29 June 2008

Meme, me!

After taking a look at Posh Tottys' blog then I thought I'd copy the Meme she has done. I was feeling slightly bored & it was a pleasant killer of time :o)
I won't be held responsible if you reach the end to find yourself waking up with a start some time later after being bored to sleep though..... ;o)

Do you currently have a hickey? No! Never liked them & always thought they looked a bit cheap.... The first & last time I had one I was rather mortified!

Who was the last person you talked to on the telephone? My Nan.

What was the last thing someone said to you in person? My 17yr old sister coming into my room just now, idly going through my wardrobe & asking if she can borrow a cami top, a shrug/cardi & a skirt for tomorrow. I should start charging them both & just hire my clothes out to them!

What was your worst subject in school? Maths. Hated it, partly because I'm rubbish at it & partly because I'm a hands on type of person rather than the academic thinking type.

What's your favourite Hannah Montana song? On account of me not being 10 then I really couldn't tell you.

What is the best eye colours on a member of the opposite sex? Oooooh, what a question. Can't pick one because there are three colours that I think are lovely; Turquoise-y blue, not icy blue or anything like that but really deep blue eyes. Chocolate brown eyes or green eyes.
You can tell I like eyes in a man can't you?!

Who is the fifth text in your inbox from & what does it say? I must confess, I am really bad at deleting messages & replying to them straight away in some cases. Not saying who from, because you wouldn't know them anyway! But it says; "Hallo l'il one. How's you? Hope you're on the mend honeybun. Thinking of you. Hugs X X"

What's your favourite number? Number 7.

What was the last movie you watched? Wimbledon. It was on TV earlier & the ending made me cry. Plus it had James Mcavoy & Paul Bettany in, perfect eye candy ;o)
And strangely, Paul Bettany is rather similar to an ex of mine in looks. Scarily so in some mannerisms & physical features.

Do you have a Facebook? I do. But I don't use it much at all.

What are your initials? GND...... Of course ;o)

Are you a good speller? Yes, I think I'm pretty good at spelling but I know punctuation is not my strong point. (this question made me paranoid in case there's any blinding grammatical/punctuation errors!)

What song are you currently listening to? Texas - Guitar Song. And Texas - Halo (just come on). Love them both

Would you ever give your number out over the Internet? Yes. I have done to three members of a forum I use. I'm 100% certain they aren't raving lunatics, I think.... ;o)
Wouldn't do it to just anyone though. I'm careful of who I give my number to.

How many and what kind of animals are in your house? Seven in total. Two Cockatiels. Four rats & one cat.

What would you say if your ex got enagaged today? I would be shocked & I might have a quick think about it but I'd congratulate him & wish him well.

When is the last time you took a nap? Earlier this evening. I was reading & just dropped off for half an hour.

Are your nails painted? No.... I bite them & they are looking horrendous. It's a habit I've had for seventeen years & it's proving very hard to break. Even I'm sick of chewed nails now though so really working to grow them out.

Would you ever stay with someone, just because you didn't want to
hurt them by breaking up with them?
Absolutely not. It wouldn't be fair, if you didn't end it & be honest with yourself & them then your attitude will change & you'll end up full of resentment towards them because you're in a relationship you don't want to be in. I can't see that as being less hurtful at all. I would think long & hard about ending things, to make absolutely sure it was the right decision though.

Could you date someone taller than you? Easily. Seeing as I'm just about 5ft then it's rather rare to come across any man shorter than me, unless they are about 6!
I do like taller than average men though for some reason. Preferred height being 6ft +. Strange.

What's the most interesting thing that happened to you today? Hmmm, not sure you'd class it as interesting but being creative with my clothes. Can't afford a shopping spree at the moment so went through it all & worked out a few new combinations of things. I have tons of clothes so it was good fun with my sister helping (& threatening to steal half of my wardrobe because she has the same taste as me. Luckily, biggest part of it is too small for her. Hehe)

Are you single? Yes. Still getting used to it, still confused & still wishing things weren't so complicated. But as the saying goes, if it's meant to be, it will be.

What is the highlight of your week? Weekends. It's busy at home & generally pretty relaxed.

What is the one emotion you are feeling right now? Confusion/uncertainty.

Who did you hang out with yesterday? Not 'hang out' exactly. Spent all day at home so spent it mainly with my one sister, A. (17 year old) When she's not in a strop we get on amazingly well for sisters.

What are you currently doing? Listening to Texas - Greatest Hits & doing this.

Have you told anybody you loved them today? Yes, but only in a matey way. :o(

Any plans for today? Yes, tidy my bombsite of a room. I really need to start being tidier & not leaving things where they were taken off/put down

What is the last thing you ate? A banana. Supposed to help with getting you off to sleep at bedtime, apparently.

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you? Yes. There are a few, my brothers, my step-dad & two of my friends, one in particular who has been a fantastic friend over the last few years. And although we aren't together anymore, Mr. S. He'll always be special to me.

Are you a generally clean or messy person? I'm clean but I am untidy. Conflicts greatly with the Virgo stereotype it seems.

Do you find the opposite sex confusing? Yes, very confusing sometimes. But out of my 3 best friends, real friends, two are male & in my wider circle of friends, about 90% of them are male. Definitely get on better with men than women.

When was the last time you cried? Erm, properly cried? A few days ago. Went to bed & just cried, over Mr. S, somebody else & the confusion it reigned.

Do you wish you were with someone right now? In a relationship way? Erm, yes. But I'm not sure how deep the feelings run so that's why I've not said anything.

Are you gonna be home alone tonight? No. It's impossible to be alone with six other people in the house.

Anything you wish you could tell someone but can't? Yes.

What is one thing you can't wait for? Moving out of home. I'm really missing my independence & although my mum & step-dad are fair, my mum can suffer with horrible moods. And her bad moods (when she gets them) can be absolutely horrible. Not because she is in a 'bad' mood as such but more that the day hasn't gone her way & what she says. There are some things even I find difficult to forgive & forget & it has caused a distance between us unfortunately. This goes back 18 months or so now & as great as she is, what she said cut very, very deep, especially as it isn't true but her opinion of me. Turns out it's rather a low one so I now don't confide in her about anything. The last time I did open up to her, the confidence got thrown back in my face a few weeks later. It's not the first time it's happened but it was the worst thing that she has ever said. I think it hurt more because A. She could actually think that of me & have that low an opinion of me. B. I'd gone to her with something I needed to speak about & I trusted her to listen & C. It was the way in which it was said & the tone, & the look on her face as she said it.

It's now got to the point where I'm happier in my room than I am spending time with her sometimes.
My worst habit mood wise is to be withdrawn & quiet if I don't feel well/upset/tired. So although I can appear aloof that is all it is. I hate confrontation or arguments so I'd rather talk it out or forget about it.
The way my mum is sometimes is really pushing me away & I'm finding it more & more difficult to forgive what she says each time she says something unkind & not at all called for.

Do you only drink bottled water? Yes. Or filtered because Gloucestershire tap water is something to be tasted to be believed if you drink it on it' own. Not nice.

If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? To have a friendship back to how it was, rather than what it is now. It's not a bad friendship by any means, just different in a slightly worse way than before.

What are you thinking about right now? That my bed is looking hugely appealing, my boxer shorts & vest pj's are incredibly comfy & that I am quite sleepy in a chilled sort of way. It's a nice feeling :o) I just need the cuddles to go with it! Lol.

So there you go. Hopefully you're still awake after reading that, seeing as the answers are a lot longer than they are supposed to be!
I won't tag anyone but feel free to copy & post.


Rae!xx said...

Some great answers there GND, I agree on the Virgo front I am the same, MM can't understand it because he is a virgo also and he is spotlessly clean all the time.

Like OCD just about...x

Girl*Next*Door said...

Thanks E :o)

Yes, I think it is reverse OCD! Lol