24 June 2008

Noise Pollution (?)

Knees are good. 'A' has gone home & the rabble are back. I have missed them but it was so nice to have the two weeks to myself!

All of a sudden the house has gone from quiet to full on noise. This is where my mp3 player comes in, I can drown it all out & zone out nearly completely (yes, I can be an unsociable little madam at times!)

Gracing my playlist at the moment are the following;

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

Coldplay - Viva La Vida (I will never stop loving Coldplay. Chris Martin is also rather easy on the eye, in a diferent sort of way.)

Dusty Springfield - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Son Of a Preacher Man/I Only Want to be With You

Royworld - Dust

Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down

Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love

Coldplay - Violet Hill (I want the jacket Chris Martin is wearing in this video. I love it.)

Duffy - Warwick Avenue (Really like her voice. It's got that sort of smokiness about it. Really good.)

The Fratellis - Mistress Mabel (I don't like the image change. The Pop monster has got hold of them... The music doesn't sound like it did on their last album either. I still like it though!)

So, there you go. I'll be back with something more interesting next time. Maybe! Hopefully...



dickiebo said...

Dusty was just great.

Rae!xx said...

Pleased to hear you are on the mend...excellent playlist you have there, I love Coldplay too, never get fed up of listening to them..xx

cogidubnus said...

Yay...Solsbury Hill...(there's a live version somewhere out there that's truly outstanding!)... for that alone GND you stay on my personal playlist!