4 February 2008

New Bit

After a little cajoling from my part to Mr. S, I got a lift to the good saddlery. It's a little way out but sells almost anything you need for horses/riding. I got the bit I've needed for the past few weeks now, as pictured above.
My horse, being the awkward creature that she is, does not find run of the mill bits very comfortable to wear & I find them even less suitable for steering & brakes!
I've had her since she was coming up 3 & when she arrived with me she was being ridden in an Eggbutt snaffle & going ok but as she got older we began to have problems, she'd unfortunately learnt to evade the bit (God knows how because I'm really light with my hands & I taught my sisters to ride in the same way so she's never been hauled around by the mouth or jabbed with it & has actually got such a soft mouth that she literally needs the lightest of touches)
She got so bad that she ended up with sores/ulcers under her tongue :o(

I ride her in a martingale anyway because she will raise her head up & snatch the reins from you/give you a nosebleed, this all stems from the bit evasion.

Thankfully today I got the bit I've been looking for. It has two discs in the mouthpiece which keep her tongue flat & under the bit where it should be & means the contact on her mouth is now 100% better.
I called in at the yard on the way back & got the stable owners daughter to try her out in it & she went so well!
Not snatching, not resisting & went straight into a nice outline immediately. She was going really well, granted A was riding her well but she was nice & collected too. Had her hocks well under her & her neck nice & rounded, could really see the propulsion from her hindquarters :o) Went into trot & you could see she had that nice 'springy' feel. Lovely.

So I am very pleased & can't wait to get back on her, it's driving me mad. Was so hard to resist just a quick ride, especially as she was so good :o(

But the bit has done it's job, she is no longer fighting & no longer will I have to pray for brakes/steering again!

I really need to sort my links out too. Got loads of horsey websites but also got a few others I use, something to do when I am next bored so keep an eye out!

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brown eyed girl said...

You will soon be back riding her, im so pleased it will help her mouth and you'll have steering and brakes that work lovely now lol..
It sounds like you have found a good man there, its lovely to know hes looking after you