damp earth around you.

3. I get horrifically drunk on wine. One glass has the effect of five JD & cokes. I have no idea why it has that effect but it's made for some interesting evenings! Lol

4. I can fake an Irish accent convincingly & apparently, have a very convincing French accent when I speak the little French I do know. Would love to learn French properly actually.

5. Absolutely adore my hair being played with & will fall asleep with somebody doing it for me.

6. Tamed a pony. Saved a miniature Shetland from slaughter, bought him for £20 at 18 months old & he hadn't been touched bar for being caught by the ears & chucked into a trailer to be sold at auction. He was head shy & extremely nervous but adored having the very top of his tail, almost hindquarters scratched. It took a year to completely gain his trust but at the end of 12 months he was a pet, my little sister was three at the time & he was so safe & gentle she could pick his hooves out & catch/groom him on her own. He would stand loose in the yard for you to groom him & would follow me round like a dog.

7. I know how to dress a crab & can pluck & gut a pheasant, chicken & turkey & know how to prepare meat. The next goal is to learn how to cook it rather than cremate it! Lol

So there you go, seven random things about me that you probably couldn't give a rat's arse about!

Your turn if you want :o)


PC South West said...

Makes a change to have a girl who can deal with food of the animal variety at source.
I love crab and pheasant, mmm!!
Cant think why wine has that effect though? but sounds like a cheap night out!!
Hope your feeling better mate!

Roses said...

It's fun, isn't it? I'll have to try and find some more that you'll like.

It's good that you're listening to your body and resting up. I'm sure you'll be back to your usual self in no time.