13 February 2008

To Stud

It's been a thought for a few years but now my horse is a bit older & things are settled I'm seriously considering sending Sunny to stud next year. Ideally I'd like to get something of the 16 hand mark out of her, she's nearing 15 hands herself so it shouldn't be too much trouble.

There are quite a few reasons I'd like a foal or two out of her. Firstly she is a one in a million pony, absolutely 110% trustworthy with the tiniest of kids but sparky enough that she adores Cross Country & hunting. Completely obedient & the sweetest nature possible. She also has a brilliant jump & lovely paces. Four times I've been asked would I part with her/would I consider parting with her but it'll never happen because not only do I love her to bits but she is a sort of pony that money can't buy. Not bad for a scared out of her wits 3 year old that I bought outside the ring at Andoversford horse fair 8 years ago! She cost £300 but I wouldn't part with her for 10 times that price.

One of the biggest reasons for putting her to Stud is that I can bring the foal on myself. I re-broke Sunny because she'd basically been been broken way to early, she was fully broken by 3 & was just rushed so when I got her she was still a baby mentally. I turned her away for a year/18 months & then started over with her.
With a foal I can do things properly, it'll be used to my ways & won't be pushed for too much too soon unlike she was. And will be used to good handling & having good manners instilled from the start so I won't have to untangle somebody else's mess.

This is a pic from last year I think but it shows the type she is. She's really well put together & I want to keep that quality for any babies she has.

Unfortunately the two stallions I really like are in Dyfed & Shropshire respectively. So, depending on the financial situation there are going to be two options;

1. Sunny travels to stud, meets the selected stallion & has a month or so holiday when the foal arrives.

2. The poor pony goes the turkey baster route..... Which is where the Stud send you, by courier, the chilled semen to impregnate your mare. (The vet will have the job of the AI)

The main cost will be transporting her & her being kept at Stud, plus, she doesn't do well away from home & tends to pine for the people she knows.

So, that's the gist of it.

Here are the two stallions I have fallen for;

Creewood Sammy.

Irish Draught dapple grey stallion standing 16.1hh & a gorgeous temperament as well as excellent jumping ability & paces. Stud fee of £250.

I really like the look of him, he has presence & is very correct conformation wise. The only drawback with him is that Sunny may end up carrying a big foal which isn't ideal for her first nor ideal physically so will have to look into that.
Looks a bit bum high in the pic but I think that's the angle.


Gwarchod y Meseia.

Welsh Section D black stallion standing 15hh. I've seen him at shows & he is stunning, he's only 7 but has such a lovely personality.
The only thing bothering me about him is the fact that all Section D's I've known of have been on the slightly crazy side.
Sunny can be quite mad at times so I don't want something that feels like you're riding a lit firework & waiting for it to explode!

At the moment I am really liking the Irish Draught as I ideally want something capable of carrying my sister who's 5'6" ish & little sister, who at 10 is 5'2" & by the time the foal is ready to be broken & ridden away will be 16. There's also my brother who's well over 6ft & has nothing to ride except a friends 18 hander who is lovely (I've ridden him & although I looked like a pea on a drum he really is a lovely horse) but doesn't do much jumping etc as he's had joint probs in the past.

So, loads to think about but I'm hoping we have a foal by mid summer next year :o)

Have also sorted my links out :o)


RandomPinkness said...

They're both bonnie boys that's for sure, I do love a dapple grey but personally I think Gwarchod y Meseia is the finer looking beastie. Though I do agree with you all the Welsh ponies I've ridden A-D have all been without fail a wee bit nuts. But that's always endeared me to them, I love their feistyness and I always loved their speed.

Anonymous said...

I love the Black stallion, he seems to have presence even in a photo and I think the raising is as much a part of how an animal will turn out as much as the breeding.. Bad raising can help to make an animal wilder and harder to control.. good luck with your choice...

PCSO Bloggs said...

I'd have to go with anon above, the Black stallion has presence. Good Luck!

Emma said...

I love the dapple grey but then I have always been partial. The black stallion looks like the cock of the north though and as the others have said it's all down to how the foal is raised and I am certain you won't have any problems on that score..xx

Alice said...

Watch out. You are right about Welsh Section Ds. Mad as hatters. Never mind the looks.

Go fo the Irish boy - there's a twinkle in his eye!

cogidubnus said...

To be sure, I think you've actually already made your mind up...subconsciously if you like...

Girl*Next*Door said...

Pinkness, he is a handsome boy but I'm kind of worried that if I put her to him I'm going to end up with something that has a fit at the mere feel of grass under it's feet & will be off like a bomb at every opportunity! Lol

Thanks Anon :o) I have my fingers crossed.

Hi PCSO Bloggs, I think he's gorgeous but..... He's a bit of a beast! Lol

Em, that is exactly it. He looks a Jack the Lad doesn't he? As gorgeous as he is, with the temperament they are known for I'm not sure it's a good idea....

Alice, you are so right! Lol
As tempting as it is, I don't want a large yearling messing about on the end of the lead rope with the strength & brains that Welshies are known for. I also don't want something that's strong when it's older. Spark, yes. But not constant fizz all the time!

Cogi, you're right. :o)
I'd seen the ID first though & wanted to be sure that it wasn't jut because I'd seen him first which now I've thought about it, I don't think it is.