16 March 2008

Clash Of The Titans

L - R. Kauto Star, Denman, Neptune Collanges with trainer, Paul Nicholls.

The Festival is over for another year. And one day may have been cancelled but the following day made for a great one with two days racing in one :o)

My highlight was the Gold Cup (surprise!) & it was a choice between Denman or Kauto Star, I've been saying Denman would do it since around October/November so my money went on him, £5 stake for a £24 return. I was more than happy :o)

Denman came in first, Kauto Star was second & in third was Neptune Collenges, all trained by the great Paul Nicholls.
Denman is a tank of a horse, he made the race look easy & only started to tire over the last 3 fences, 1 mistake & he may not have been the Gold Cup winner of 2008. I was on the edge of my seat & shouting him home from 5 fences back, he won by 7 lengths & left the field trailing. 17 hands of pure power. And a dream machine for his jockey, Sam Thomas, it was his first festival winner in not just any race but the race.

It wasn't quite the race everyone had been envisaging with a neck & neck finish between Denman & Kauto Star but all the same, it was a fantastic race & next year we have the re-match to look forward to..... I will still be firmly in the Denman camp, there is something about that horse that is special. He stays & gives & carries on giving, he has the stamina to carry him home & he's a fantastically careful but powerful jumper, from take off to landing he's been known to jump in the region of 28 feet. He's lost one race in his whole racing career.

So, did you lay down any money & if so, who did it go on? :o)


dickiebo said...

Nick went and hasn't come home yet!!!!! Did phone to say that he put his winnings 'back' so I guess he's got nowt. He does love the Festival though.

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bawpc said...

I know absolutely nothing about horseridding, so couldn't comment...

You've been kinda absent, everything ok?

lynn said...

Yep it got the winner (smug smile) but i didn't put enough on so only bagged just over a fiver or so, it was so small i don't even recall. Why wasn't that the bet i gambled a hundred on for once?