4 May 2008


...by Thoughts Running Through My Head. I won't tag anyone but feel free to do it if you want :o).

Hmmm, seven random facts, harder than it first seemed!

1. I find heels more comfortable than flats & walk better in heels.

2. I'm the only person I know that can get drunk on two glasses of wine but will be stone cold sober after 6 J.D & cokes.

3. I have been to the cinema a grand total of twice in my whole life (shameful, but that's what you get for growing up in a family of 9. It would have cost a fortune for us all to go! And we lived in the country so it was easier not to go really. Lol) Once for Calendar Girls & the other for Collateral.

4. I would rather have music than T.V.

5. I am a proper country girl at heart & my heart will always be in The Cotswolds.

6. I've lived in a haunted house & seen/heard/felt the ghosts that used to haunt it.

7. I absolutely hate eating out. I actively avoid it & would far rather have a pizza at home (I am such a cheap date! Lol)

And after reading that back, I sound like a bit of a freak! Ah well, better to stand out than blend in. :o)


dickiebo said...

C'mon GND. Tell us all about the ghosts. Please!

brown eyed girl said...

come on.. please tell us, i love a good ghost story too

Anon said...

Swoon...I think I love you!

SandDancer said...

The cinema one amazes me as it is one of my favourite things to do - I've often been to the cinema twice in one day!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Ok, I'll tell you about the ghosts!

When we lived on the farm lots of things used to happen/be seen. The farmhouse itself is mentioned in the Domesday books & it dates back further than that.

1. I'd be in bed & feel what felt like one of the cats padding the mattress at the end of by bed, quite a strong sensation. I'd look & there'd be nothing there.

2. You could be out in the yard or in the house & see a dark shadow drift around the corner of the house or passed a window. It looked like a man in top hat & frock coat. More than one of us would run around the corner to see who it was & there would be nobody there. There's no way they could have disappeared as that side of te house led out onto wide open fields.

3. My brother went down to the kitchen one night to get a drink & saw a man in a Napoleonic hat sat at the head of the table, he looked at my brother quite calmly before getting up & disappearing through the wall.

4. In parts of the house you'd feel a bit shivery & I'd wake up sometimes & see sort of shadowy shapes in my room.

5. Sunny would refuse to go into one field. She would plant her feet & fight the bit, she's usually very forward going & relaxed. I used to have to go in there sometimes & it freaked me out, had a really horrible feeling to it. The horses would also stop dead for no apparent reason & it wasn't awkwardness, their gaze would be fixed on something & they would stand rock solid still & just gaze. None of them were disobedient or lazy & usually were all very laid back.

6. We had a small half door in the doorway of the kitchen to allow air in but keep our pup from running about the farm. One night the latch flicked up & the half door swung open by itself. The natural incline meant it was more likely to swing shut when not pushed...

7. The house was an L shape with the living room being the foot of the L, the front door & hallway being the bottom corner & the long part being the kitchen (if that makes sense) I was in the living room while my mother & brothers & sisters were all in the kitchen. The front door opened & slammed shut. When my mum went to see if it was my dad or me she found small wet boot/footprints going through the hall & stopping at the bottom of the stairs. Nobody had left the kitchen & I hadn't gone out of the living room. There was nobody else in the house.

8. I & my mum would also sometimes hear very small, sort of pre school age/toddlers giggling & calling for their mum. This was in the house, not outside & it would be when my sister was within sight so it wasn't her & there was no other explanation as the nearest children of that age lived up in the village & at the very top of the hill.

9. Things would go missing or be moved. You could put something down in one place & find it upstairs in a bedroom or in the living room & it definitely was not brothers/sisters being cheeky as it would happen a lot when they were at school.

So yes, lots of experiences! :o)

Anon, the first time I've had that response to a random seven facts! Lol. I'm sure you'd rapidly change your mind if I came home from the yard smelling like a pony! Lol

Sanddancer, I suppose it is you don't miss what you haven't had. None of us really missed it & I especially was keener to be out messing about with the horses than going into town.

Thanks guys :o)