2 February 2008

Beauty Junkie

OK, I admit it. I am a beauty junkie. I own far more makeup than I need (although I do wear it all) & have everything from concealer to green glitter that I wear over emerald eyeshadow if I'm going out on the town. Most of it was acquired when I did a media & film makeup course in London & I've done some freelance wedding/party work since, anything to do with makeup immediately gets my attention.

So when I found about
E.L.F makeup I was very curious, everything costs £1.50, brushes, quad eyeshadows, everything. For that price you can't go wrong so I gave some of it a try (thinking if it was rubbish I'd write it off as such & give the bought stuff to little sister) when it arrived I was expecting horrible makeup that was chalky etc but none of it was.
In fact, the
natural radiance blusher in 'Glow' is more or less a double of NARS Orgasm blush (both below) & the all over colour stick is identical to NARS The Multiple but a lot cheaper!

I've already ordered some more stuff from there. It's brilliant & even better, it doesn't affect my skin (I have dry/sensitive skin so need to be careful)

For eyeshadows I don't think you can beat Barry M dazzle dusts, I have about 10 of them & they are the bees knees for pigment & staying power. They last forever & in my opinion, are much better than MAC pigments.
The best mascara I've used has been
Colour Trend Plump Out. It curls, thickens & seperates in one stroke & if you put more than two coats on you get a false lash effect, it's brilliant! Better than Lancome I think.

So this week I've bought the dazzle dusts in 'Blue Grey' & 'Old Gold', the mascara in black, E.L.F blush in glow, all over colour stick in 'Pink Lemonade' & 'Lilac Petal', all over colour stick concealer in 'Light' & 'Fair' & the custom eyes in 'Sage'. And they are all excellent.

And finally, you know those battery operated face massagers you can get? Like this;

I always thought they were rubbish & useless gimmicks but a friend of mine works for a company that manufactures them & got me a freebie one.
She gave it to me about 4 months ago now & I have to say, from the first day of using it it made my skin look amazing.

My skin is crystal clear, it glows & I can massage the face cream in now so it actually penetrates my skin & really moisturises it. Mine is a little noisy to use & I felt like a muppet the first few times but the good it has done my skin is worth it, I used to have problems with blackheads sometimes & nothing would help, until this came along.

So if you have skin problems, get one. I use mine night & morning to cleanse with face wash & the sponge/brush attachment (no need for exfoliator because the brush/sponge attachment does that for you) & then moisturise with the plastic attachment. As well as moisturising it massages so feels lovely.

The closest to mine I can find is this one from Tchibo. It's actually better than mine as it can be mains charged so I may order myself one for the price it is.

That's about it really, my addiction has been fed for a few weeks now! Lol.


cogidubnus said...

Comfort buying I guess...trouble is most ladies can look pretty radiant without the stuff...(and, creep creep, I bet you more so than most!).

brown eyed girl said...

I have an addiction for things that smell good or glitter, I spend far too much on bubbles candles bath oils, but i love anything thats naturally made or has jasmine in it..lol
I used to use foundations but didnt like the feeling on my skin so i tried a pigment one called sheer cover, its brilliant and looks more natural, so i tend to wear that mascara and just lipgloss now.
Im like you I only need just one glass of wine and i totally misbehave myself..lol
Keep resting up hun, once youre back to strength you will be able to ride again but i know how much riding can take out of you, so please keep listening to your body and sleep when you need to.
Thinking of you.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Cogi, I guess so. I suppose it's also a confidence thing, a form of mask you're applying to face the rest of the world.
(Flatterer! Lol)

B.E.G, me too! Got a really good set of glitters off of Ebay t use over eyeshadows. The particles are so fine it's almost a dust, gorgeous & only about £4 including p&p.
My main addiction is makeup & perfume it has to be said.

My mum uses that Sheercover, I tried it but found it too heavy for my skin so I just use a light foundation just to even my skin out. My mum has found a good replacement for Sheercover too (it's quite expensive isn't it!?) it's Avon's minerals base, I think it's about £8 but they also have it on offer. It's just as good as Sheercover but a fraction of the cost. Excellent!
There's also a website that does mineral eyeshadow dusts & highlighter dusts/blusher dusts. Let me know if you want it & I'll give you the address. :o)

Yes, I am resting loads. I know it's the best thing for me so I'm not going to be silly, but it is frustrating!
Thanks hun :o) xxx

Tilly said...

I think im the same i tend to buy things i dont even need and end up with lots of half used bits and bobs.

You know a few weeks ago i had been looking at them face massagers as a friend had also raved about them, im actually thinking of getting one now and giving it a go!

Jinkies said...

I've bought one of those face massagers now!

Damn you woman, making me spend money!!!! LOL