7 May 2008

Summer Sun

We've had four days of glorious sunshine here now, it is starting to feel very summery. I get my knees sorted in three weeks to the day so things are looking really positive at the moment.

My sister has got a working pupil placement at the yard we keep Sunny at. She starts at about 9 in the morning & usually finishes around 6ish, the Y.O* is really good though & is very flexible with her hours. It is unpaid but she is getting a lot out of it experience wise which is the most valuable thing. Everything from getting horses ready for lessons to being a groom at shows for the Y.O. It may sound slave labour-ish but in the equestrian world you start work for free/very low pay in return for experience and work your way up. The plus of this is Sunny is on free DIY livery as A is working there which means it's only her running costs I have to pay. Pretty good deal seeing as A is doing all the riding at the moment!

Every Friday late afternoon, after the lessons are over, the liveries, grooms & Y.O all get together for a ride up onto the Cotswold hills if the weather is good, the yard paddocks lead straight up onto the hills & the hacking is stunning. You don't have to go near a main road & once you get up there you can see all of Cheltenham right over as far as the Welsh Mountains if you're on Cleeve Hill. It's about a 3 hour ride, I have not done this for ages now & I'm so jealous, the weather has been glorious & I miss riding so much. There is a very quiet plod at the yard that is used for nervous beginners. After my knees are sorted & I'm off crutches after the op I'm seriously considering taking him out for a ride. He is guaranteed not to tank off or dump you on the ground. I never thought I'd miss it as much as I do. My boots, jods & hat are redundant at the moment & it would be so good to get back on a horse again....

I'm going away to Brighton in September to see a very good mate, I might also spend a few days in London & catch up with other mates seeing as I'm up that way.

Seeing as I won't be able to go back to work for a little while after my knees have been sorted I'm planning to re-take the GCSE's I didn't get such good marks in/couldn't do at the time. So the courses I have decided on are; Maths, English & Psychology. I have a choice of doing afternoon, full time or evening courses. At the moment I'm edging towards the afternoon one.Maths because I only got a B minus & I could do with some improvement in that area. English because it is always a good thing to have & it would be nice to get more than a B/C and Psychology because it has always fascinated me. I love working out the brain & why people are like they are, etc etc.

After that I'm looking at getting a part/full time office job & then towards the end of the year, moving out. Home is a bit much sometimes & even if it is just a room in a houseshare I will be quite happy.

A few other very positive things going on too so lots to aim for this Summer/Autumn/Winter, whether it will all come together is another thing but trying can't do any harm.

*Y.O - Yard Owner.

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