31 March 2008


I have a very strong streak of it in my personality. Suppose it's what's stood me in good stead at times but it also gets me into slightly hot water. Then again, don't think it's the stubborn streak that does that, think it is just my personality.
Things have been a bit in limbo of late hence the lack of blogging. Just haven't felt like it & not really not had anything to say (no need to gasp in shock! Lol).

Knee is passable but not great & I have been banned completely from riding. I feel like I've had my right hand chopped off :o(

The ban came about because when I saw physio last month she wanted to know what I'd been doing & I told her, she didn't take kindly. She took even less kindly to the fact that Sunny is not the nursemaid she'd been envisioning but doesn't mind acting like the equivalent of a boy racer when she feels grass under her feet.

She is a very good girl but she is strong & can be a little bit loopy which has never bothered me before but is a little now as I cannot afford to take falls like I used to, not until things are sorted anyway.

So, not only am I not allowed to ride but my confidence has taken a nosedive too. Gah!
My sister has now taken over riding duties as the most I could do with Sunny is walk sedately round the arena & that is not her style.

So, I have been demoted to pole adjuster on show jumps, the giver of leg-ups (leg-
ups. Just to make that clear, lol) chief lunger & sometime groomer. Oh, & I also get laugh my arse off when sister hangs gracefully from Sunny's neck when Sunny kindly goes from canter into gallop & takes a 3ft jump as if it was the Puissance wall at Olympia. Poor sister got launched out of saddle & onto neck before swinging underneath neck & eventually onto feet. Lol.

I didn't tell the physio that Sunny has also stood on my foot whilst walking into me from a standstill, rendering me completely unable to move & so knocking me squarely onto my arse in the past. Then having the cheek to look at me in a dumbfounded way while I sat & looked up at her, slightly dazed (& embarrassed seeing as farrier & about 8 other people were in the yard, trying not to giggle) In her defence she was spooked.

If physio & doctor knew that I would be banned from going within a mile of anything remotely Equine but there is no way I'm going to give up going to the yard completely. Then again, I think they know that anyway, I sort of made it clear....

As for knee problem. I was supposed to see the nurses last week in preparation for repair but they were short staffed & the appointment got cancelled so it is now on the 9th.
I was pissed off that day as each time it feels like I'm getting somewhere I have to wait longer because something goes wrong. It's like that trick where somebody attaches money to invisible string, just as you get within two paces it's pulled out of reach again. I don't blame the staff because it isn't their fault nobody was available to cover them for sickness.
But I do blame this cocked up, arse licking, fucked up, morals of Satan himself, gut wrenching, maggot infested, greedy out for themselves, diseased & corrupted, twatting arsehole of a government who, for God knows what reason, view themselves as fit to run this country but have only succeeded in running it so far into the ground there is no way back.
I wouldn't leave them in charge of a dog. Dickheads.

Yeah, I needed to take my frustration out on something, they deserve it ;o)

Post turned into a rant, never mind. Needed somewhere to vent my spleen!

16 March 2008

Clash Of The Titans

L - R. Kauto Star, Denman, Neptune Collanges with trainer, Paul Nicholls.

The Festival is over for another year. And one day may have been cancelled but the following day made for a great one with two days racing in one :o)

My highlight was the Gold Cup (surprise!) & it was a choice between Denman or Kauto Star, I've been saying Denman would do it since around October/November so my money went on him, £5 stake for a £24 return. I was more than happy :o)

Denman came in first, Kauto Star was second & in third was Neptune Collenges, all trained by the great Paul Nicholls.
Denman is a tank of a horse, he made the race look easy & only started to tire over the last 3 fences, 1 mistake & he may not have been the Gold Cup winner of 2008. I was on the edge of my seat & shouting him home from 5 fences back, he won by 7 lengths & left the field trailing. 17 hands of pure power. And a dream machine for his jockey, Sam Thomas, it was his first festival winner in not just any race but the race.

It wasn't quite the race everyone had been envisaging with a neck & neck finish between Denman & Kauto Star but all the same, it was a fantastic race & next year we have the re-match to look forward to..... I will still be firmly in the Denman camp, there is something about that horse that is special. He stays & gives & carries on giving, he has the stamina to carry him home & he's a fantastically careful but powerful jumper, from take off to landing he's been known to jump in the region of 28 feet. He's lost one race in his whole racing career.

So, did you lay down any money & if so, who did it go on? :o)

4 March 2008


I'm a die hard Goldfrapp fan so like pretty much all of their stuff but their latest single, A&E is fabulous. Love it, the video is also fab *must remember to buy new album when funds allow* it's really chilled but don't listen to it on tinny speakers, because it will sound crap.