23 February 2008

A Year

Wow. One whole year of posting! I can't believe that come the 23/02/2009 I've been doing this for a year, especially as I never managed to keep a diary past the first two weeks of January! Even more unbelievable is the amount of hits I've had since I put the stat counter up a few months ago (although I'm sure alot of those are random Google searches!!!! Lol) But for some reason there seems to be quite a few regular readers who keep on coming back, thanks guys :o)

So, what has the year brought since I started this.....

Family life has settled more, all the children are back home & away from my dad.

I've cut him out of my life because every time I speak to him he upsets me by what he says/doesn't say or do.

Ended it with a boyfriend after he preferred a lapdancer to me.

Got chatted up in Starbucks by Mr. S a month later & now wouldn't change a thing.

Little brother finally got himself off drugs. He is still not on the straight & narrow by any means but he isn't on drugs. I just hope he doesn't get himself in deep & pulls away completely from the life he's in now.

Finally learned to let go & forget about the one person who I felt the most for but who treated me in the worst way.

Survived the ridiculous
flooding that hit Gloucester last summer! Although there were plus points.... Lol.

Realised that there really are some evil, horrible little shits in this world.

And that
the balance isn't right or fair sometimes.

That you can literally become a victim of fashion......

Had some interesting points of view.

Felt the best I've ever felt with someone.

Been truly happy.

Had the
experience of a lifetime.

Remembered the
good times.

I wonder if 2009 will yield as much rambling & wittering?! Apologies if it does! Lol


21st Century Copper said...

Happy blog birthday :)

cogidubnus said...

Congratulations on a year...a very eventful one as you say...Hope you thrive, continue to recover, and entertain us for many years to come!

Alice said...

Keep wittering, I'll keep listening!

Emma said...

Happy blog birthday GND and keep wittering it's good for the soul and we all enjoy it so much..xx

brown eyed girl said...

Happy blogday! lol
We all enjoy your posts so keep writing..

Sage said...

Congratulations on your blog birthday, keep up the good work and may your next 12 months be even better and more good things to look forward to.


dickiebo said...

One year older? That accounts for it. You're definitely slowing! lol.