7 April 2008

Can't Wait!

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I'm going to see Kate Rusby in September. I've blogged about her before & she is absolutely brilliant.

I'm actually going away to see a friend in Brighton for a few days who is also a fellow fan. As it's my birthday in September then that is my present from him & I cannot wait.

She's a brilliant artist, one of the very few that sound better live than they do recorded & if you want music to switch off to, then hers is it.

I'm not majorly into Folk but there are an awful lot of Folk Festivals go on around here. All sorts of cultural events take place in Cheltenham & the Cotswolds throughout the year. If you go upto any of the Cotswold villages while these festivals are being held then the musicians will leave the festival & go onto the local pub to carry through the evening & the early hours of the morning sometimes.

It's one of the things I most enjoy, to go up to a small, rural village & spend the day in the atmosphere, having a drink & enjoying the sun. It's great & I recommend it if you're ever in this area.

I'm really hoping the weather is fine because it should be a great few days away with a really special friend. Much needed days away at the moment, need something to look ahead for :o)

Kate Rusby - Fare Thee Well Live ft The 1st Battalion of Scots Guards.

And if you recognise her voice but can't quite put your finger on why, it will be because of this, the theme tune to Jam & Jerusalem. The only song I think I've ever heard that sounds better than the original.

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